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  1. Hehe - I did the exact same thing last night - and I got one drop. I think it's their console backend service. If you are linked at all, PC seems ok, but console players are broken. This is separate from the whole "my account isn't linked" problem IMO.
  2. I don't care if I get trash drops - it mentions the credit caches and of course the warframes will be rare... That's all fine. Free stuff is nice. But it irks me after I watch 2-5 hours of stream and don't see anything. I did my end of the bargain 🙂
  3. Following up on earlier post - Started watching Tactical Potato in a new browser session at 12:30 my time, it's now 2:07 my time - no drop. PS4 problem?
  4. I've watched 5+ hours of streams and only 2 drops. I can tell you what @Brozime ate for dinner, and when, and all about his fashion framing and Garuda thoughts. I EARNED that drop but it never showed up 🙂 Got some credits from watching iFlynn after that though... so... it's frustrating.
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