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  1. About us: We are Arcane Rage - Our clan was founded in 2018 and has been an active community ever since mid 2019 - We are a storm tier clan so we have max 100 members - We have a loyal community with experienced players helping each other - We have an optional discord which is active: https://discord.gg/QSu3js9X7J - We host well organized clan events and giveaways (giveaways in discord) - We have an ever updating dojo that keeps improving with every change to it - We have a close connection to each individual member to assure everyone feels welcome - We do our best in clan e
  2. Clan name: Arcane Rage Clan tier: Storm Clan platform: PC Clan role: Anubis (warlord) Note: Some of the rooms have the same name as last time i entered a dojo contest, but there is a chance its either totally revamped or a whole new thing! Feature image: Video: (167) Arcane Rage dojo contest entry spring 2021 - YouTube (this video does not include all rooms submitted or is a perfect overview of the room's full view) Sentient Titan: Main Hall: Reactive Powerhouse: Dry Dock: Eternal Prison: Dreams About Home: Bar Prodma
  3. Look, this is real competition for dojo's🙏 Im looking forward to see who shall win
  4. Then this should only count from Eyes of Blight to present, because the events before that only the top 3 clans got trophies
  5. Man i thought i knew my fair bit of clan history, me wrong again X)
  6. This text screams take a break and the door to other games is on the right side, i respect and understand ur rant, but its OBVIOUS ur done and need to quit the game for lil-long while, cuz the amount toxicity u spread in this thread took away ur precious time which you think you waste on this game, so ur walking into a loophole u create yourself.
  7. UPDATE ON CRYOTIC FRONT SILVER I actually found the trophy by going through clan pages of the clans that won 2nd place on PC
  8. They go through featured dojo's, and i gotta search up real quick which clans got the trophies on each platform and which dojo's got featured, ill edit this comment when im done *EDIT: No 2nd place clans on Operation: Cryotic Front got featured on the star chart in the past
  9. I mean, i wanted to try finding it myself as that would make this achievement much more worth to me, but i think asking is a good thing to do at this point, unless Xbox or PS4/5 had the event and clans that are still up, asking is the biggest factor to find this one
  10. Thank you, i already found it odd i saw a lot of solo clans with a gold trophy, but assumed it was just easy to get it
  11. Thank you, yes i can see its bronze, it has a little bit of green between the textures and gold shines more, i shall change the Ambulas one to completed
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