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  1. Spawn rates in survival are S#&$.
  2. If they are giving the option to turn off the cursor to consoles, give it to PC also.
  3. That new Grineer shipyard tile set paired with Infested=Everything getting stuck on everything...Ancients getting stuck on stairs, boxes, inside spawn rooms...more spawn points are hampered by the major map clutter. Only thing that doesn't get stuck on the environment are the little meatball guys.
  4. So remove D-pad functionality from everywhere but the market?....Wonderful.
  5. Would like the option to disable the virtual cursor and switch back to the 22.19 controller setup. Also if you use a high sensitivity mouse the button art will switch from controller to Keyboard+Mouse in Menus. Edit: added comment about button art switching.
  6. Still haven't removed efficiency from normal onslaught..oh well one can only hope one day.
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