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  1. Not sure I want to come back. The list of gameplay changes look like what railjack should have been at launch. What I'm not seeing in here is a nerf on all of the grind leading up to this game play. It is an unreasonable time sink for a new player to arrive at peak meta railjack game play. If I were a streamer, and was able to just burn two thousand hours of farming to get to this point, I would feel differently. But I don't have that kind of time. The amount of time required to enjoy the current "top end" content is unhealthy. An argument can be made that I can just buy things with platinum. If I were to just do that, how free would this "free to play" game actually be?
  2. You will make this like the Eidolon Gantulyst. Exactly. In every way, health pool, armor, shield stats. All of it. Including for the requirement of enemies to grind up their time to get the best in slot Amp, in order to actually damage this warframe before it kills them. Abilities from Eidolon for our new warframe: 1. Ground Smash. If you've seen it, its probably taken you out of the fight. 2. Super God Ray. Because its cool, and this would be a good DPS ability. 3. Summoning Scream. Because this kind of ability is going to be clutch. Who doesn't need a massive swarm of vomvalysts to come and help? 4. Gantulyst Shield. Defensive and survival ability. If its deemed too over powered, sub in Regenerating Scream, but allow it to affect the warframe less, and more for the rest of the part & summoned vomvalyst drones would be some sweet synergy.
  3. Trying to do the ground assault. Keeps saying Murex not detected.
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