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  1. People have been asking for a lot more than just a buff to tribute for a long time... Also she is getting a 50% DR because DE is being lazy and can't find a better/more creative way to fix her survival rate
  2. I will honestly never understand how so many people think spell bind is better than lantern? Like if you just stopped the lanterns movement or maybe made it so the only thing that pushed it was Dewata it would be infinitely better CC than spell bind 100% of the time. If you want to keep the status immunity from spell bind just make allies within the attract range immune to status
  3. Hard pass. Literally the one thing that kept me playing when I first started playing Warframe is whole good the movement feels when you start getting the muscle memory down and it becomes buttery smooth. We don't need to need it we need challenges that require you to use it. If you think bullet jumping is OP your real issue is that you don't feel challenged so ask for more challenges that expect you to be using this tool proficiently rather than ask DE to take toys away.
  4. I disagree with that. while I do agree that pretty much every frame can complete intended endgame content The reason why I feel Titania does need a rework has nothing to do with the whether or not she is able to complete content I know she can complete content I do it with her regularly. It is because her kit doesn't mesh. She is too clunky and her first 3 abilities are not fun to use and if you do use them they detract from the overall experience of playing her instead of adding to it because it basically just means you are straight up wasting energy which means you are going to have less energy dedicated for razor wing. My idea of balance doesn't require Titania to be able to complete level 300+ content it requires that all or at least the majority of her abilities are fun, functional, and effective, it also requires that up to level 150 she does not get randomly one shot with no possible way to avoid it because the entirety of her survival depends upon RNG at level 150.
  5. @Klokwerkaos You're saying that I don't know what is good in endgame vs what is good in midgame but I think the actual issue is that you and I have a different opinion of what "endgame" content is in warframe. You think going 3+ hours in a survival is warframe's endgame and while I'll agree that is the most difficult content in warframe I don't feel that is the INTENDED endgame content. What DE intends as endgame content is 4-6 rotations in arbitrations. It is ediolon and orb mother fights. DE doesn't balance ANYTHING for enemies over level 150. So when you're stating in survival for 3+ hours and getting level 200-300 enemies that isn't endgame that is you making the game more difficult just for fun with no tangible reward or reason other than you want to do that. Anything over level 150 often requires abusing game mechanics or unintended exploits to complete and requires a completely different mind set it almost becomes a completely different game at that point. So sorry but that is not endgame content to me.
  6. How do you come to this conclusion? I'd love to know why you think this. Distracting at most 6 random enemies is not good. Umm do you know what Mesa's 3 is? 95% DR before armor.. that's it it doesn't matter what your power strength is it just 95% less damage that you keep up all the time there is no "making it nigh invincible" it just is period that is the way it starts that's the way it stays. Also if you are saying Inaros is bad you are actually just a troll. He has the second highest EHP after rhino with iron skin up, has effectively infinite energy with hunter adrenaline, and cc literally one shot any enemy that is immune to CC or finishers as long as he has a dagger with covert lethality while putting hard CC on whole rooms of enemies... Like if you actually think Inaros is bad you are actually just playing the game wrong.
  7. So... Like pressing 3 *cough* Mesa *cough* or picking Inaros? Managing razor flies at least requires a small amount of effort to maintain especially if you made it so any amount of damage prevented kills the razor fly. Then if you just sit in front of a heavy Gunner you're just going to get all your razor flies killed almost instantly. This is more to act as a form of insurance to protect Titania from big spikes of damage like bombards or Bastilles that would otherwise one shot even at lower levels. It also doesn't just keep up with the trend of ability homogenization by not just giving her damage resistance.
  8. So my idea to solve her survival issue is to let her keep a high evasion and let her use her razor flies out of razorwing as you suggested but make it so that if she would take health damage then one of her razorwings will intercept it and soak that damage for her so her survival is about making sure she has a number of razor flies active to soak damage for her.
  9. So I don't like that the idea of keeping spell bind and lantern I think Lantern is better and she doesn't need two CC abilities if you are going to keep them then I'd just make spellbind free aim rather than targeted and increase the radius to 7.5 instead of 10 and make the effect hang around the area for 1.5 seconds. The problem with spell binds range is not actually it's range it's that enemies are rarely within 5m more than 1 or 2 other enemies even if they are tightly grouped and are all within 5m of a given point in the center of the grouping. The other thing making it free aim will do is make it much easier to Target allies for the status immunity as using targeted abilities on players especially while they are moving and bullet jumping is extremely difficult in Warframe. I also like the rag doll floating thing I just think it needs to stay in the same general area and this goes for lantern as well they just need to make it work more like balloons on a string/rubber band and less like lunar gravity and it would be fine. I do like the idea of increasing Dewata's damage or maybe double or triple it's crit chance against airborne enemies. Full Moon and Thorns would still be bad with these changes and entangle will only be good if they make it effect attack speed and fire rate like every other slow in the game. Your lantern suggestion is actually similar to my own by allowing it to absorb damage and discharge it when the effect ends.
  10. I play Titania pretty much any time I am not MR grinding or resource farming... I didn't say I can't control her inertia and honestly I wouldn't even mind it if it acted like real inertia, meaning you keep traveling in the same direction regardless of which direction you are facing. What I don't like is the BS cant stop moving toward where I am aiming fake inertia. It just doesn't make any sense and is very anti intuitive and puts you in positions you probably don't want to be in. Just from a physics perspective it takes more energy turn around and start moving at the same speed in the opposite direction than it does to stop at least twice as much assuming perfect efficiency in fact. So why can I turn 180 and move go in the opposite direction but I can't just stop when I want? Like I said If it was more like real inertia where you would move in a direction turn and still keep moving in your original trajectory then I'd be ok with it.
  11. This doesn't address all of Titania's issues... I will agree that she isn't nearly as bad as most people like to say she is and she does deal tons of DPS and is viable for all standard content except arbitrations as she can't kill arbitration drones in razor wing and dies almost instantly while not in razor wing. Titania's main issues are that she is too clunky for her quirks to be enjoyable. She has redundant CC abilities. She has "support" abilities that do little to nothing. And her survivability is entirely based on avoiding attacks which basically means there is a cap on how high enemy levels can be before she just dies instantly as it doesn't matter big she had 99% evasion if enemies with hit scans shoot at her long enough one of them will hit her and one shot her.
  12. Just because it's part of arch wing doesn't mean it's good in fact based on the fact that archwing is almost universally hated by the whole player base then if anything saying "it's part of archwing" is a great reason to remove it.
  13. I agree I hope this is at least partially the direction they go with rail Jack and jumping between different ships.
  14. We'll keep in mind you can extract at any time after each objective and as long as it's made pretty clear what the next mission type will be before you choose to extract or move on to the next phase you can always make that decision on the fly. If the next phase will be extraction but you don't have a frost, gara, limbo etc. and don't feel confident you can complete the next phase then you just extract and get your rewards.
  15. So just a random off the wall idea for a "new" mission type. What if there was a type of mission that worked more like bounties in the open world areas by taking normal mission types and stringing them together in a semi-random order to make an endless mission? So for example the first objective could be a spy mission then after getting the data vaults lotus or who ever says "the data we uncovered indicates that what's his face is preparing an attack against so and so! We can leave now but it could have dire consequences for so and so or we can strike first against the assault force." Then you can either extract as normal or you can go do a different point that will take you to the next phase of the mission which is an exterminate mission once completed who ever the mission announcer is say "great you've scattered their forces but their Commander is trying to escape so they can regroup. Should we go after him? " Again you can extract or go do a capture mission. Rinse and repeat this process just cycling through all the different mission types including endless which act like sortie versions of those mission types where you go to round 10 on defense, round 2 on interception, 10 minutes on survival, etc. Each time the mission changes the level increases as normal for endless missions. Thoughts?
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