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  1. Great, at least some info. Thanks! I'm glad for Nidus skin but I'm very much into new Chroma skins (mostly Graxx). PC has Tennogen 13 now and the website said that we will get that soon. I doubt it, that's why I asked. It's not a problem, as I wrote DE does a wonderful job, but I got most of the things in the game for now.
  2. Are there any news, announcements, anything? Tennogen 12, new mods, something else? You do a wonderful job but if at least we could know some dates.
  3. Any signs of new Tennogen stuff?
  4. Any signs of Tennogen 12 stuff?
  5. Thank you very much DE!
  6. (PS4)xyz30-zero

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23 (LIVE!)

    Same. Chroma graxx.
  7. (PS4)xyz30-zero

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23 (LIVE!)

    Sigh... Thank you for the hard work, I know you are all doing incredible work and the sacrifice seems very interesting but I hope those Tennogen 12 skins will come in a near future. Not complaining, just hoping and waiting.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. Anyway, I'm really sad as Tennogen 13 is on the way on PC and I'm really onto half of Tennogen 12 stuff, including Chroma graxx.... Sigh. Until then I play less I think.
  9. Any signs of Tennogen 12 stuff on consoles? Please DE, until Sacrifice arrives, can we spend some platinum for skins?
  10. There is a bug which came with last update-in chat, many times the "x" button on PS4 (the accept button) doesn't work and have to close the chat, do some mission or relogin to work.
  11. (PS4)xyz30-zero

    TennoGen Round 13 - Accepted Items!

    Alone Nova Corpra and Nekros Graxx made my day, I only hope that tennogen 12 stuff will come to consoles soon-I die for the Chroma skins.
  12. (PS4)xyz30-zero

    Limbo Prime Coming June 19th!

    Fine, I'm into it! I only hope that rookie Limbos will get used to him very fast or I have to play solo for a while... Anyway, Limbo prime is beautiful, I love the weapons also and again, thanks for the good work!
  13. (PS4)xyz30-zero

    PS4 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.6 [LIVE!]

    Again thanks for the fast update. Keep up the good work and we wait for the many good skins for the next patch!
  14. (PS4)xyz30-zero

    PS4 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.6 [LIVE!]

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work! I was very much into getting Chroma graxx, but all the good stuff let me guide until :) Saryn rework looks great!
  15. (PS4)xyz30-zero

    PS4 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.8

    Just.. have to say thank you. So many content, new warframe, new mode, new augments and FINALLY Nyx Graxx. Keep up the good work!