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  1. Honestly, De's alt account policy is so complex and over complicated. If I were you I wouldn't even bother
  2. Yeah he's really bulky. Just keep on shooting him I guess. I would never do it solo
  3. I would love that being added in the game. I hate having to wait for single formas all the time and I'm not going to buy forma bundles if I already have the blueprint.
  4. I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know Ask the devs or just wait I guess
  5. Yeah they can be. The price depends on what type of riven it is. Rifle veiled rivens go for 50/60 plat while Pistol and Melee rivens are worth less.
  6. I saw a server fully dedicated to Mag players. I do not know if there are similar servers for the other frames.
  7. You can only trade blueprints, not the built parts
  8. So, I finally got the smoke body ephemera yesterday from Stalker and was a little surprised to see its crafting requirements. From the opinions of people who already have the smoke body ephemera, is it worth the parts needed to craft it? Do you like it?
  9. I'm pretty sure De already said that Atlas is the next frame that's going to be primed, don't quote me on that though.
  10. The skin kinda sucks imo
  11. Well this is only season one. It was supposed to be a cool thing for the first season I guess. They will probably give more out later. At least put it on something useful though, I don't get what point you are trying to make by wasting it on excal umbra.
  12. I still disagree. You don't have to insult me because I did not put status duration and left the second part out.
  13. I personally detest Rhino's heavy slam thing because it really slows the pace of the game down and makes movement really awkward whenever you jump from high places (which happens pretty frequently). The passive of Inaros when he turns into the coffin is also pretty dumb and pointless.
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