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  1. well that's odd becouse after I reported one of the websites the portion of it that offered warframe related items was literally blank for some period of time. What's the point of reporting something and recieving info that they will "look in to it" it they can't do anything ?
  2. Although when I reported 2 websites that illegally sell in game stuff requiring you to provide them with your login details nothing was done about it. Edit: First report was made in 2018, second one 6 months ago.
  3. So what about missing avionics ? I logged back to warframe after some time to check the new railjack changes just to see all my maxed out avionics gone ??
  4. I agree that there should be an option to remove people from pilot seat and also being able to lock flux energy usage. At the end of the day it is my ship that I've farmed to build, these are my resources that most of the time get wasted becuse people want to try things out. As to when will this be implemented... probably never becouse It seems that DE doesn't see a problem with it. (people were talking about this issue since railjack was released)
  5. but at lvl 4000 limbo can't kill anything with his abilities
  6. what ? this was a feature not a bug... even in ability tips it says that venari can heal defense targets. So was it a fix or a kit change ?
  7. Octavia is one of the most boring warframes to play, you can literally sit in hide for hours nuking everything without even needing to move. Other than that her invisibility effect if set up for quick renewal (aka constant flashing on the groud) hurts my eyes after long period of time 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Ster

    Simplify trading

    1.Y 2.E 3.S great ideas !
  9. positive feedback only I suppouse...
  10. This intermission is ongoing for what ? like almost 4 months already... It is disappointing ngl 😕
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