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  1. I don't know what exactly is the old code for these frozen/solidified states was, always seemed like a covered-up enemy 'pausing' with various fancy effects. So this sparks a question, what about Limbo? Stasis practically does the same, it pauses enemies. And while it doesn't prevent procs, it prolongs them similarly to aforementioned 'solidifying' abilities for as long as Stasis is active.
  2. Questioning this trade-off of duration for a rather mediocre gimmick. Outside of that... - Valkyr's 2.99 melee/block shenanigans is a joke and now this band-aid just adds to it. - For god's sake put Mag in control her of own spheres, make the detonation option innate to Magnetize, augment would still have disarm and (now) more range.
  3. New armor is pretty.. well, bad. Primary and secondary colors definitely should be swapped. Even though Primary color takes the dominant amount of space, it doesn't for 85% of other armor sets. Primary itself is few tones lighter and/or washed out than is should be (might be due to plastic'ky nature of material used). PBR'ing old stuff is always appreciated, but this one feels wasted for me - not only because the stats are not going to be updated until 3.0 anyway, but also due to the fact that it still somehow ended with non colorable parts - white handle parts and grey joints/tips. As for pistol, yeah, 2.7 reload within the existing gameplay realities with overwhelming amount of enemies, right, this is gonna work, sure. Edit: can you also stop listing straight up incorrect firerate value for weapons with multiple fire iterations? Burst-mode is listed at 10.0 which is nowhere near it, it's actually 2.50 with 4 fire iterations.
  4. Decorating got bugged with this fix somehow. RMB (rotate) continuously snaps the camera away. Both dojo and orbiter are affected.
  5. Remove Eximus Crewman from being a valid target for Amalgam Alkonost's enhancement. Eximus enemies have their resistances skewed naturally to begin with, and Alkonost buff creates a literal "god mode" enemy that you can't scratch with anyting. It's way worse than sortie physical/elemental enhancement condition that works in the same way, since Alkonost applying both physical and elemental resistances simultaneously.
  6. Any word on undocumented Knell reload speed increase? Like literally why?
  7. Knell is still sitting with additional second on its reload speed (1.0 > 2.0s) that it gained in mainline update without reflecting anything about that in the patchnotes.
  8. Ehm. Why exactly Knell gained an additional 1 second on reload (used to be 1.0s, now it's 2.0s) after yesterdays mainline update, that only changed fire mode to from semi-auto to auto according to patchnotes?
  9. Crafted and mastered all 3 K-Drive boards, only 2 gave me mastery points. The one that didn't work had jet-part used from rank-up offering in its construction, which i believe is the case (for whatever reason). Also, crafted MOAs just randomly stop gaining mastery points as well. Had a freshly gilded MOA that i tracked (due simple suspicion) from rank 24 to 30 - not a single mastery point.
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