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  1. Would TOTALLY love it if you could update on the status of Limbo Deluxe. Maybe show it in game if its been weighted?
  2. - Is there a timeline for the new Login Rewards system? Can we get some further details on UI, how it's going to work, Restrictions etc - How will the new Melee 3.0 System effect Sword & Shield. Any chance the heavy move could be a staggering Shield bash or something similar? Would really like to see how the sword and board is gonna be treated in this update. I feel like that melee archetype doesn't get a lot of love, so it would be nice for some info on it. - Timeline on Revenant: How is final balancing going, and is he almost ready for release? Will he have lore tied to him, being the first Eidolon/Sentient Warframe it would be nice to unravel info on his Sentient affliction. Will there be any Eidolon Armor released in tangent? The energy tendril aesthetics of the Eidolons would make excellent Chest, Arms and Legs armor add-ons.
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