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  1. I think I found strange bugs in the terrain of the orb vallis: est of the Ustara crater and near the center this broken terrain and... soccer stripy terrain! I guess Lunaro is making a comeback! Also this is floating in the middle of nowhere 🙂
  2. Sweet! Will we see the drop monster? Find out tonight!
  3. Just want to trow out a concept and ask a couple of questions: How about implementing a battle royale game mode in the conclave? operator only and with the simulation of normal weapons, obviously toned down. Or fixed stats no matter what frame, the frame just benig a 'skin' for the player and no abilityes, but keeping the high speed manovering tipical of our parkour mechanics... When the tekelu skins will be fixed? they are really broken and pixelated. Will you ever bring back Events that were fundamental for the lore? like the gadivus dilemma ecc. for them to be experienced also by new or more recent players. Recently I've seen a review about the Orvius and its special ability, wich is triggered by Channeling. How will you change the behaviour of such weapons with the upcoming melee 3.0? Will we ever see raids again? Umbral Forma, real or fake? definitly would be usefull! Any plan about reskinning the og skins of older frames to be more defined and detailed like the most recent ones? or like those in the background of this forum... What is the room above Ticker in Fortuna for? PoE track and tranq? When Thumper bot? When another Relay Rebuild? When drivable vehicles in OV? Operator Melee? Gas Cities remastered? Also thanks for this amazing universe that is Warframe! P.S. stats of archguns, namely Imperator vandal, are all over the place and need fixing: it is like it is counting mod twice in the stats preview and that creates inconsistency and difficulty when modding. Please fix!
  4. Ok than. Topics I want to see discussed: 1. news needed on the revnant warframe 2. news needed on the gas cities changes 3. progression on the garuda warframe 4. when the event with the 'yet never seen greneer enemy robot mole thing' is going to take place? 5. is the dual wielding change for the melee 3.0 ready to be seen? 6. any news on the relay rebuild event? can the rebuild make the reley somewhat different from the original ones: maybe themed after the near planet or other stuff... 7. news needed on the pet acquisition rework Also here is a list of problems encountered during gameplay: 1. fixes are needed on the plains because of random presence of clusters of black rectangles. namely often when an arson eximus unit deploys its fire ring. 2. could you please fix the ki'teer shakra? the right one is placed on the ground now, not even near the shoulder... 3. my frames desappears regularely in some missions or after an ability cast, yet it seems to be visible to mobs. this is actually preatty cool: being able to see the surroundings without your frame blocking the wiew. unfortunately it semes that also your team mates will not see you when this happends. I dont know if its a problem of my pc or a general one. I don't know anyone else with this problem
  5. Hi there DE! 1. Will there be changes to dual wielding? 2. More Gunblades? Maybe a twin gunblade or a gunsword? 3. What's in the future of scythe stances and channeling? 4. Changes to Arch-wing melee? 5. Operator Melee? 6. Any changes to the effectiveness of damage types like puncture and impact? 7. How will the changes affect the exalted melee weapons? 8. More splitting sword! No seriously, we only have one in game if I'm not mistaken, I think its a good concept an we should get more... Maybe like a zaw? 9. How about we could equip Daggers as a 4th type of weapon, like a secondary melee? I think it will add a bit more to the tactical feel... Or make like a zaw in a zaw... ZAWCEPTION! 10. Lightsabers? 11. Combo multiplier, stances, channeling mods...?
  6. Can anybody help me? on my pc, warframe usually runs on the gpu (nvudia geforce gtx 960m) but now runs on the cpu resulting in a frame rate of 1 frame every 3 seconds... what can I do to make it run like it allways did? edit: It was not my pc problem or Warframe problem, it was a windows update problem. I have re-run the update and everything is back to normal!
  7. SO MUCH HYPE! question than: 1. Melee changes, when? 2. What is the reason behind the lack of a twin primary weapon? 3. Laser sward, maybe even twin alla darth maul? 4. Pet acquisition changes? 5. Special operations new and old, any news about them? 6. Updated use of orokin cifers? 7. Will the orokin code lock mechanics be used again? 8. Where (When) does baro sells the prime stuff he buys from us? 9. Acolytes? 10. How can I give you all a hug for all the work you guys are doing for us? :)
  8. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIBS DE ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  9. Thank you! For some reason it unchecked the DirectX 10 and 11 on the settings menu, I wouldn't have noticed that on my own
  10. Wait a second... where are my Ludicrus particles effects?
  11. I Have Soo Many Questions!!!!!!!! I loved it, the music, the ambient, the lore... EVERYTHING! Also a question related to the quest upon compleation: And also can we get this replayable? How about not getting the insert spoiler reward here again, as I think it was intended to be, but re-experience it, like a memory? This concept could be applyed to all the non replayable quest and also to those events that you guys are willing to take back. Every account would have a sort of checkbox marked at the compleation of the first time the event/quest was played and then that account could not get the same reward again, but it could be able to fully experience that, maybe even better than the first time. Anyway I loved this and I hope the questions will be answered soon! (new tcinematic trilogy or even on Venus, who knows) PS Thank you for the boot decoration
  12. No problem guys, we waited a lot for this to happend, we can wait a bit more. Plus the week for me end at midnight of Sunday soo, take your time, we'll wait! also
  13. Hi DE, Some issues first: - it is still not possible to mark loot that has been allready picked up, fortunately it seames to work for rare mods. - different shoulder's regalia are still misplaced. - I have faced a strange and rare fenomena in PoE: during a goul bounty my Diriga died and multiple clone of it appeared, acting like Oxium Ospreys and named 'NAME' How for the questions: - where are Moa pets? I need one! - any change listed for pet acquisition? - the starchart, as it is now, has a lot of empty space in it (I know it's space, but still). are there any plans on adding other structures like a belt of asteroids, other derelict ships, wormholes to other systems, comets (maybe to be used as a recurrent event)?? - operations are a big part of the lure in Warframe, when are we going to get others? Guess that's it! See you at the DEvstream. Ps: cannot wait to see the new frame!
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