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  1. My best bet would be that both need max rank ventkids standing to buy blueprints and kdrive parts to build. It's a scary thought i know, but i sense it coming.
  2. So you've added a faq to the main nightwave page - which at first said it will last "10 - 11 weeks", now it's "about 10 weeks" and i get it, you're not sure yourself. Which could mean 11 weeks ... but maybe also just 9? FOMO incoming... why not say "at least 10 weeks"? That's too hard? To do the math, we need to do 69% of all challenges (missing at max 14500 standing each week) to reach rank 30 - assuming it actually takes 10 weeks. If we actually do everything, we could reach it in week 7. If the plug gets pulled after 9 weeks (which could happen, 9 is "about 10"....), we need to do 77% of the challenges missing at max 10000 standing each week. And there is no "tuning" or "speeding up" because there are no refugees to hunt. Also remember the giant flaw in the catch-up system: if someone can not / or does not want to a challenge, they're automatically locked out of this catch-up because the old challenges will only appear if they complete all the current ones.
  3. Regarding 1) That implementation of the catch-up system is mostly useless and hardly anyone will use it for a simple reason: You have to complete all challenges from the current week for the old ones to re-appear. Who thought that would be a good idea?? And why? Anyone who can't do a single challenge will be locked out from it by default. Regarding 2) The approach to de-grind the challenges went into the wrong direction with removing choice and selection from players and punishing people who can't do/don't want to do certain challenges by increasing the reputation lost for each one skipped. I certainly won't go through the hassle of buying/building/ranking up/gilding a modular item *again*. But instead of 3k i'm now losing 4.5k. The proper way would've been to add more challenges that are split into groups and each player can for example only do 2 out of 4 offered elite challenges. That way the max rep is limited and players can choose which challenge they can and prefer to do. Or have a max number of levels everyone can rank up each week. Regarding 3) The gilding and sculpture challenges are still in there. Nuff said. Regarding 4) Adding more challenges is definitely a good idea, but these should be available for each player every week. Having 20 challenges and the choice to do any 10 that are possible would've been a much better approach. And the biggest problem that re-appeared in season 2 now: NO END DATE AGAIN! I found myself already guessing how many weeks this season probably has, how much standing is technically possible, how much i may be allowed to miss while still reaching the ranks i aim for, is the 65% rule still valid -- it's FOMO all over again. Is this a new approach to make people play more? Season 1.5 had an end date. People could plan. Now it's a guessing game again. Please DE, even if you don't know how long this season will go: give us a minimum runtime for this season so we know how tight the schedule is. If you for any reason at any time decide it has to run longer - that's completely fine. Nobody will be angry about having more time. But not knowing how much time is left is killing the fun completely.
  4. Actually, the most important thing is NOT the kubrow thing, it's something you forgot once AGAIN and which was the biggest problem that everyone had with season 1: There is no a single bit of information on HOW LONG this season will go! You were able to give an enddate with season 1.5, it should be possible to give us a date until this season will go at least. If you then decide it should/need/has to run for longer - that's fine! But the minimum time we have to reach the rank we aim for is the basic foundation to prevent FOMO - which ruinded season 1 for a huge amount of people! Please give us an update for the schedule!
  5. You're basically right and i agree, but you have to admit that having all those things at the same time, nightwave syncing, tennocon, getting stuff into cert, railjack, now nightwave season 1.5 AND there is plague star next week.... is basically because of their own (pretty bad) scheduling. If they would've planned the time after nightwave season 1 properly, we would not have several weeks of downtime between seasons and there would be no need for a filler season, and they would have time for jovian concord and then tennocon etc... Now you could say that they had to (hopefully) implement a lot of changes to nightwave because of general bad community response - but that again was due to DE not pre-checking their ideas and plans ahead with the community. Launching it without player feedback and on all systems at the same time - which then prevented them from doing quick and proper fixes. I'd say that 90% of the problems with nightwave could've been fixed even before it started. They should've had at least 3 seasons planned and layed out before launching the first one and then (this is still valid) have at least one person continously working on the next season as it's an ongoing thing replacing the completely autonomous and maintenance free alert system. I was having doubts that DE could pull that off, learning from many promises to regularly update and rotate reward tables from sorties, arbitrations etc. Sadly i was right.
  6. In that case, they should do the same as with season 1 (where i guess they also didn't know how long they'd run it). They should announce the date until that season will run at least. If they at any point decide to let it run for longer, fine indeed. But keeping us in the dark again is a sheity move.
  7. Please for sake of the game, let us know how long this mini-season will last. Just saying "limited time" already triggered not just me. A clearly visible timer in the game and/or a public announcement before it starts - or the moment it starts - will help greatly against the dreadful FOMO that drove away so many players already.
  8. I had just that problem and i can tell you that these parts don't just need that 1xp to appear mastered again. That would only be the case if you would still have them mastered in your inventory. I went through the same path, contacted support several times, they said it will be fixed soom. Recently i just went in there and re-build the parts that were missing on my profile (all blueprints that i purchased already had the "mastered" tag on them), and because they were new, i didn't just need 1xp to make them show up mastered again, i had to do the full 30 ranks. Again. With a K-Drive. I gave up on them fixing that, it's been like that since the fortuna update.
  9. The update also reduced the max Star Chart XP on your profile from 27.579 to 27.501 - even though we now have two MORE nodes... that's why (i assume) everyone is missing a bit over 3k mastery from the kogake.
  10. ^^ this, it's not much but looks like something weird is going on, more nodes, less xp, and everyone losing mastery for the Kogake. I hope this doesn't end up like the k-drive mastery problem where i had to rank up a board twice...
  11. Same here, as for several other people here in this thread, lost 3k mastery and Kogake went back to unmastered. Also it seems like the total Star Chart XP dropped from 27.579 to 27.501 - which is really weird as we have 2 more nodes now, should go up, right? That Arbitrations dissappear as we don't have all nodes unlocked again is uncool, but understandable.
  12. Definitely backfired. Now that this season is about to end, many people reached rank 30 and are happy the grind is over and are taking a break from the game altogether. And i doubt that for the last month anyone seriously started with nightwave as they would not have a chance to get anywhere anyway. It gets even more obvious looking at the warframe twitch partners. They either didn't even start with nightwave or stopped streaming warframe as soon as they were done. I'm subscribed to two warframe-exclusive streamers who now plan to stream other games too - after not playing warframe for a week or two.
  13. You hit the bull's eye there. All those players who always scream for more endgame and tougher challenges don't have much else to do in warframe (hint: google extrinsic motivation). With nightwave they are happy because finally the game is telling them what to do again. But for everyone else, the nightwave challenges basically replace "normal" gameplay. And for those few who still claim the challenges basically "happen" during normal playtime: that may be true for "kill X enemies with Y" or "do X bulletjumps" or "complete 1 mission", but in the overall nightwave ranks that gets you nowhere.
  14. Fair enough. This is not like math where there is a definite right and wrong, and i will not try to change your mind and i appreciate you didn't try to change my mind. You have your opinion and i have mine. We'll see what DE makes of this 100+ page thread in the future.
  15. They said they'll "reduce" it, see the vid starting at ~25:50, series 2 gonna be "different story", "lot less grindy", "less fear of missing out", "reduce endless mission grind", "reduce the forced multiplayer stuff". I'd like to see it removed completely though, no mentioning of the inventory checks (ayatan). It's a start. Edit: Listening to it again Reb is indeed saying something about clan acts now include alliance members.... ugh, like that would change anything...
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