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  1. Clan is currently full to everyone who reads this (13-7-2021) I will edit this message once a spot has opened again
  2. Clan invitation is send, check your in-game inbox to accept the invitation, don't forget to join discord Welcome to Arcane Rage m8 Sorry for delayed reply, was't home when you replied
  3. A good organizement comes with effort, so you will have to create your own file where you list invites and joins I assume a moon clan has a lot of staff, your staff is there for a reason
  4. About us: We are Arcane Rage - Our clan was founded in 2018 and has been an active community ever since mid 2019 - We are a shadow tier clan so we have max 30 members - We have a loyal community with experienced players helping each other - We have a discord which is semi-active: https://discord.gg/QSu3js9X7J - We host clan events and giveaways (giveaways in discord) - We have an ever updating dojo that keeps improving with every change to it - We have a close connection to each individual member to assure everyone feels welcome - We do our best in clan events and fight 'till the bitter end - We have a semi-competitive attitude in stuff like relics - We have 3 clan ranks obtainable through challenges for the lovers - We have always reachable clan staff anyone can message for any problems, complaints or suggestions/idea's - We have an inactivity limit of 14 days to keep the clan fresh and active - We have weekly activity checks for our members - We have a community with everyone specialized in atleast 1 thing (pt, exploiter, SP, etc.) - We help a player with their problems with for example: Another player. And solve the problem to keep their enjoyment in our clan - We won 1st place on the dojo contest of Attumn 2020: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1235498-autumn-2020-featured-dojo-contest-winners-announced/ Clan and global events: Clan events: Within our clan we sometimes host clan events with plat prizes organized by one or multiple people of our clan staff, our most succesfull events was our well planned fashion contest with a custom stage in our dojo! Link to our fashion contest results: https://youtu.be/CQK6_KKpFlI Link to our kill event results: https://youtu.be/cv8mHkhZYK8 We also host a small event every week for smaller prizes and to get an indication of the speciality of our members (speedrunning, endurance etc.) Global events: No this isnt something for elitists only, our clan has an global events requirement and will probably be 45 minutes - 1 hour worth of the event (also depends how you get your event points). We have this because just being a member is nice and all, but to really prove your loyalty if you didn't earn it yet is to show your effort in these events! Our staff will have an event protocol ready to make sure low to none people need to get kicked due to not reaching the requirement, we will also ping you and PM you to inform you if you didn't reach the requirement after 1-2 weeks yet. Together we stand strong, we inspire each other and fight 'till the end, go fast or go solo 😉 Dojo: We have an ever evolving dojo that also keeps participating in dojo contests because its fun to participate, even if we lose😝 Resource donations aren't mandatory! We also dont PM or ping you asking for donations, we will make either a call for a certain resource in a clan update or just in the clan day message. You don't have to donate if nobody asked for resources, but it's always appreciated ofcourse❤ Here you can see some of our rooms Here's some more rooms Obstacle courses: Jump or Die (easy) Horus (medium) Hot Wheels (medium) God's Punishment (hard) Clan challenges: We have 3 clan ranks obtainable through solo challenges (all info is also on our discord | For Horus+ discord is a requirement): The Trial of the Gods These challenges will affect ur rank in the clan system: -Hathor (T1) -Horus (T2) -Amunet (T3) The challenges: Hathor: Know how to use this stuff good: -Gara’s never ending dmg stack for her 2 -Saryn, Volt and Mirage in stuff like ESO -Have an amp with either x-2-3 or x-7-7 (dont even need to eidolon, its just a good amp) -Be rank 5 with any syndicate -Show screenshots of you killing every boss in steel path mode except Zealot Prelate, Lephantis, Mutalist Alad V and Ropalolyst cuz laws of science, you can ask someone to bring you to the nodes, but that has to be a staff member or have steel path completed -Have rank 5 solaris and the hellminth system aquiered Horus: Complete 4 of the Horus challenges: (vid evidence, just inv an Amun+ officer if possible or mission summaries if checkmarked) This challenge can be submitted over the course of 2 weeks, don't need to do this in 1 session Required: - Come up with another Horus challenge to add to the list - Have all Steel Path planets unlocked (all nodes not required) Horus challenges: 1: Do a 3x3 tridolon (here is squad allowed ofc.) 2: Complete 35 waves of solo defense on Belenus SP✅ 3: Kill both orb mothers✅ 4: Complete 1 hour of Kuva survival SP✅ 5: Complete 36 rounds of Orphix, Vesper Strait node 6: Beat the MR30 test with atleast 10 frames✅ 7: 14 rounds of Lua Disruption (max 2 conduits destroyed) 8: Kill Necramechs in SP Isolation Vault 9: 30 mins of index with an Amun+ officer✅ 10: Collect 500 SE in 1 week✅ 11: 4 hours solo SP no invis (can be split into two 2 hour runs, need to have chat timestamps on to show us you took atleast a 1hr break between runs) instead of 500 SE in a week✅ 12: Have the following frames forma'd (non-prime = +1 forma): Khora (3 Forma) Equinox prime (2 Forma) Banshee prime (3 Forma) Trinity prime (2 Forma) Volt prime (2 Forma) Rhino prime (2 Forma) Wisp (3 Forma) Nova prime (2 Forma) Amunet: Complete these tasks solo (except for tridolon) within 1.5 hours (video evidence, Youtube preferable): - Numina, Veil proxima - exploiter orb without Gauss - profit taker - 30 mins of Kuva Survival with constant kuva gain in a random loadout - 10 waves of Belenus, Void on Steel Path (No Limbo) Show @--AR--Demmodor the requirements for the role if you wanna gain it, you can only gain 1 rank up a week. Join requirements: - Mastery rank 16 or higher - Atleast 350 hours on your Warframe profile (steam isn't valid due to the fact it counts afk hours and hours on other accounts too) - Its both, not either MR or hours! - Must join our discord server - Must live in the EU - Be active in the game - Be interactive with your clan members (talking in clan chat, doing missions, etc.) - Please dont talk about politics or racial stuff or we will just warn or chat kick you How we treat our members: - Everyone is equal! Race or country or whatever is not separating you from others, we're all humans and not everyone is perfect! - We solve problems of members as fast as we can - If you break our rules you get a warning, you get 2 warnings before we kick you from the clan (a warning is a chat ban for 1 hour) - We aren't children, most of us have profanity filter off and will call you out on stuff if you're being a complete jerk! - If you start fights with people outside of the clan and pull your conflict to us, your gone if you dont solve it, our war isn't yours - We aren't elitists, we wont kill you for having a bad build, we try to help you improve it, and sometimes the discussion maybe goes a bit farther than just some build improvements😆 Burning baseball system: Every week our staff will summarize every member in how active they were, how much people have seen from them and if they still fit inside our grand picture, people who don't get 1 X, after 3 X's you get removed from the clan, after two weeks of no X's 1 gets removed. How we choose our staff: Well, people apply for mod, they have to follow some submitting rules and you will be added to our monthly staff revoting. How to join: We have a few ways for you to join the clan: - Join our discord and DM an Advisor (role) to present yourself and ask for a clan invite - Leave your IGN, profile hours, previous clan, favorite activity in Warframe and why you wanna join us in the replies of this forum post - PM one of these people in-game or add them to your friendlist: - @--AR--Demmodor (CEST) - @--AR--Zippetra (CEST) - @--AR--MissAnthropy (CEST) - @--AR--Nemeryle (UTC +1) - @4NT1GR4V1TY (CEST) - @Nexqua (CEST) Our loyal community: This is part of the recruitment post and a huge thank you to all of our loyal members seeing this post and enjoying the clan! We have a very close connection to our whole clan and all this wouldn't be possible without all of you! Our staff will continue keeping the clan as best as we possibly can have it and improve it! Once again, thank you to everyone who supported us from the start till now and whoever will support us in the future❤ {Arcane Rage} Family of the worthy warriors | all research ofc. :p | Dojo contest 1st place win | Giveaways & Events | MR16+ 350+hrs & Discord req. | semi-competitive | PM for info Discord: https://discord.gg/QSu3js9X7J Your story can continue with us, let's make it legendary, We all hope to see you soon in Arcane Rage!!! (30/30 members 22-7-2021)
  5. Clan name: Arcane Rage Clan tier: Storm Clan platform: PC Clan role: Anubis (warlord) Note: Some of the rooms have the same name as last time i entered a dojo contest, but there is a chance its either totally revamped or a whole new thing! Feature image: Video: (167) Arcane Rage dojo contest entry spring 2021 - YouTube (this video does not include all rooms submitted or is a perfect overview of the room's full view) Sentient Titan: Main Hall: Reactive Powerhouse: Dry Dock: Eternal Prison: Dreams About Home: Bar Prodman: Beauty from Within: Frozen Market: Hall of Remembrance: Railgun Aligator: Glowing Memories: Irregular Quadrilateral: The Monolith Sanctuary: Dojo Vallis: An Orokin Legend: Venusian View: Navigation: Naga es: Pain: Paradise: The 5 labs: Other:
  6. Look, this is real competition for dojo's🙏 Im looking forward to see who shall win
  7. Then this should only count from Eyes of Blight to present, because the events before that only the top 3 clans got trophies
  8. Man i thought i knew my fair bit of clan history, me wrong again X)
  9. This text screams take a break and the door to other games is on the right side, i respect and understand ur rant, but its OBVIOUS ur done and need to quit the game for lil-long while, cuz the amount toxicity u spread in this thread took away ur precious time which you think you waste on this game, so ur walking into a loophole u create yourself.
  10. UPDATE ON CRYOTIC FRONT SILVER I actually found the trophy by going through clan pages of the clans that won 2nd place on PC
  11. They go through featured dojo's, and i gotta search up real quick which clans got the trophies on each platform and which dojo's got featured, ill edit this comment when im done *EDIT: No 2nd place clans on Operation: Cryotic Front got featured on the star chart in the past
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