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  1. Huh, another thing I have noticed a patch note that also references discrepancy with the akarius host vs client issue:, wonder if it got broken because of this. Update 27.4 (2020-05-01) Fixed Akarius’ projectiles not homing onto enemies for Clients, as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1125338-akarius-homing/
  2. Another thing is that other fx related to the akarius still exists such as the fissure buffs and bullet trails still exists which I think helps narrow down the issue that it is related to just the explosion fx and not other fx. If other information is needed, I would be more than happy to provide, but I just want DE to recognize this since this is really annoying to deal with and I don't want to have to tinker with my settings just to get this fixed when I can see other explosion fx such as the acceltra explosion fx just fine. It is insultingly obvious how jarring and out of place it looks (or doesn't appear) once you start using the weapon compared to other weapons with explosion fx.
  3. I am not seeing anything under the patch notes section related to Akarius about this unless you are talking about something that included something more than the Akarius.
  4. Hmm wonder if we can get primed chamber in one of these twitch drops, since there has not been a way of obtaining it for a while now other than trade for it or pay real world money via the tennocon ticket.
  5. Don't have a video for it or something but could the hooks on Grinner Galleon Titleset, specifically the one that has a control panel in the middle and two ships that appear to be coming in to be docked be looked at. The hooks on the front of the ships have a possibility of locking you in place or making it extremely difficult for you to get out of for no reason. They appear to be buggy to me just by simply landing on them. I was wondering could the collision in this area be cleaned up so that I don't have to spam every single movement option just to get out of it.
  6. Another day of relic cracking, another day of having to deal with this buggy mess
  7. It took quite a while for the leg regen to be fixed before it was finally patched. But it took what felt like ages for it to get patched. But the thing is, it got patched. That was the time it was initially patched. Now it has returned. And we can only hope that DE notices it and that it has the same repro steps. Or ones that makes it much easier to repro, considering how easy it is to hit this new leg regen I am inclined to believe that it should be much quicker than the first time for DE to fix but that remains to be seen. I agree that DE should dedicate more resources towards bug fixing, especially towards reading the bug report forums and explaining why certain bugs take forever to patch while the patch notes are riddled with fixed error scripts which I have never encountered.
  8. See here for official comment, looks like they are investigating it https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1283051-primary-color-not-applying-to-several-nekros-helmets-investigating/?do=findComment&comment=12316130
  9. It is explosion only, scroll down to radial damage. You should see it there.
  10. Can this bug please be fixed? Or can other people help confirm this bug exist or just help in confirming what the conditions are for causing or not causing this bug to occur? Since it seems like the population of akarius users in public squads is apparently just me. Went looking for other reports and apparently it has been an issue for a long time now: This weapon I think is a very good secondary weapon but having no visual feedback really hurts the value of it and makes me not want to use it.
  11. Akarius Fx explosions not appearing as client and Profit Taker Leg Regen Are these actively being looked at?
  12. Bug is still here, please tell me is there an eta for a fix?
  13. What about leg regen? Is that also being looked at?
  14. Pretty accurately describes it for me, only had one pylon phase and two shield phases. And got no mission reward pop up. Only had it occur once to me so far, (TBF I haven't done that much PT cause of this bug and quad leg regen). Note: I think this has to do with being able to down legs pretty fast. But quad leg regen is really annoying considering how long the (initial) leg regen bug was in the game for before it finally got patched and now it returns even worse than before. Which includes a phase skip that dismisses mission rewards which I hit unintentionally. With how many times I've hit it vs. runs I have done post-nidus prime patch makes me think that this should be one of the priority bugs for DE.
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