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  1. 40 minutes ago, Marine027 said:



    As everyone else says but i would assume he not has it yet and needs the Quest "A man of few words" first people.

    So go to your codex and look for the quest, after that is done you unlock clem as weekly mission to get his spectre blueprint and of coruse for Nightwave this week.

    He said he already has it done

  2. It should be in the alerts section. Since they removed the old alerts I believe it should be the only one there. Go to a relay and go up to the second floor via elevator (or just fastravel) then go to darvo's room on the left. You can ask him to help clem and there ya go. Complete that and youre done. Fun fact, I got stalker to show up while doing this mission and clem helped me kill him so that's a plus.

  3. I am by no means a good riven user, but I can look up the stats of the Hek to try my best and price this.

    The Hek is a status weapon with a quite low crit (15%) so idk how useful that 50.6 percent crit chance is, but the cold and especially the multishot are incredibly good. I dont know who would actually want this though considering that the hek is most often used in the beginning stages of the game. Beginning players would most likely not dish out thousands of plat for a riven mod.

    Someone with a status increase riven is selling it for 2000 plat but that is not what you have atm. Someone had a similar riven to yours, + crit chance and + an elemental. He/she is selling it currently for 220 plat, we'll see how that goes.

    Hope this helped a little.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Sir.slayer said:

    No wasn't mine or the host's connection as it reconnected me to the squad right after I loaded into my ship. And the host was not only in fortuna still but had invited another player into the squad


    Oh, that sucks. Really sorry that happened to you. I know firsthand how grindy the new event is, spent 4 hours doing it. Opticor Vandal is EPIC though, keep your head up!

  5. I have seen several people talking about this glitch already but figured I would add on to it since I experienced it for the first time today.

    Was trying to do the kuva survival and some enemy (forgot the name of them) took my weapon. Usually when this happens, there will be a blue marker on your map which you can go to in order to pick your weapon back up. It's annoying yeah but it adds a little something to keep you awake.

    However, recently there has been an issue popping up where the marker does not show. You will not be able to use the weapon for the rest of the mission and you will not be able to pick it back up.

    This was really saddening for me because I spent over 30 minutes without being able to use my new opticor vandal.

    Just figured I would bring this up since this can be considered a pretty game changing glitch and is incredibly infuriating considering it was never a problem before.


  6. I do not really know why that would occur. Warframe is well known for being pretty easy to run.

    I have had the 1060 3gb for 2 years now, great card. Absolutely no problems with it for me.

  7. 6 minutes ago, (PS4)eimajtl said:

    Yesssssss, I KNOW. A fifth of the event is over and I have had ZERO spawns, seeing him ONCE over the next eight weeks will be an improvement...

    I don't care about the hammer, I want to fight him.

    That's nice but you have to wait. Everyone here has said that you will certainly see him before the event ends. If Rng is not on your side, so what. Many people have not seen him yet either. Posting on here is not going to do anything. You have to let him come to you.

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