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  1. Typing in [xo does not give me the prompt to link [xoris] and putting in the full thing tells me it is not a valid linkable item.
  2. People level up their frames differently. You don't need to always go to the most efficient method. Some people go to RJ, some go to Onslaught, some just level them up passively. Some use a stealth farm and some people like me level them up in steel path dark sectors.
  3. "Increased Sevagoth’s Armor from 110 to 150." Thank you for this, levelling up sevagoth in steel path with tank mods made it clear that the frame was really squishy so thank you for this change and hopefully they continue to be coming until sevagoth is in a good spot.
  4. Simple request: Make the Epitaph BP tradeable, the cedo BP was tradeable yet the Epitaph BP isn't? Doesn't make sense to me.
  5. ^^^ Apparently its parts are linkable but not the main weapon
  6. This happens whenever you load into the mission start but not during the mission countdown sequence.
  7. The void storms drop tables needs to be updated, they do not add up to 100%
  8. I think I figured out the issue, the total drop rate chance for the void storm bonus is 92.5% which probably means this "resource bundle" has a 7.5% chance of being the drop
  9. I wonder if I was supposed to get the void traces reward for void storms and pulled from a different rewards table once the game saw I was maxed out.
  10. I was doing Nu Gu Mines void storm on Neptune and for the bonus rewards I got a 500x cryotic followed by nano spores followed by ferrite followed by a control module and then two instances of aucrux capacitors. This is not what the rewards track should look like for completing a RJ void storm node. And according to the official drop tables none of these bonus rewards should even be possible at all other than the two instances of aucrux capacitors. This seems like a rare occurrence but here is the proof if you don't believe me: 5517.633 Sys [Info]: Spot-building /Lotus/Types/I
  11. If you are at a yellow door with two terminals on either side and press one before another person has pressed it and then press it again right after the other person has pressed the terminal then the message will persist throughout the duration of the mission
  12. Still an issue after update 30 and seen many posts about it happening in Railjack Void storms thus making relic selection impossible
  13. The escape menu bug- I also trigger this in eidolons and can narrow down the issue to hacking a console or bringing up some menu like the escape menu. And I think some other action has to interrupt it like hacking it during the middle of blinking or using transference mode for operator.
  14. Ok yep this is seriously annoying when doing void storms so there is something else but I at least have a way of triggering this bug so it can get patched out faster.
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