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  1. Pretty much the title, dunno if it's true for Public, but definitely true for Solo. Edit: to clarify this did not happen until 27.0.9 To clarify even further in case you wondering what is there to kill after Skirmish is completed - you still can trigger 4 Ramsled squads from most side objectives and/or Infested in Direlict tower, all of which is not tied to primary mission objectives. All Intrincics gained from this will not preserve upon returning, if done after Skirmish is completed. Pre-summary screen: Post-summary "mission success"- screen upon launching the return to the dock: Intrincics screen right after exiting the ship:
  2. I would say that there's a lot of unpack, but there is not. Though i still trying to keep in mind that this is the "first from the wave of hotfixes" as was mentioned over other WFs social media. Every potential positive i noted for myself, as i glimpsed over wall-of-text changes, literally went out of the window as i scrolled through first 3-4 player reply pages. Quick post on fighter armor changes from Marcus mentioned that they were happy with sandbox changes with halved armor values, alright, and now it came with HP changes (buffs) on top of Particle proc effectiveness reduction and look - it seems fighter somehow ended up with more eHP and are harded to kill. Do i need to mention that all turret options aside from Cryophon (so 4 out of 5) have laughable base status, that can't be increased via any mods or given more damage iteration via multishot, cause.. there's none? To wrap that all up, please don't play dumb on overall RJ resource economy, it's still extremely blown out of proportions, especially given that there were supposed to be some sort of progression from MK1 to MK3, but guess why people skipped straight to Veil and MK3 parts? Really insightful, lmao. You guys used "we didn't have a person responsible for economy (or with economy degree)" - excuse with PoE launch more than 2 years ago. Still missing THE economy-guy, huh?
  3. Ahem. Why does any Forge interaction count towards "failed cipher" for Profile stats? Is it because it interacts via Parazon, and Forge is just a glorified console hacking minigame that somehow dragged a piece of its code as well? I mean i'm really trying to find a good reasoning just for the sake of it, and there's just none. Is this the new "Eidolon cap simultaneously counting +1/1 to kills/caps"? Is this one even resolved?
  4. Alright, so. During devstream earlier, within the Sentient tileset exterminate segment Pyrana's Prime special perk (i.e. AkPyrana) was practically a dead weight. You probably know why, Sentient do not have "headshots enabled". Can i ask you to give this a good thought, because it seems like it might be completely under your radar as some potential overlook? Consider alternative weakpoints to act like headshots and/or headshot perks/mods trigger. You even have an extremely potent weapon fully build around headshot gimmick (Knell, Arca Scisco to a lesser degree), but i cannot stress enough how bad of an experience running it can be, let alone when it becomes a dead weight (again) as one of your loadout weapons, because it ceased to work. Edit: disabled headshots are not exclusive to Sentients only btw, i don't mind if you have some enemies with disabled HS multiplier, but not HS itself as an action.
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