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  1. @Voltz31 ah no problem bro. Good luck sa new clan 🙂
  2. Sorry sa very late update, guys. Recruitment is still suspended, pasensya na.
  3. Recruitment is still suspended, until I sort out some real-life stuff.
  4. @Anomalouz may alliance kami. Obra Maestra. Ano ang clan name niyo? @MorningBlue @everensce @kuroharraa sorry, sa ngayon wala kaming free slots Sorry sa late reply guys, busy sa Christmas break. Merry Christmas to all! 😊
  5. @REUBSKIE, I'm sorry, I'm suspending clan recruitment sa ngayon.
  6. @_SHUriKEN_ invite sent @TacticalTennoBlak, "user already in a clan" You have to leave your current clan before I can send you an invite
  7. The next ones who do not follow the above "How To Join" guidelines will not be invited.
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