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  1. Had a similar experience leveling the Nautilus with Sevagoth this weekend while running void fissures. There are too many times where you basically can't see a thing when you have gloom enabled with a sentinel. If the black ring on the sentinel could be removed or toned way down, it would probably reduce the problem somewhat. Another part of this is the sentinel frequently ending up between the Warframe and the 3rd person camera, which with gloom on means the whole screen can become black, which you can see on your screen.
  2. This would have been sometime in December/January when I last was stuck in the Dojo doing a lot of trading + decorating , I've had it in my head to check for this for a while as I had an issue that was very similar, possibly a year or more before this, where the other Tenno got very frustrated, but cannot say it was the exact same issue. edit - I should add that I was the last person in the Dojo when the workaround - worked, which may have cleared out the dojo instance.
  3. I agree, if it wasn't for him putting away his exalted blade every time I use the operator, I would play Umbra a lot more. My idea for a fix that would avoid this and not break his unique sentience trait would be - On transference if gun or normal melee is active - Umbra moves like normal and switches weapons. Then on transference if exalted blade is active, umbra poses like all the other frames, then maybe after 30 seconds walks about. Basically a short delay on umbra sentience if using the exalted blade thus allow quickly popping in and out of operator.
  4. Many Melee weapons feel like they have been given stats that make them require a default +30% speed to have them attack when the button is pressed, others have awful stances with animations that break the flow of play, - i.e fast attack, fast attack, then a slow attack that may look good but this is a fast paced game...... Nothing wrong with animation variations but not a movie every 3 button presses. However primed fury plus berserker can make the awful slow attacks - fast. When i press the melee attack button, I don't want to wave a Warfan in front of my Warframes rear end, I want it
  5. I've seen this happen once when inviting a player to a dojo trade where they had very bad connection to me. One of you could be showing as MR0 to the other + default glyph in the trade selection screen. Solved it by me as the host exiting and loading in to the dojo and then trying the trade. Just having them reconnect a few times didn't seem to refresh their MR level so it kept bugging out.
  6. Note the following is aimed to be constructive. As one of the masochists who was able to solo veil proxima on the release version of railjack, I have concerns over increasing the speed of the rail jacks (blink) even further and what the armour/hull levels are changing to. Then there is the question of anyone getting to play the game mode, as the nuking with Munitions Vortex, Void hole and Tether needs brought into check. Not having the pilots shoot is a good step. With the pre-update current much easier railjack game balance you do not need a squad or command intrinsic, if you d
  7. Nidus rework no, nothing that drastic. He is very viable in solo steel path survival BUT some tweaks are needed. Double his base Armor, the first 15 stacks are the most dangerous times as Nidus, especially at lower levels when your teammates are wiping the map and stacks build slower. Virulence) Add adaptive damage. Allow to be recast without waiting to hit a wall or reach its range, Increase the energy refund to 45% per enemy hit, there is simply too many ways teamates can cause you to waste energy, this mechanic is what makes Nidus unfun to play in a squad. La
  8. For automatic primary's even 240% status would still be too low, unless it was a flat additive chance, this whole weapon class is dead in the water at high level. After years playing Harrow, I've now settled on telling players who ask me what a good primary automatic is, I tell them use what ever looks good. Your not going to use any of them in high level content due to spending 10 seconds on one enemy and at low level you be frustrated trying to kill anything due to there simply being much faster ways for your teammates to kill things. You can make what players would typically call
  9. It doesn't seem to happened all the time but when does it's always the same room. It's attached to the lower entrance of an orphix/kuva siphon spawn room.
  10. My take on Rivens - Are not worth using on some weapons due to the weapon being just underpowered even at max disposition. This could be solved by uncapping the upper limit on dispositions so all the weapons with a solid 5 disposition can increase until they gain player usage- example Flux Rifle/ Tetra/ Aklato They can however make some weapons stupidly strong. These weapons normally have a usability issue that makes them unpopular... example - Torid horrible firerate, Synapse - low range. Fill the gap where there are some missing primed/nightmare mods
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