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  1. Umm why can't the people who are cove just do the new bounties why just the ones who are old mate its stupid
  2. when are we (xbox 1) getting fortuna my friend just says ''DE is bing lazy with giving Xbox fortuna'' i keep telling him their might be bugs i hope it comes soon so i don't have to hear him say it again
  3. Can't wait for this soooooo close to fortuna😂. keep it up 😊 👍
  4. woooooooo we can finally have a relay back on earth . keep up the great work DE 🙂 ❤️
  5. Finally i was wondering when it ill come woooow can't wait 🙂
  6. 1 step to fortuna well ''soon'' maybe in 3 months but that skin looks epic
  7. yes!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting on this can't wait woooo excal+scarf=epic quest!
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