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  1. 1. Will we be able to get a 'menu' that enable us to see the placed decorations and eventually retrive them to our inventory? 2. More parts for kit-guns? maybe an AK-Kit-Gun? 3. More events like the Dog Days, please? That was really a lot of fun! Maybe season themed... ahem... snowball fight... ahem... 4. Dog Days based PvP ? It is a great starting point! Add more soaktron like weapons and you are done! 5. Any news about the 'New Channeling'? 6. Next relay rebuild? 7. News on the Corpus motorized weicle shown on the plains some devstream before tennocon 2019? 8. Last Orb Fight? 9. For [DE]Steve: How much time did it take to come up with the Worframe Lore? 10. Is the new reboot like start of the game coming before or after the New War? And is the New War coming before or after Railjack? Keep up the amazing work!!!
  2. I have to signal a bug that is happening after trying to open relics: the mission ends, starts a count down and only later it displays the reward. but at this point the game stops working correctly and we are stuck in the relic reward screen forever... happend in squad mission. please look into this problem.
  3. Sweet! Will we see the drop monster? Find out tonight!
  4. Just want to trow out a concept and ask a couple of questions: How about implementing a battle royale game mode in the conclave? operator only and with the simulation of normal weapons, obviously toned down. Or fixed stats no matter what frame, the frame just benig a 'skin' for the player and no abilityes, but keeping the high speed manovering tipical of our parkour mechanics... When the tekelu skins will be fixed? they are really broken and pixelated. Will you ever bring back Events that were fundamental for the lore? like the gadivus dilemma ecc. for them to be experienced also by new or more recent players. Recently I've seen a review about the Orvius and its special ability, wich is triggered by Channeling. How will you change the behaviour of such weapons with the upcoming melee 3.0? Will we ever see raids again? Umbral Forma, real or fake? definitly would be usefull! Any plan about reskinning the og skins of older frames to be more defined and detailed like the most recent ones? or like those in the background of this forum... What is the room above Ticker in Fortuna for? PoE track and tranq? When Thumper bot? When another Relay Rebuild? When drivable vehicles in OV? Operator Melee? Gas Cities remastered? Also thanks for this amazing universe that is Warframe! P.S. stats of archguns, namely Imperator vandal, are all over the place and need fixing: it is like it is counting mod twice in the stats preview and that creates inconsistency and difficulty when modding. Please fix!
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