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  1. Well this is only season one. It was supposed to be a cool thing for the first season I guess. They will probably give more out later. At least put it on something useful though, I don't get what point you are trying to make by wasting it on excal umbra.
  2. Oh I did not realize it was from 2013 lol. This actually brings alot more meaning to this
  3. I can just imagine De coming on here and seeing 13,000 pages of messages.
  4. You get 15 nitain. 15 wolf credits buys you a pack of five nitain. 15 times 3 equals 45 wolf credits out of 50. 5 times 3 equals 15 nitain. You are on here complaining about the new system and yet you havent even seemed to have read it in game lol.
  5. I still do not get your point. Now after 10 challenges you can get 15 nitain. 2 Nitains a day would take at least a week to get the same amount. How is the new system harder?
  6. I get what you are saying but in hindsight it really is not a downgrade. With how nightwave is currently laid out, yeah you can only get 15 nitain per week. Steve has said many times that Wolf Credits will be added more frequently to the game, and every tier above 30 will give wolf credits out. They might even make the fugitive squads you capture worth credits like I suggested. However that is a huge amount for quite little effort overall. I had many friends who waited all day for nitain alerts trying to get saryn prime and spent weeks doing it. This was even during summer breaks and whatnot so I really do not understand how everyone is saying nitain was so easy to get. People always used to whine about how annoying nitain was to get and now you can get FIFTEEN of them by doing 10 challenges.
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