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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Short: Operator indefinitely unable to transference back into warframe. Dying in such a state results in an instant misson failure while being in a free roam. Step-by-step: This happened during/after the end of last bounty stage (Lure out the target). I flew in via archwing from previous stage area, summoned Ancient Healer Specter right next to Infested Cauldron and put out Protea's Dispensary there as well. Called in Necramech and from there on did the entire stage only using the said mech. Shortly after bounty ended i discovered that i can't transference back
  2. Zymos: Atrocious projectile speed, non-existent default fire rate & questionable default accuracy (9.8) with a gimmick that supposed to be working off of headshots. With multishot (i.e. your default modding option) installed, given accuracy stat result in pretty much random flight patters to any enemies at 20m and beyond range (which is barely a medium range). I get that it might be designed around occasional big damage splash only every now and then, when something actually registers as headshot, but every of its secondary/QoL stats are so mediocre it's painful to play around it.
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