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  1. 5 minutes ago, Doc-Orange said:

    The Exploiter Orb has a own bounty queue now in the special room


    Oh I was not aware of that since it had a timer on it.



    I honestly do not remember how I threw the canisters at her because I only tried the fight twice. It was just not my thing and I never actually beat it. I know it's not helpful to you so sorry.

  2. Yeah the big problem with DE is that they seem to be scared about re-visiting old stuff. Whenever they have re-worked old warframes it has almost always been after heavy community begging and after the thing gets reworked it tends to be not done well or up to what the Community wishes. The devstream today especially showed how they are afraid of changing the game. When warframe first came out, certain things were more powerful and in the meta compared to today (obviously) like Vauban for example. They talked today about re-working him to use more single target abilities which I do not really agree with. The bigger arch seems to be that DE is spending so much time on the new content that they are too afraid to redesign parts of the game to help old frames. Unless they go back and really change some aspects of the game, I think Vauban and especially Wukong are just not going to get fixed.

    I like wisp as well. Thought her abilities were cool but it did worry me a lot, especially considering how similar her abilities were to Loki. Her clone spawning and then teleporting thing is literally just a better version of Loki's 1 and 3. My fear is that once they release wisp, Loki is going to become obscure and they will not change him either. Whether they dont fix old frames based on fear or just unwillingness is debatable though.

  3. So, um

    How does the second energy color work? I put it on two of my frames that I have a forma on (Rhino, Inaros) and I did not notice anything. I tried channeling weapons and using abilities and still nothing. Shouldn't I be able to see the new color at least on my cosmetics?

  4. I would definitely suggest moving to pc. Coming from somebody who played over 600 hours on the xbox, transitioning to computer was a strange move and I was worried that I would miss my old stuff. However, it's been a year now and I honestly think warframe is better on pc. There are what seems like many more people online and the graphics are so much better. I was able to get my hands on all the old stuff from my other account, so yeah I would really suggest you make a pc account if you want to. 

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  5. Excalibur Umbra was a dax soldier who was exposed to the infestation by Ballas in return for spying on him. Excal Umbra, I assume, is supposed to be a symbolic character and unless ballas infected dozens of dax soldiers, then I do not think so. 

  6. So, I bought a new glyph today (the orange deluxe skin vauban one) because I thought it looked good. Relogged into the forums and still have my old profile picture. I have already seen some posts saying that people have had trouble getting their glyphs to change on here. Just wondering if others are having this issue recently too?

  7. I do not think so, but they have officially announced that she is the next prime coming so probably quite soon I guess. 

    Mesa prime access has been active for 99 days now and I am pretty sure most prime accesses last about three months. So I would say early April???


  8. I'm just not going to do it. The exploiter orb was such a poorly designed and glitchy boss and I refuse to do anything remotely similar to it. It's only 5k standing and I am already rank 11 so I could not care less. De is not going to make me do this challenge.

  9. So I just finished getting to max standing in steel meridian which I have been trying to get for a couple weeks on and off. Bought the Vaykor Marelok (yay) and am very happy with it. I was a little confused though when I noticed that there was no catalyst installed. Thankfully I already had a spare catalyst thanks to nightwave, but seriously? I just spent 100,000 syndicate rep to get a weapon with no orokin catalyst? That seems a little ridiculous to me.

  10. 3 minutes ago, Shadowh4nd said:

    Free bump to page one

    Augment mod bullet point #1: A new augment slot exclusively for ability augments. Your point is exactly why I'm suggesting this.

    Why you gotta be like that? 
    I just asked if you thought the game as of currently is not fun. I do not see how adding gernades and augment bullet mods of all things would make it fun. You do not have to be snarky when I respond to your stuff, I did not have to.

  11. I think it purposefully does not work on anything other than animals since it is a lower dose.

    The rifle is only meant for capturing the animals in fortuna and not for other enemies. Plus fortuna is corpus controlled so Solaris United would not likely sell a stun gun for non corpus enemies.


  12. 3 minutes ago, krc473 said:

    The first time I went through the fight solo it took about 45 minutes. My frame was not the problem, my weapons were. All I see you mention is your frame. What weapons are you using, and what builds? Because this will be the major thing.

    • I just gave up on hitting it with thermia in the end. I ended up just focusing more on killing all of the raknoids. Then collecting a couple thermia and hitting the orb. Repeat until dead. It was easy enough once I figured out my plan, but it took ages.

    I took a Valkyr Prime, Sancti Tigris, Zakti and Atterax. The secondary and melee were both terrible choices. I swapped them out for a Vaykor Marelock and Orvius for every other run.

    Your forum account is three months old. You may just be lacking the correct mods/weapons for the fight. Forget about how quickly others do it. Get a decent loadout and take your time (share it here, let people comment on it). Who cares if your first run takes an hour? Yes, it is not ideal. But wouldn't you feel better if you complete it?

    What do you mean? My forum account (pc account) is from january 2018. That is from over a year ago when I first got this game on computer. I have a mod collection worth 47,000 in the in game rater thing.

    I used the opticor vandal with 3,500 magnetic damage and a lex prime with over 2k corrosive damage 

    I spent over 40 minutes on it and trust me, I would have stayed in that game if I felt like I could have beaten it. I could care less how long it took.

    I tried the same raknoid approach you did but I could not stop them from getting to the orb. I mean I kid you not, it seemed like dozens of them were there. 

  13. I have been trying to do the exploiter orb for phase 2 of the buried debts event for 2 days now.

    First day I played, the game gave me no direction on what to do and once I figured that out, the game would not let me use abilities. Got really upset and quit for the night. Today I got back on, looked through some more posts on here and watched some youtube videos and decided to try again. Spent all afternoon putting formas on my rhino prime and getting a better set up on him with Iron Shrapnel and his other augment for rhino charge (ironclad charge). I really like my new build better since it features duration and efficiency over range so that my abilities can all be used for only 20 energy. Anyways, I went back down to the orb. Got the first phase done and the orb went outside for the second part of the fight. When I went out, the orb was not there. Went back in and then out. Still not there. Returned to fortuna since there was nothing else to do and was forced to redo the entire fight from the start. A little annoying sure, but this event is only one day old so I cannot give it too much anger for being glitchy.

    Anyways, I got the first part of the fight done once more with no deaths whatsoever. The second time, the orb spawned outside as it should. I got the first part of the thermia section complete and tore off the orb's side panel and destroyed it. Did the same thing again and the other panel was destroyed. ALL I had to do was let the orb overheat once more, tear off its head, and that would be it. It was already at less than half health.

    But the end of the story? I could not beat the last section of the thermia phase. Every time I got one of the capsules from the raknoids, there would be others near her heailing the orb. All of the fissures were so far away to the point where whenever I went to go seal a capsule and get it ready to throw at the orb, she was back to full charge thanks to the raknoids. The game seems to think that I can be in two places at once. I stayed by her and tried my very best to kill all of them but could not go to the fissures without being overwhelmed. Decided to give up on going to the fissures and hoped that just stopping the raknoids from getting to her would be enough. Got flamethrowered once and they all healed her. Tried to get the capsules going again and could not get over the raknoid healing. No matter how much I threw at her, the raknoids would always heal her 2 times over before I even got back in throwing distance. Died for the fourth time and quit. 

    Now I have seen dozens of people on here saying that "this is the best boss in the game" and that "she is not hard to fight, I solo killed her fine". 

    I have been playing warframe on computer since january 2018. I played on xbox starting in 2016 but that was long before Fortuna, let alone Plains of Eidolon came out. Obviously I took some breaks in there but I just do not understand what I am doing wrong. I can send pics of my weapon builds but the fact that the majority of people are able to complete the orb by themselves bewilders me. I have watched countless videos and understand the mechanics of the fight but it is just not working out. The fact that some people with half the amount of time in the game as me are able to breeze through this fight really hurts the game experience for me and makes me feel like I have been doing something incredibly wrong these last 3 years.

  14. 1 minute ago, Luciole77 said:

    took me about 42 min to understand...

    Finally collected 3 parts of hildryn and i dont want go back there...its sux! unfun -.-

    Yeah I had no idea what to do yesterday and the game would not allow me to use any of my abilities as rhino. Had like 90 energy and could not use any abilities. Being honest, I really got mad but I am going to retry it tonight and hope it goes well...

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