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  1. Can we please have a GLOBAL FIX please? It is getting really annoying have to deal with 4 different yellow markers on the screen at the same time.I thought this issue was widely known that waypoint markers would persist after that waypoint objective is completed. I thought this issue was widely known and hence why I never bothered reporting it on the bug forums. The interception UI finally being fixed is a godsend. Might actually play the gamemode now instead of just being a sitting duck at a random tower I know no information about. Also could you tell us if the disapp
  2. Another snippet of an ee log that contains the last traces of "Acolyte" before it was never spawned in. These logs may not contain the source of the issue but it proves the issue exists since it is the last item showing up in the ee log as acolyte. 624.994 Script [Info]: TeleportAndFade.lua: TeleportAndFade: 5 TennoAvatar8 -> Vector(-81.4045, 1.80134, 60.8342) 625.231 Script [Info]: TeleportAndFade.lua: TeleportAndFade: 5 CombatOperatorAvatar10 -> Vector(-205.615, -10.65, 72.6433) 625.516 Sys [Info]: Created /Lotus/Interface/FocusGainMessage.swf 625.516 Script [Info]: Teleport
  3. Put in a key in a conduit just before the acolyte taunt played and no acolyte spawned afterwards. Here is what seems like the relevant ee logs that could help for reproduction: 4299.116 Sys [Info]: Resource load completed (/Lotus/Sounds/Dialog/Disruption/DDemo00160LittleDuck) in one pass and 0.0s (I/O ~= 0.0%, inherited 178 of 240) 4299.118 Sys [Info]: OnTransmissionLoaded: /Lotus/Sounds/Dialog/Disruption/DDemo00160LittleDuck finished with result 1 4299.122 Game [Info]: GetQueuedTransmission returns: /Lotus/Sounds/Dialog/Disruption/DDemo00160LittleDuck 4299.122 Script [I
  4. Trello page: Only for the new and shiny bugs. But yes bug even happens for loading into fortuna/cetus etc. Making it so much worse since you can't force start profit taker if someone gets this bug.
  5. I was checking the ee logs and I saw something about the twitch drop being in the inbox it in there while trying to gather more instances of a bug that locks you out of the majority of keybindings(I have narrowed the result down to the fact that it forces you to a seperate key mapping for example using operator mode key mapping yet you are using your warframe is one such example) but I am not quite sure so maybe the QA testers can check that?
  6. According to the official drop tables and the patch notes Manics should not be dropped ash parts and I just got an ash neuroptics from a grineer manic. Update 29.10 patch notes: We’ve permanently removed Ash Blueprints from Manic drop tables. This is untrue as I still managed to get an ash neuroptics blueprint playing defection.
  7. I'm pretty sure it is a 4x more likely to proc. And the catchmoon and tomb finger have a guaranteed impact proc so it makes sense why you are seeing them more often than the other statuses.
  8. Is there a chance we can see more interactive points of interest in Railjack or mission modes? Right now the current points of interest just have you waiting for a set amount of time with killing disruptor drones to prevent the timer from increasing or preventing an objective from getting damaged. And just moving around every 3 or so seconds. I feel like these don't put up my skillset to the test and gets very boring very fast having to wait for a timer to tick down while occasionally doing stuff. Whereas stuff like hacking a spy vault remains very under-utilized and could make for a gre
  9. ^^^ No comment needed, pretty self-explanatory and been bugged since update 30 launch in which we've had at least 10 hotfixes so I am confused as to why it isn't fixed yet. Can't pin down a cause but it is happens very frequently that it shouldn't be too hard to narrow down the cause. My first initial starting guess is that a new fissure needs to pop up while you are in your orbiter.
  10. I wonder if it is just visual. Completed a mission earlier today. Went to check mission progress and it only showed the relics and credits reward.
  11. This issues also arises on kuva survival so I think there is something that is blocking them from showing up. And the thought that I have seen behind that node is it was related to kuva harvesters preventing a spawn. But this case seems odd, the sentients or conduits could be blocking the acolyte spawns.
  12. Yep I frequently encounter this bug. A common way I can trigger it by using transference at the same time I get staggered or knocked down. The escape menu bug I think is related to archwing mode, haven't quite figured out the exact case for that one yes because I don't want to be pressing escape every 5 minutes in eidolonds.
  13. The escape menu and mission progress menu cannot be opened up. I frequently encounter this bug in Profit Taker and Eidolons. I have also encountered this bug in Corpus Railjack specifically void storms where it is a major problem since you won't be able to select a relic running multiple missions in a squad and need to trigger a loading screen instance in order to fix it like going to a dry dock. I do not what the trigger for this is but it seems like archwing mode is a factor combined with hacking a console/eidolon lure. As this is a major thing that links all of these activities t
  14. If you are maxed out on void traces it rerolls the drop table again if the reward is void traces.
  15. If the reward is void traces and you are maxed out on trace storage it rerolls it. Not a bug.
  16. Typing in [xo does not give me the prompt to link [xoris] and putting in the full thing tells me it is not a valid linkable item.
  17. People level up their frames differently. You don't need to always go to the most efficient method. Some people go to RJ, some go to Onslaught, some just level them up passively. Some use a stealth farm and some people like me level them up in steel path dark sectors.
  18. "Increased Sevagoth’s Armor from 110 to 150." Thank you for this, levelling up sevagoth in steel path with tank mods made it clear that the frame was really squishy so thank you for this change and hopefully they continue to be coming until sevagoth is in a good spot.
  19. Simple request: Make the Epitaph BP tradeable, the cedo BP was tradeable yet the Epitaph BP isn't? Doesn't make sense to me.
  20. ^^^ Apparently its parts are linkable but not the main weapon
  21. This happens whenever you load into the mission start but not during the mission countdown sequence.
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