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  1. I already have a post about in the Art & Animation bugs with related photos basically to summarize its chain is broken it has some kind of uncolorable blueish spots on it and it didn't have that before and circle on the leg cuts through the leg when walking or when you are in amp equipped stance it used to stick on the leg and the belt is oversized and it looks like its floating in the air it used to fit perfectly its broken for like 2.5 years and no fix
  2. I wish you would have fixed the Commodore Prime suit before unvaulting it. It is broken since the Fortuna update when you remodelled operators
  3. Only fixed problem is the chain going to sky when viewing in profile. (picture 2) As of Update 30.0.2 remaining issues are still the same there has been no fixes about other broken aspects of the suit.
  4. I have Oberon's Blade of the Lotus skin which comes with its own shoulder pads. So having that skin solved the problem for me but nevertheless they should make regular Oberon's shoulder pads available for the primed version and solve this problem once and for all.
  5. The operator suit called "Commodore Prime Operator Suit" that came with Zephyr Prime Access just keeps getting broken over and over again. The suit has already been bugged for almost 2.5 years since devs remodelled operators when fortuna update dropped. Specifically the suits chain and belt called "Commodore Prime Suit Apparel" is broken and it gets worse with every update. First of all the circle in the belt cutting through the leg, belt itself is too wide for the operator and top end of the chain isn't standing where it supposed to. And thats how it is for almost 2.5 years. Few months ago i
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