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  1. You just don't get it, do you? Nobody is saying it's difficult to max the Helminth, because it's not. But you are acting as if maxing the Helminth means you're done with it, when that's not even close! It will still continue to cost you unreasonable amounts of resources to either subsume a warframe or add a subsumed ability onto another frame. I'll have maxed out Helminth by the time I have subsumed about 15 warframes, but... there are 44 warframes in this game. And some of them already require pretty significant resource costs to even build in the first place. Currently, if you were to r
  2. I went through and evaluated the costs per feed for every item in the Helminth system - and yes the RJ resources really are the glaring problem which is compounded in the Bile category by a combination of a lack of variety and absurd costs for the non-RJ resources. I also found there seems to be random inconsistencies, as there are resources which are very similar in abundance which have dramatically different costs. You see, the problem is at the moment, the amount of RJ resources that you actually need to feed Helminth just one single time does not encourage me to play Railjack, because t
  3. Did these things get stealth nerfed/fixed, as other than the fix to the Jahu I didn't see anything in patch notes on this (please redirect me if I've missed something)? Prior to either the most recent hotfix or the one before it, it was way easier to get resources from these things. I am unsure if this is a bug or not - so apologies if this is in the wrong forum. An example of this is with Khra - it used to siphon resources from enemies that it had slowed with its pulse. However, testing it now, it seems that I only get resources by killing slowed enemies with my operator. This one isn't
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