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  1. Most of us already know that Vome represents order while Fass represents chaos. But my personal experience was exact opposite. Allow me to point out why. During Vome cycle, there are patches of Fass residue covering random areas all over the cambion drift. Bounties often take place near these and we have to finish the stage with a useless distorted HUD. During Fass cycle, Vome residue is found near these areas that give speed boost, health regeneration buffs that help in finishing the bounty stage. During Vome cycle allied Necramechs roam the cambion drif
  2. Survival was never reliant on loot frames. It's more about keeping up your kills per second. And to do that you have to choose a good spot and stay there for the entire duration of the mission if it's a 2h+ run. Most of the time we stay at the wrong location for too long and screw up enemy spawn. But none of it is relevant unless you're going for more than an hour. In the usual 20min fissure survival you can do whatever you want tbh. Also try steel path survival for a lot of enemy spawn. You get the extra difficulty right from beginning and some steel essence, riven slivers as bonus etc.
  3. Limbo Prime is vaulted. You can get the parts only when someone is opening vaulted relics in pub
  4. I agree. But I also want some more buttons, for that saryn that stole all my kills that day, for that mesa that keeps killing outside range in Deimos bounties... oh wait she was actually helpful.. nvm that, and a slow nova in defense, that inaros who put roar on him and started thinking he's relevant now, also the shield of shadows nekros cause he makes me waste bullets on friendly enemies, and that mirage with bramma, also that vauban with a mini sun, that wukong and his stupid clone in eidolon hunt, that oberon who farms weeds in all missions, that trinity cause I hate her lobster butt, that
  5. Limbo is a peak example of "more than meets the eye". Though if this ignorance keeps Limbo from being nerfed to the ground like the other more obvious over powered things in the game, and possibly allow more improvements like with helminth, then I guess I shouldn't complain too much. Also bold of you to assume humans, a species that keeps destroying its own home planet, are intelligent to begin with.
  6. and then so you're basically saying the same thing as me, but I'm the one being funny here? I seriously can't decide if this is some high level sarcasm that went over my head. (btw I have 3800+ hours in game and 6 build configs for Limbo to cover all mission types except disruption)
  7. They gave Frost's freeze ability the same feature. So how is it unintended? My guess is it's another long lasting Limbo bug. (like napalms, ospreys etc being able to damage in rift)
  8. Seems like I can't really make anyone understand why I made this post and why it's not related to people leaving after they get trolled by Limbo.
  9. can we stop this pls? I was talking about how people leave before the mission even begins. How do you know the limbo that just joined has brought max range cataclysm or whatever it is you dislike before he even did anything? The amount of these kind of replies are getting annoying. Nobody's judging you for leaving when you encounter troll or annoying Limbo, but for leaving as soon as you see a Limbo assuming they are troll before they had any chance to do anything.
  10. Limbo's stasis ability is supposed to freeze DoT status effects on enemies affected by the ability. It is also mentioned in the tips. But stasis doesn't do it currently. At first I thought it was another simulacrum bug, but after testing in real missions, I can confirm stasis doesn't freeze status effects on enemies anymore. Please fix it when possible or remove this tip.
  11. It was fixed for PC in the last hotfix. So DE is aware of this and hopefully will fix it for other platforms as well.
  12. Idk why, but I'm seeing repetitive comments about how you are going to leave if you see this and that type of Limbo. That was not the topic of this post. Even though I clarified in an edit, it seems to me, half of these are comments from people who didn't even read the whole thing. So let me clarify one last time- I'm asking people to not leave IMMEDIATELY after a Limbo joins the squad. You have all the rights to play the game however you want and leave when you encounter something annoying. I have absolutely nothing against that.
  13. @Reborefor me it's more like, wait for the game to unfreeze (a thing after Heart of Deimos) then watch your allies hang in air for a few more seconds. Then get the expected host migration attempt. Back at your orbiter, now try again lol. I'm just tired of playing solo tbh. Sometimes the mission goes faster cause more enemy spawns (all Deimos bounties etc). And it doesn't feel lonely.
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