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  1. Yeah I agree.

    Ember used to be at the top then got nerfed to oblivion.

    She has always been good at clearing out low level enemies but now that is really all she can do. She is incredibly weak at the higher levels. If they fix her I might play her again.

  2. Yeah for tennocon there was a little presentation where someone played as the stalker.

    I do not think having him as a warframe would be good, but perhaps a game mode would be sort of cool. Not attacking other players though because that would be way too chaotic.

    I think the gameplay might have just been for fun, no attempt to actually put a mode like that in the game.

  3. He will become more common in the game as Nightwave progresses this season. We are only on week 3 out of 10. You also might be quite unlucky since I've encountered him twice already. Unfortunately though, his fight is incredibly boring and takes a while. Oh and he drops cold mods.

  4. So I got this riven today from the sortie.

    Akmagnus Vexi-scidra

    Plus 115% slash (max rank)

    Plus 92% electricity (max rank)

    Plus 71% fire rate (max rank)

    Ik the akmagnus is not widely used but what could be a realistic price I could get for this?

  5. I love rhino, but If you do not then I recommend maybe getting Loki.

    He's a great spy frame with useful abilites who is quite good for long survivals or spy missions. He is also just really fun to play.

    I also enjoy Ash sometimes but he is quite a pain to get.

    Frost is also awesome too but his defense skills are not really too important in the game anymore.

    I've heard great things about mesa, Limbo (imagine that), and khora,  but I do not have any of them.

    My favorite now is Rhino obviously (20% of my time on the game) but I still have an empty hole in my profile since De killed ember 😞

  6. I prefer it overall over the old system but it is quite clear that De needs to work a little harder on the next season. I personally do not like the theme of this one anyway, and the wolf himself is very poorly done. I have no problems with the challenges since I dont really care about what I get (I am rank 8 right now, nearly a third done and only 3 weeks into the event) and that's with several challenges skipped here and there because I simply did not want to do them. 

    I can understand why some do not like it but I prefer the new system better.

  7. I have not seen any comments from people saying that the Prosecutors stop showing up. I think you are just having a bad RNG strain. The game be like that sometimes. The general opinion seems to be that mobile defense missions on ceres are the easiest way to get them to appear.

  8. Just now, Stillent said:

    But you see I don't understand why would DE recommend the same solution twice? Anyhow, yeah fingers crossed the problem will be elevated but I am still disappointed in missing out on rewards.

    Yeah that sucks. Games always die on ya at the worst times. I think there is some way to personally message an admin but am not sure, saw De Drew responding to some people's comments a few weeks ago so who knows. Might wanna post in bugs section for more attention though.

  9. Not yet, but De has said that she will become available through the new event. The first phase is the scanning of the 16 data hashes (bunch of videos on youtube). I am pretty sure the thermia fracture event is completely unrelated. Once we get to a certain percentage of the community having scanned all the data hashes, the second phase will begin. It'll probably be a couple weeks but complete the event and you should get hyldrin and other goodies for freesies. 

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