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  1. In update 30.5 new railjack nodes were added however these nodes do not count for mastery points like other mission nodes in the game.
  2. While there is this trello post: https://trello.com/c/T3ocuSbT/214-requiem-ultimatum-at-times-not-spawning-sister-or-lich here about it not working at all. There are still times where it will work and spawn in the mission but the description states "IMMEDIATE" confrontation, it spawning at the end of the mission is not immediate.
  3. I've had many variations of this bug over the past year and would too, also like to see it fixed
  4. For some reason with my bullet jump mirage build is colliding with the auto-opening doors in Railjack a little bit too early so while the door is visually open it still retains it hitbox for a brief moment which I am constantly hitting if I bullet jump through them from far enough away.
  5. Apparently there are many ways of stalling out of the extraction objective from showing up after the final confrontation such as being in the extraction zone before it begins or it just straight up not appearing for a good while, as far as I know this is the only instance where it is bugged like this.
  6. Tennocon is over, is this thread going to be updated with said items?
  7. Can the primed chamber also be added to its regular inventory rotation please?
  8. Nothing on candidate/larvaling not spawning if getting too close to extraction? That is a bit disappointing.
  9. Is the Exodia Contagion description going to be updated with its change? Can this be added to its description to not cause any further confusion, thank you.
  10. Haven't traded a sister but doesn't the traded sister spawn on a higher level planet thus making matchmaking matches more likely for those planets since it would be more populated? Which made me think that this was an intended and not one that was likely to get bug fixed at a later date.
  11. They seem to not spawn when you get too close to extraction is what I have noticed
  12. You have to actually claim the prize within the vault not just open it.
  13. You had three smeeta charm buffs on youm you were just super lucky.
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