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  1. when heart of deimos arrived, or sometime shortly after, the energy drain for peacemakers was increased.
  2. using scanner lets attacks hit you, but is not an attack
  3. synthesis target can still attack me while invisible as jumping wisp
  4. went to kill a specter, killed one, completed the mission, checked the nightwave, it showed objective wasnt completed.
  5. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: when using nechramech while killing hydrolyst, will not be able to use warframe again REPRODUCTION: warframe probably dropped into the lake nearby EXPECTED RESULT: warframe would respawn and be availalbe OBSERVED RESULT: warframe nowhere to be found and cant be used rate: happened once, i wont capture until sure its fixed
  6. TYPE: in game, nechramech DESCRIPTION: nechramech unaffected by smeeta kavat affinity buff, and vacuum REPRODUCTION: activate smeeta kavat buff EXPECTED RESULT: icon to appear next to health and shields, resources to come to mech OBSERVED RESULT: nothing REPRODUCTION RATE: every time it activated
  7. TYPE: in game, nechramech DESCRIPTION: summoning a nechramech summons the version players had when loading in, not the one that gathers experience over the mission REPRODUCTION: kill enemies in mech, re-summon. EXPECTED RESULT: summon experienced nechramech OBSERVED RESULT: summoned inexperienced nechramech REPRODUCTION RATE: every time i summon
  8. TYPE: foundry DESCRIPTION: app doesnt show nechramech being created EXPECTED RESULT: app should have shown the nechramech being made OBSERVED RESULT: app did not show nechramech being made
  9. TYPE: in game DESCRIPTION:cache was inside geography of tumor and is unopenable REPRODUCTION: play cache bounty EXPECTED RESULT: cache was able to be opened outside of geography OBSERVED RESULT: cache was inside geography and unopenable REPRODUCTION RATE:
  10. TYPE: in game DESCRIPTION: minimal enemies spawning during sample collection / area defense causing missions to drag on, or fail bonus objective EXPECTED RESULT: have many enemies spawning OBSERVED RESULT: read description REPRODUCTION RATE: close to 60 percent of the time i get this bounty step
  11. PLATFORM: ps4 TYPE: In-Game, open world DESCRIPTION: mining geodes are beneath mineable surface REPRODUCTION: go mining EXPECTED RESULT: geodes are on the surface OBSERVED RESULT: read description REPRODUCTION RATE: 20-25 percent
  12. what makes you say they were bugs? is it because people think prowl is just the slow walk? and really zip lines just slow you down if you know how to move quick
  13. around 2016, i took a long break from wf, maybe 2 years long, and when i came back to my favourite wf at the time, ivara, i found that the prowl ability had been nerfed so that it was no longer possible to go as fast as i used to be able to go. i was actually as fast as unprowled. as far as i can tell, the nerfs were: prowl no longer activating while in the double jump animation prowl breaking from a bullet jump with no directional input prowl sometimes breaking when rolling right after double jumping worst of all, this wasnt even in any patch notes i read about. why w
  14. TYPE: in game DESCRIPTION: was going to capture avichaea when saw that the trail beginning was underneath the goo VISUAL: n/a REPRODUCTION: n/a EXPECTED RESULT: trail should not have been in the goop OBSERVED RESULT: trail started in the goop REPRODUCTION RATE: only found once
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