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  1. Please please please, have something about necramechs in normal missions, it feels like the hot minute has passed by since it was first initially announced and planned for implementation.
  2. Why Nekros for the picture? I wonder if there is a reason for that other than using him as a spooky warframe to tease a new ephemera.
  3. Are Mission timers fixed yet? Or is there an eta at least?
  4. Still an issue, can we please get an update on when this bug will be fixed?
  5. Should also fix the kuva survival nightwave act description as well while you are at it
  6. Am I reading that right or is there no forma in plague star rewards? Because I don't see them being mentioned as a possible reward. E: It was added, no need to panic.
  7. Ankyros: 1.45->1.5 A new possible Stat stick riven dispo to use instead of the amphis, awesome. Also a bunch of really good weapons that I use got buffed so I am impressed with these changes, although the kuva brakk and kuva ogris getting a sleight nerf is a bit disappointing. Kuva Zarr gets a buff yet not the Tenet Envoy ????? After thinking about it, it sorta makes sense considering people don't want to go through the slog of the bloated kuva weapons pool to enjoy new weapons compared to the tenet weapons so that is why all of the new kuva weapons got dispo increases yet the tenet envoy and tenet arca plasmor didn't get dispo increases due to more people being able to access them.
  8. Am I reading that right or is there no forma in plague star rewards? Because I don't see them being mentioned as a possible reward in these patch notes. E: See post below, it shows forma being a possible reward -
  9. No, my inputs for my abilities and firing weapons are normal, I am just casting them super fast. Also try this with Dispensary+Misma+ firing a weapon multiple times(since this could be the case rather than just firing once) like the tenet arca plasmor since that is the other use case where I trigger this bug. You have to do the inputs pretty fast and can't wait for the previous animations to finish. I will see if I can get something recorded tonight when I have access to my game again.
  10. @[DE]MomawPlease don't make me go through each warframe ability with dispensary to see what breaks it when I have already found two cases and don't want to continue subsuming to find out what else breaks it.
  11. Still happening way to frequently to be ignored
  12. Tested it on Ash and Atlas. Nothing breaks it. Will report back once I am able to subsume onto more frames. Making an update once I get the chance to subsume dispensary onto more frames in hopes of this getting seen and fixed.
  13. If you are a client is what makes this bug possible
  14. Same thing happened with me and the waveriders questline got stuck at the last step despite receiving all BPs from questline, messaged support and they gave me the steps as if something was critically wrong with the game like warframe wasn't loading up. Then pushed support to grant me quest completed so I could buy more BPs from simaris.
  15. There is also the issue where the mission timer counts down when paused in solo mode, this can be a little bit frustrating when using the mission timer in non-survival missions. Hopefully this also gets addressed.
  16. I would try this with other abilities just to see which ones work vs. which ones don't but I don't want to go through the process of subsuming a bunch of stuff just to test something out that I can already reliably trigger. But is there is no response or fix to this bug report I will be happy spending all of my resources subsuming dispensary onto more frames to see what breaks it, might even try out other subsumable abilities to see what breaks it.
  17. Happens with any ability cast or animation set. Also very annoying with Wukong Cloud Walker
  18. TYPE: Animation/ bug with reloading weaponsDESCRIPTION: Use dispensary, then use sleight of hand afterwards, then fire your weapon(while your hand is still out from casting sleight of hand). You should not longer be holding a weapon. VISUAL: Can provide if needed, but you should not be holding your weapon if done correctly.REPRODUCTION: See descriptionEXPECTED RESULT: Should be holding my weapon and be able to manually reload or automatically reload.OBSERVED RESULT: Cannot reload weapon once it has run out of ammo and am not holding the weapon when firing it.REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% of the time following the steps outlined in description, cast speed does not change the outcome. Also works with Dispensary+Misma as well.
  19. Doing steel path and playing as Inaros one thing that I am noticing is that I am able to consistently one-shot myself with my own kuva bramma. I do not have a radiation proc from Malice's Opticor and only have the magnetize on me. I tested this by triggering inaros's passive and revived myself still with magnetize on me where I was able to inflict self damage to myself and confirmed it was coming from the kuva bramma. The Kuva bramma should not be dealing self-damage in this case as per update 27.2 "We have removed self-damage" yet it still does in this niche scenario so this is a bug.
  20. I think the drop should be a fully built umbra forma not a blueprint for watching the stream imo
  21. Also an issue with the gunners and forward artillery. Expect me to be constantly pushing to get this fixed since this is about to get a lot more annoying the more I play RJ void storms for holokeys
  22. I have my interact key remapped to e and can get into the pilot's seat just fine but I can't get out by pressing e, instead I have to press x which is the default key for interact despite it not being mapped to anything in my key bindings. This also occurs if piloting an enemy crewship.
  23. Apparently this is a lot more common than I thought(happened to me at least five times now) and getting this bug means the host loses all progress in the mission, but host migration fixes it
  24. This was not fixed in the latest update, please fix
  25. Just now found out that this not only applies to excavation missions but also occurs if the first mission of an open-world bounty is related to excavators
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