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  1. @[DE]Marcus Notice us please! Why isn't the starter pack discounted?
  2. And not only that, there's also AD revenue that the streamers get, don't get me wrong the streamers are doing a FANTASTIC job at entertaining, answering question fortuna related and what not and they're a big part of the community and they deserve those AD money but still this should've been handled more efficiently with drop chances and like you say with milestones drops or something along those lines.
  3. It's not about being babies and crying cause we're not getting the two frames, it's about the fact that this is broken, a lot of players even tho they have their twitch accounts linked they're not getting anything, and also we know it should be difficult cause the frames are difficult to get but not to the point that if you watch 32+ hours of streams you only get credits there must be something wrong and what we're asking a clarification on the matter.
  4. And another 12 drops came in, all 12 are credits, i know there are people who didn't get anything but still this is sooo unfair... Notice us DE 😞
  5. Got another 8 drops all 8 of them credit caches so this makes 20 credit caches and 8 fireworks... Awesome DE 🙂
  6. I've watched 20 hours of streams and had 20 twitch drops so I think you'll get one per hour of viewership, and the twitch FAQ page states that the developer of the game decide how frequently the drop occurs and at what percentage. So I'm sorry but I don't agree with what you write. P.S. Having multiple streams open at a time doesn't affect your drops.
  7. Oof, I just drop credits... from 19 Drops I've got 12 Credit caches 5 fireworks and 2 glyph displays... It's super annoying getting the same 3 things when there's a pool of 15 items that you can get, It makes zero sense I would prefer better only one drop instead of a thousand and you get only the same old 3.
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