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  1. I think it's dead content already. And no hotfix or balancing act will get players back into it. Just imagine with the development power of over a year what we could've gotten instead. Melee 3.0. Descent lich system. Third orb mother fight. Maybe even another cinematic quest or two. A new planet (as someone suggested in this thread too), yeah, even a new faction. Look at what we got instead. There's only one answer.
  2. I can confirm, luckily i recently got my last lich weapon. But it was really hard to find public groups already. I can't imagine how people will go through this in a few months... now i will be busy putting the 65 formas into all those guns. And after that grind i surely won't be touching liches again anytime soon. If anyone at DE would've gone through that grind before release, they would've figured out that *that* is a big problem with it. But we all know: they don't play the game.
  3. That's the main problem here. DE announced lich weapons won't give mastery. Then suddenly they did. And not just normally, no, up to rank 40 it had to be. Railjack wasn't supposed to have/give mastery. Then it suddenly did. And a wayyy lot more (where's the reason for intrinsics to give more mastery than 12 full warframes??). It feels like DE got scared of (or aware of) people not liking the new content, then shoving so much mastery into it so people whould *have* to grind it. (And guess what, that didn't work, steamcharts shows lowest playerbase in years) And that's the the schizophrenic part of it: DE doesn't want people to rush through their new content so they build up ridiculous grindfests. That *does* slow the (sorry guys) masochistic tryhards who had to be 10-10-10-10 within the first week. But for everyone else it means: That's a year full of grind. I don't wanna do that. In the unlikely case anyone at DE ever reads this: Just scale your grind to the players you make the content for: the casual players! Ignore the tryhards who will rush through it in 5 hours. For me it's a simple calculation. With the average intrinsics reward from each railjack mission, it would take me ~300 missions to max it out. And even if railjack would be awesome, i still would not want to do 300 missions just for that. So i just don't do any.
  4. ^This^ There are currently 8 unique rewards in this season that everyone who participated in previous seasons already owns. They basically use up 80k of standing for nothing. Imagine doing 11 ELITE or 17 WEEKLY challenges for literally no reward. Those ranks should either be skipped if one already owns that item - or (maybe optionally) be swapped for something else like season credits.
  5. This. IF you need any more reason to NOT do that, look at Brozimes last stream and watch him suffering through it.
  6. That's exactly the point. The major and unique selling point of warframe is the almost unlimited available customization, not just visually, but also regarding fundamental functions of warframes and weapons by being able to choose a combination from a huge amout of available mods. I doubt there is any other game out there that comes even close - at least i haven't heard about it. Now creating a "challenge" by taking away this customization (that people grinded and farmed hard for, possibly for years) is not just "not-warframe", it's a spit slap in the face of every player. Especially if you consider that you need to have the whole starchart unlocked and farmed arbitrations (supposedly "endgame" content) for a while to even get there. Read: get good, collect endgame equipment just to reach a challenge where you can't use that equipment. How hard is it to actually create challenging content which doesn't include handicapping the player by locking him/her out of fundamental game mechanics?
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