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  1. Exactly. There is simply no reason at all to nerf melee when you want to buff guns to be an alternative to melee. Except when you're afraid that your "buff" sucks and players will just ignore it... then you have to nerf melee and force guns down players throats.
  2. Can confirm, same here. Drop marked as claimed in Twitch but no message or reward yet, about 30 hours after the stream. Haven't seen any notice from DE about this yet. This seems to be a widespread problem, haven't heard from anyone who actually got this drop.
  3. Oh, thanks. I was not aware of that. I assumed they drop as wreckage too. Been a while since i did railjack.
  4. Sorry, i was including the ordnances in my weapon count too.
  5. There are also ordnances. Just double-checked the wiki and there are 3 ordnances (Galvard, Milati, Tycho Seeker), so there may actually be 8 armaments making 33 in total.
  6. Ooof, that one cut deep. It really hurts. And it hurts even more to know it's more real than we all want it to be.
  7. I have the same thought and actually went through the wiki now to check and guess what... there are exactly 30 different wreckages to farm and repair in the game. (7 armaments x 3 houses = 21, shield, reactor, engine x 3 houses = 9, total 30) To reach tier 3 you must've farmed and build literally all available railjack parts at least once that drop in the game. So tier 1 is: you build 1 part and tier 3 is you build all parts. Nicely balanced. (/s)
  8. I was aware of that. The handling of the intrinsics and dirac are fair, i just pointed that out to state that i'm seeing myself as a very early adopter and the compensation requirements are insanely high. I doubt anyone on the path to maxing out their railjack ever reached the 30 repaired wreckages. It simply makes no sense to repair that many, especially as in the early days the component requirements were absurdly high too so it was technically impossible to do that many. Even if you would've build one of each mk3 weapon, mk3 shield, engine and reactor and then fused another set of shield, engine and reactor, you would not even qualify for tier 1. I can't imagine how they came up with these numbers. Edit: i meant you would only reach tier1 and not even qualify for tier 2
  9. I just checked my railjack and even though i have optimized shields, engines, reactors and even two sets of armaments i have exactly 11 completely build wreckages. Ranking up my intrinsics to max and farming all the mods, dirac and components and i'm not even qualifiying for tier 2???? Are the early adopter packages meant to be unreachable??? @[DE]Rebecca
  10. i'm with you there, all mods and everything including intrinsics maxed, still i'm far from that tier 3. this makes no sense. That's an understatement.
  11. Yes, indeed. Based on intrinsics earned would be the perfect way to estimate how much time and effort someone put into railjack. Wreckage is such an arbitrary and unreasonable stat. @[DE]Rebecca 30 wreckage sounds like measuring a players progress by how many maxed Primed Flows he owns....
  12. @[DE]Rebecca There is a general confusion about this and i want to know too what does that actually mean and how are we able to see what rank we're in right now. Do we need to own 30 at the time of the update, or did we had to have 30 at one time or do we actually have to repair 30 wreckages? And do fusing count too? This is extremely unclear!
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