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  1. My own design,rusty on the drawing been years sense I draw https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10205051588166445&id=1745181483 Name:Lycan Armor:450 Energy:150....max:250 Health:460....max,520 Shield:300....Max 410 Speed:1.20 Ability: The Growl: Give team members in the area and it self speed and Damage buff by 15%,max 25%. Duration,8s max,18s. Range 8m-max15m. Ability Strength,Range and duration mods help raise the buffs. Energy uses,15. Slash Wave: Make slashes wave to enemy in front him,120/dmg...max/215.Range,8m,max/15m(enemy has a 25% Chance of slash effect for 10s) Range mods and ability Strength effect this ability. The Howl: summons Transformed wild Kubrows to fight for him.2 wild kubrows,max/5. Duration:10s max:18s. Damage:180 Max: 285. Range:10m max: 25m. Rampage:Lycan goes into a transformation,a aura of werewolf appears on him that his claws his enemy to shreds.Damage:360 Max:525. Channels energy:8.4 Max:6.3 Passive:Enemy kills have a 15% chance to drop health orbs. (Acquire this warframe)after Completing the second Dream the Lua has appear again.Some Kubrows has gone a transformation from vay hek experiment that has a genetic trait to acquire Lycan Bp.Mini quest or quest Konzu has a Request,that his spy has seeing a feral kubrows that has gone a genetic alteration,that is stronger and faster than normal Kubrows,You have to find it and Capture it.Missions Stage 1you have to Libarate a greener camp to Search for the Feral Kubrown stage 2 Capture the greener Commando to tell you the feral kubrown location Stage 3 Find the fella kubrow and Capture it,(Feral kubrow wont run it will Fight you level 50) in mission completion u get Lycan Bp.To farm the other part of Lycan in other Konzu bounties. Quest can be change if anyone like. PS:Like and share this Post if u like and Comment what u think
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