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  1. Then this should only count from Eyes of Blight to present, because the events before that only the top 3 clans got trophies
  2. Man i thought i knew my fair bit of clan history, me wrong again X)
  3. This text screams take a break and the door to other games is on the right side, i respect and understand ur rant, but its OBVIOUS ur done and need to quit the game for lil-long while, cuz the amount toxicity u spread in this thread took away ur precious time which you think you waste on this game, so ur walking into a loophole u create yourself.
  4. UPDATE ON CRYOTIC FRONT SILVER I actually found the trophy by going through clan pages of the clans that won 2nd place on PC
  5. They go through featured dojo's, and i gotta search up real quick which clans got the trophies on each platform and which dojo's got featured, ill edit this comment when im done *EDIT: No 2nd place clans on Operation: Cryotic Front got featured on the star chart in the past
  6. I mean, i wanted to try finding it myself as that would make this achievement much more worth to me, but i think asking is a good thing to do at this point, unless Xbox or PS4/5 had the event and clans that are still up, asking is the biggest factor to find this one
  7. Thank you, i already found it odd i saw a lot of solo clans with a gold trophy, but assumed it was just easy to get it
  8. Thank you, yes i can see its bronze, it has a little bit of green between the textures and gold shines more, i shall change the Ambulas one to completed
  9. Thats not true, they renamed themselves twice, Warbros --> Wabros Prime --> Warbros No Fun Allowed Dont know about the deadly sin one, wasnt on the leaderboards i guess
  10. Yes, from all events until Eyes of Blight (excluding fusion moa, fomorian sabotage and spy drone) only the top 3 clans got trophies, which means only 5 clans hold gold arid, only 5 hold silver arid and on and on. One of the reasons why this search is really time consuming
  11. Yes, while finding clans that could help us, we crossed Crescent moon being as good as disbanded
  12. Hello, my name is Demmodor or --AR--Demmodor, whatever u want, me and my friend @-ZD-XnhOtheoscame up with the idea to find all existing clan trophies in Warframe after i found myself into a clan with old trophies and such not so long ago, so here are the beautiful things we found in order of releases: Fusion moa: Spy Drone: Operation Sling-Stone (Fomorian Sabotage): Arid Fear: Survival weekend (silver and bronze missing): Gravidus (Grineer)(bronze and silver missing): Gravidus (Corpus): Cicero Crisis: Tethra's Doom (bronze and silver missing): Breeding Grounds: Cryotic
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