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  1. Hi If there is another vendor or vendors that you need to rank up with, I am going to be so annoyed. Is this the only type of thing you can make? Apart from Wisp, I don't like anything here. Where is the New War, Non-tennogen cosmetics (specifically Capes), Jedi Robes for the operator (that look cool), Skana Umbra (similar to Skana Prime). Rail-jack. Megan and Rebecca have been saying they are doing so much work, Well where the Hell is it! Ephemera is the best reward you can come up with? Why is DE so cheap with Vitus Essence? What are they limited issue, are you going to run out. I sold my Tennocon ticket a month ago, because i'm not happy with DE. Have good time all those going.
  2. So you don't even know! This excuse of Capacity is a terrible one. WTH, how can you even say that to players. You only can say that if we are working on or have access to the DE servers, otherwise It is not our problem!. We are saying we want Alerts back and you are saying, sorry we broke the warframe servers? Oh and by the way DE has Capacity for : the Exploiter Orb, Nightwave, Hildyrn , Buried Debts, Gifts of the Lotus (Which is an Alert BTW, so that rules out compatibility issues). Yeah , yeah you don't have the capacity because you broke the game. You are now blaming the players, saying they are being disrespectful, Sounds familiar , oh yeah, Destiny 2 before the Forsaken DLC. Did they get their entire Community back?. So much for DE being ethical. If looking at the trend, my guess is at Tennocon DE are going to make an announcement : Warframe Immortal for phones. Where can I get a refund for my Tennocon ticket, NM i'll figure out. Knowing you, you'll say 'We don't have the Capacity'. Can't Wait for Cyberpunk 2077. I hope they release it this year.
  3. Apart form being more reliable and less "time-window" oriented - server capacity. Since there are no such thing as a "respect for the artist". Nothing about removing the Alerts seems like it has improved the quality of Warframe (It is as good as ever with the exception of a few bugs), the change metaphorically speaking is to throttle XP progression. They could have increased the window for alerts, or they could make the invasions a 1 mission to get the rewards like the Alerts were. Because a full set of umbral mods is way too powerful on a warframe. Especially by it's ability to nullify some downsides of corrupted mods. What is wrong with an OP Warframe. I like to be OP, Let me be OP. I don't see Alert system as "content" as well. No, me neither , but One was taken away to make room for the other in the name of 'New Content' The season is at least 10 weeks as far as I've heard. Plenty of time for planning your investments. Not the issue why can't we save what we have worked for. Because it's a multi-stage thing, with lore and stuff. People were working on it and it needs some bloody time to unfold. Because you're putting effort into something and people start yelling "bring the old stuff back, we don't like the new one!" without even trying to see how the thing develops. I'm not yelling but the community is letting DE know that they liked the Alerts, and Please bring them back. The Lore you speak of is being drip fed to us. For the effort to complete the Nightwave the rewards are very lack luster. I mean a Sigil as a reward, if anything it should be a sigil bundle. Well let the developers develop the way they want to O_o They are developing the way they want to. We are giving them feedback, which we hope will be received from a place of wanting the best for Warfame, as it is intended.
  4. Hi Nightwave is a nice addition to Warframe , but that what it should be, an addition. Meaning Alerts should not be removed just for 'reasons'. For those that want to get resources like Nitain Extract, Vauban pieces etc. from the Alerts, They should be able to. Wolf creds should be an alternate way to get them. In the current climate with games like Fallout 76, Anthem. etc it is a bad move for DE to make it seem like they are following suit (Do more for Less), which is what it looks like is happening. Give the gamers a choice on how they want to acquire rewards and play how we want to. I think the Umbral Forma is a nice addition but why was it kept from us for almost a year, and why can we only get 1? I had fun with the Buried Debts tasks. the new Opticor is cool, I love it. I do not see Nightwave as new content. it is a season pass which if persons don't reach the level they want due to Time constraints , it is tough S****, is that what DE is telling me? To make matters worst , if you haven't spent your Wolf Cred by the season's end , you lose all of it. Why can't you save it for when you need to purchase something. Rio has mentioned that not accepting the change is Disrespectful, but Why? DE has given us no avenue to comment or protest this change. As mentioned above let the gamers play the way they want to. I also think Umbral Forma should make an appearance in Alerts, If brought back. Where is the New War, Rail-jack , Cool operator gear, like Jedi Robes, hoodies. non-Tennogen capes, cosmetics for Warframe .Etc ?
  5. I want the old Alerts back. The Nightwave is ok , but it should be an addition to the alerts not a replacement. Doing a single mission to get a single item I desire, like 'Nitain extract' was one of the best parts. You are ruining the Warframe by adding more grind. If player wants more grind have a option for the user to toggle to turn alerts on or off. Can't wait to see how many people choose the 'more grind ' option, that won't be me however. What are you doing DE. You are supposed to be breaking the mould , not be assimilated by it. Less grind , More rewards. Regards
  6. I want the normal alerts back. The Nightwave is cool, but as a addition to the alerts not a replacement. The Alerts were one of the best parts of the game and the least grindy by far. Why must games these days increase the grind rather than show a better way to do things. Before: 1 capture run for a Nitain Extract gets you 1 Nitain Extract. Now: Multiple tasks need to be completed to get to tier 3, to buy Nitain Extract with wolf Cred. This is not improving the story , it is disrespecting people's time that they have to play
  7. Hi, Just wanted to enquire about a few things: If or when players on PC will be able to buy Tennogen items with Plat (as consoles can do it.)? When players (on all platforms) will get more non-tennogen items, Like a DE version of the Repala Synadana (Cape). I hope I have posted this in the right location. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards
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