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  1. Set your game mode to invite only and/or form a squad instead of jumping into public, just like "normal" Warframe. You only need to invite one person to force yourself to be host as well.
  2. I've logged in from two different continents and had no issues over the years.
  3. Suppose that 50 x 20 = 1000 ships. Presently there are almost 6000 satellites around real life planet Earth. The thing about space is that it is really big, so big that most people cannot comprehend the vastness. To give an idea, if one were to fly completely blind through an asteroid field, the odds of actually colliding with an asteroid is less than 1 in a million.
  4. A common misunderstanding. In this game, your power comes from the mods you put into your warframe and equipment. Mastery Rank has nothing to do with power level. You need to get or buy the right mods and upgrade them using endo to become powerful.
  5. It has actually been explained through the Heart of Deimos quest itself. The necramechs are void-powered machines, developed as a precursor to the machines later called warframes. That is why the operator can use transference on both the mechs and warframes. Anything powered by void energy is immune to sentient adaptation/appropriation. Lotus had no knowledge of Necramechs at all so the Orphix could not disable the mechs.
  6. tl;dr summary - here's my anecdotal evidence with a sample size of 70 runs.
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