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  1. Was excited to see wisp, but after seeing her kit, I'm a bit dissapointed. Considering her idle animations and the way she just floats about, I was expecting a more ghost-y/spirit of the forest-y kind of abilities tbh. Also, it's kinda ironic that you guys talked about how Vauban can't keep with the game's pace because his abilities are immobile and yet give wisp immobile buff dispensers. I realize that what was shown were WIPs and I sincerely hope you guys take a second look at wisp's kit because so far, she's falling into the same boat as revenant.
  2. Thank you for the update! I dunno if this is being addressed or has been addressed (since im still downloading the update), but there are some visual bugs with the energy effects on certain polearm tennogen skins, namely, the lympharis and the phorcys skins. Please and thank you! 😄
  3. Shield Pillage is a bit wonky. It displays a huge aoe but that doesnt really indicate it's exact range. I've tried it in the Vallis and enemies that were far enough from me dont even get affected even though the energy wave passed through them while it expanded and retracted. Not to mention that LOS kills this ability. Rebecca alluded that shield pillage is similar to Mag's polarize so why is this LOS based when polarize is not? It also doesnt appear to work on enemies who run INTO the aoe after you cast it (at least from my experience). I dont mind having to stop Aegis storm to 'refuel' my shields but i cant exactly refuel if the ability doesnt work sometimes. Also, Aegis storm describes giving Hildryn the power of 'atmospheric flight' but she falls into pits while 'flying'? EDIT: This is just a very minor detail i noticed. Her feet still look like she's stepping on solid ground when hovering. Shouldnt they be pointed down somewhat?
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