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  1. 2 minutes ago, nslay said:

    Like Broken War and Broken Scepter, you will get a potato'd Opticor Vandal with corresponding weapon slot that you can use regardless of mastery. You should get the Opticor Vandal because it should be comparatively amazing for low MR players. Get the Opticor Vandal and pwn.


    Source: Broken War/Broken Scepter, I am MR 12 and I can use it.

    That makes sense. Someone told me I would have to wait and I could not understand why De would impliment a feature like that. Good to know the information was incorrect!

  2. 27 minutes ago, 8faiNt said:

    you will be able to use it if you grind from this event

    but if you do happend to buy it from baro once he brought us and you dont have enough mr you wont be able to use it if you buy from there

    I misunderstood then. Happy I can get it

  3. 29 minutes ago, Sajochi said:

    You get the reward regardless of mastery on these events. The only time MR matters is if you're trading for it or getting it from the market, dojo or baro.

    Also, spamming your grievances in multiple topics will not help you. Especially in off topic. 

    I did it once, sorry

  4. Ok, so If you saw my last topic you would know that I am somewhat mad about the new event.

    Mainly, I am not high enough mastery rank to get the opticor vandal. I still am going to do the fissures anyways because I want to get the emblem and stuff but I have one question.

    When I get to the 100 fissures closed, what happens? Do I get the reward but then the game takes it away from me? Or will I just be stuck at 99 fissures closed?

  5. Overall, the Orb Vallis event has not been what I expected lately. First off the game gives you zero direction as what to actually do. I watched a couple of youtube videos and figured out I have to defend these fissures to get rewards. Tried solo and the fissures always get destroyed even with my cc frames like Frost and Saryn. Went to public and was greeted with a swarm of lag and host migrations. Figured I was still going to do the event until I realized that I AM NOT EVEN HIGH ENOUGH MASTERY RANK FOR THE OPTICOR VANDAL. Like why? What is the point of making an event like this on fortuna and then guarding off the reward from half of the playerbase? I have legit no reason to play this. I assume this was their way to introduce something to the game after the failure of the first two weeks of nightwave. Cannot see how it can get worse.

  6. Seems weird. Must be an issue others have encountered but you obviously did not fail the mission. You still got items and weapon xp so the game can tell you completed the mission. Dont know about the rest though...


  7. Since I have been playing since 2016, I am used to the daily login system in this game. I went in for the 100th day today expecting the azima and now apparently I can choose that or the zenith or the zenistar. Like wtf? How is that fair to older players of the game if I can just straight up choose the Zenith now? Whatever. Which one should I choose? I personally like the Zenith but I'd like to hear from the community before I choose since I probably wont be able to make another choice like this for 200 days at least

  8. I definitely agree with the nitain access being an improvement. For Me especially, I finally got Saryn Prime thanks to the new system and I am quite excited to use her. The fugitive squads should definitely drop wolf credits instead of a measly 150 standing. The challenges could definitely be edited. Perhaps De could hold something to ask what the playerbase as a whole would like, or at least a time on survival missions that most people would be okay with. They have done these Community Meetings before. I am not so sure that Wolf Beacons should be a thing, since Steve has said already that his spawn rates will increase as the event progresses. Many have encountered him already (I have once). He will show up more soon.

    Good Ideas

  9. 18 hours ago, VincentHelmic said:

    When someone is criticizing something about the game, responding "just ignore the issue" comes off as hostile or dismissive.  It's OK to not feel strongly about it yourself, but responding for a request for a QoL fix as though it were a support ticket, as though the people you're responding to are too dumb to go over and pick up loot by hand, comes across very poorly.

    I already tried to say something about the topic and it was just brushed off. Just because I said "Pick It Up' does not mean that you can assume I am really angry or something or trying to make the poster look dumb. If picking up cores is hard then I am sorry I was so brash. 

  10. So, the new nightwave tasks dropped and they are not too bad.


    De seems to have listened to us and read the forums. The challenges this week seem to be more well rounded and cater to some people's specific requests.

    The new tasks are as follows...

    Elite Weekly

    Complete 3 waves of Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (ehhh do not know how I feel about that).

    Complete at least 60 minutes of survival with a clanmate or friend. (I personally am a fan but I know a lot are not).

    Survive for over 60 minutes without using life support modules on a Kuva survival (Gotta admit I have not tried these, eager to test).

    Normal Weekly

    Unlock 3 relics (okay)

    complete 10 syndicate missions (...)

    Complete a sortie (not with a teamate or anything special, Nice De).

    Kill 30 eximus (I guess 100 was too hard?).

    Pick up 8 rare mods (alright).

    Complete 10 perfect animal captures ( Do not know what that is either, assuming it is something with fortuna since I do not play it).

    Complete 3 assassination missions (again, alright).


    And then dailies.

    Overall, I'd say the challenges this week seem like a decent improvement over last week with more to do. Let's see how it goes. Maybe week 3 will be even better.


  11. 34 minutes ago, (PS4)haphazardlynamed said:

    Much more expensive, and slower.

    old system I could get 4 nitain per day

    now I only get 50 wolf credits per week(check the reward schedule), and it only buys me 3.


    With the old alerts, You'd be averaging much more than 3 nitain per week

    especially for smart players who turn on alert notifications for their phone so they can catch them all...


    This is a terrible nerf

    You get 15 nitain. 15 wolf credits buys you a pack of five nitain. 15 times 3 equals 45 wolf credits out of 50. 5 times 3 equals 15 nitain. You are on here complaining about the new system and yet you havent even seemed to have read it in game lol. 

  12. Just now, ReaverKane said:

    1) Honestly, i don't get the complaint about the sortie with friends or clans people... That's a crappy complaint... Seriously complaining about grouping in a MMO is not awesome... You have a week to get a friend online and do the sortie with him... If you don't have a friend that plays, use that as a chance to make some... Seriously that's just messed up.

    2) Agreed, it's too many bounties. It should be 8 bounty stages, that way instead of just pushing people to rush the easy ones like most of us did, it would incentivize doing the higher ones instead.

    3) God yes. But then again, that was my first Hydrolyst as well... So it kind of worked like a push to get it done, what i felt is that 5k is too little reward.

    4) Agreed. Also think there should be special "Alert" missions with some VO that expands the story with guaranteed spawns for the prisioners. The mission would reward rep, the prisioners would give creds. Also after capturing X prisioners (as in repeating those missions a few times) you'd get a guaranteed visit from the Wolf himself. It would actually replace alerts, by giving us a "gathering place" and would help mitigate the crappy RNG.

    5) Well, i still needed mutagen masses, and there was that Exlius/catalyst Invasion (missed the Reactor/Forma one) which helped further it. And all in all it ends up being 3 invasions, since you have to repeat it 3 times. Honestly that one didn't feel too bad.


    What i think should change is:

    • more daily Acts (although they do stack if you don't complete the previous day, which is pretty cool), but still more daily missions. Ideally 3 per day.
    • Weeklies also could use some changes, imo:
      • Like, the sortie wasn't an elite one in no way, but the Hydrolyst was and should have a 10k.
      • In that regard i'd say have a single Weekly "Master" Challenge for 10k. Put Hydrolysts, Profit taker, and the next bosses in that. Put a Teralyst one on the elite ones.
      • Keep 7 weeklies and 3 elites plus the 1 master.
    • Remove the cred tier rewards, and replace them with some cosmetics (the decoration being sold by creds would be a good one for tier 3) and an Exilus Adapter, and instead give a number of creds for Acts. Daily Acts would give 3 creds, weekly acts would give 5, Elites would give 10, and the Master would give 15. Either that, or give 15 creds per tier up. It would result in a bit more creds overall, but that is a good thing. I mean current system is already reducing availability of resources like Nitain. Also with more creds available, it makes it less problematic that they disappear, because that would give players a better chance of obtaining all resources.
    • Make prisioners give creds instead of standing. The Wolf should give both.
    • I've said this a few times, but, Nightwaves do a great job of replacing Affinity Challenges, but do a very poor job at replacing Alerts. I mean, they replace part of the rewards, but not all, also they do not replace the "hub" quality that Alerts have, in that they worked as a way to always have people doing the same objective as you in missions. Also it served as a guide and a reason to play. Lack of alerts results in less reasons to stay online.
      To solve the poor replacement for alerts i'd do two different things:
      • Add Nightwave Alerts. These would be random hourly missions that would have a 100% chance of spawning Prisioners (or their equivalent for future missions). Like i said, if a player in these missions has captured a number of prisioners in that day (6-9 would be my ballpark, which would mean 2-3hours interval) then it would increase the chance of spawning the Wolf. Also, the more the aggregated number of prisioners captured by members of a group, the higher the chance the Wolf would spawn.
        The final reward on those missions would be Standing (100 - 500), which would compensate the loss of standing from capturing on random missions (random pop-ups outside these missions should continue, of course).
      • Add "Contracts". These would be similar to bounties, except they'd work on the solar map.
        You'd have one per syndicate, plus one per extra rank you have with that syndicate. If you have a negative rank with a syndicate you don't get their bounties. These would reset every 6 hours.
        These missions wouldn't give standing by default, but instead would give credits, a minor affinity boost (to make up for the loss of the challenge affinity) and you'd get a choice of a reward between the resources that were awarded by old Alerts (one random resource) or Syndicate standing (a small amount). Other rewards could also be added by DE, but not to add too much to the pot, i'd add only these.
    • MAKE KILLS SHARED!!! Especially for Eximus kills. Not doing this discourages coop!!
    • This might be because it's early, but maybe a bit more lore, even in text form would help.
    • Your UI is great looking, but the User Experience is lacking. For Nightwaves, i'd change:
      • the button's location on navigation to sit inside the Alerts Tab,
      • On the Escape Menu it's ok where it is... It would also make it better if it didn't show up the disappear when you Tab in missions.
      • Add a Timer for the Series on the title bar.
      • Add a Info Button that warns players about the "extra activities" like the Wolf and Prisioner spawns. This serves the double purpose of making players aware and be prepared for those events in-mission, and to incentivize them to play more with the knowledge that those things exist.

    That's all i can think of atm.

    The previous system guaranteed 4 Nitain Alerts per day. So if your friends waited all day they'd get at least 2 per day. It wasn't easy to get, it was easier to get than how it is now. Plus you had resources like the Warframe App, and sites like Deathsnacks and tenno.tools which have Desktop Notifications for when Alerts would pop in.

    I still do not get your point. Now after 10 challenges you can get 15 nitain. 2 Nitains a day would take at least a week to get the same amount. How is the new system harder?

  13. 52 minutes ago, ReaverKane said:

    Actually, that's factually incorrect... You can at best get 15 Nitains per week, and that's forgoing every other item possible and just going for nitains... In the old system they had 4 daily Nitain Alerts. Even if you didn't get all the daily ones, you could still easily get 10-20 in a week if you're really looking for them. So it's not faster than the old system by any metric.

    And to get even to the old numbers you can't get any helmets or auras, or skins and focus only on Nitain. That's a downgrade.

    I get what you are saying but in hindsight it really is not a downgrade. With how nightwave is currently laid out, yeah you can only get 15 nitain per week. Steve has said many times that Wolf Credits will be added more frequently to the game, and every tier above 30 will give wolf credits out. They might even make the fugitive squads you capture worth credits like I suggested. However that is a huge amount for quite little effort overall. I had many friends who waited all day for nitain alerts trying to get saryn prime and spent weeks doing it. This was even during summer breaks and whatnot so I really do not understand how everyone is saying nitain was so easy to get. People always used to whine about how annoying nitain was to get and now you can get FIFTEEN of them by doing 10 challenges. 

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