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  1. One problem is having no concept for the game, gameplay and weapons balance, another one is selling flavor of the month weapons that have to keep getting better. How about a weapon with unlimited ammo!?!?111 Already grinded content is dead content MR trash, worst case scenario we can throw some nerfs around to make you grind new weapons.
  2. High rollers have several frames for build diversity. Of course you are right about everything you said but I don't think the developers have any plans to work on anything the players want.
  3. If you check the tier list on overframe.gg and pick frames and weapons from either s-tier or a-tier you very rarely go wrong. Then don't forget you have the option to create synergy with frame, melee and gun. It depends on what your entire build is and you are also free to do weapons that heal and provide CC. For instance I only have utility mods on my secondary and put both speed boost and healing and my melee and my gun does AOE CC. Not the best numbers in the world of cookie cutter but very useful, so I'd say aim for what works for your fun/build/frame/intentions, within the limit of being high enough tier to perform. Then it's also a good idea to have weapons for different game modes like sorties with weapon limitations, secondary only or whatever.
  4. Thanks for the offer, that's really kind of you to offer help. It was more of a rhetorical question/complaint though. I guess as others have said they already gated enough content behind the dojo system to assume most people are already involved with dojos on some level.
  5. You getting hung up on side skirmishes that haven't been mentioned. Again, this isn't about the battle of the PC specs, which I already said last time. "Consolization" doesn't mean everyone should play PC. It's the name of a paradigme, a doctrine, an era. You turned that into PC vs console in your head entirely, despite me having mentioned several times what is what. The evolution and progression of video games stagnated somewhere around 2000... by turning corporate (through consoles). It being consoles here is co-incidental, the points in case was the outcome of corporatism. Throughout video game history there has always been a strong push for progression, new controllers, new game types, new technology, new ideas all the way up to 'consolization' where everything turned formulaic and progression stopped. The playstation controller as an example, hasn't changed since 1998. Same thing happened in the movie industry where they are stuck on remakes. Copy-pasting with no forward progression. Once something goes corporate it's lights out. But of course since the controller is 2D and we live in a 3D world, and video games' quality is directly tied to number of things you can do in the game, there are objective limitations on console that are also a problem. Aswell as the problem of 'social amneisa' amongst the kid customers on console. If it's your first video game you have no point of reference. If GTA 5 was my first video game I wouldn't know any better, all my friends out there on microtransactions I would think it's normal. It's not a blame console debate, I am just explaining what happened. And then I am drawing the direct parellel to mobile pulling the standard even further down, based on the exact same formula, potentially. Just like PC got 'converted games', then consoles will get converted mobile games is the fear. Watering down the product for people who don't know any better and increasing the microtransactions exponentially, while also being a weaker platform. In theory consoles could just have easily gone out to make better games and move the industry forward no matter their system specs and microtransactions could have taken off on PC.
  6. You can't write it off as graphics on ultra novelty. "Consolization" meant criminally bad results on all levels of video game production, controls, performance, monetization. Play any original game compared to the its console counterpart and you will give up faith in humanity, "look how they massacred my boy". I mean I could write a book on the subject but in short the gameplay is simplifed and often assisted to make up for having to use a 2D controller with fewer buttons on it. All the while console and mobile players seem to be whales on an astronomical level no one ever even imagined. For instance Rockstar doesn't want to do GTA 6, now they learned they can clock like a billion dollars selling car skins. Why create a game if you can just sell nothing instead. So games become more of an interface into a microtransaction store or lockbox casino. So on one hand, the quality of the product is watered out and lowered both to save production cost but also to fit the consumer, and on the other hand you start asking people to pay $125 for a car skin. There is just a huge market for gullible people who can't control themselves which would have been their own business but it ruins the standard of the product across the board. If you want to laugh let me tell you a story. Those same cars allowing GTA 5 to break world records are all broken content, because they had to be slowed down and all drive at half speed, since consoles couldn't render fast enough. So to this day if you drive some mega uber super car in GTA and switch to cockpit view, you will see the speedometer max out in the car's second gear. Hilarious in a game about fast cars. Literally objectively malfunctioning content breaking world records. Which is more about people who don't know any better than I am trying to comment on graphics cards or ram. Easier controls, simplified content, easier to manipulate is where it's at, the xbox live kids tanking the video game standard in ignorance. The point I am 'driving' at here is the mobile games market fits the same formula of selling watered out, weak content to people who don't know any better. Again without wanting to be political, China missed all of gaming because of the reality of their socio-economic history - simply to say, the kids out in China playing mobile have the same ignorance towards consoles as the kids playing consoles had when they ruined PC. 'Consolization' has kept video games in the dark ages for 20 years and with mobile taking over it might take an even bigger dive - all the while creating explosive profit margins, of course lol.
  7. OP is saying he wants it to be team mmo trinity based, requirering healer, tank etc. with roles and tactics and also a sense of direction with the plot.
  8. Trying to stay apolitical I feel every country has problems and a dark past and needs improvement. I think everyone can do better and should but probably won't. When I look at the "mobile game" criticism it is about the weaker controls, lower specs and small screen, and of course, the whole mobile microtransactions gambling model, not least in so far as kids on their phones with non-digitalized parents not understanding what is up. Much like I hated to see video games be streamlined for consoles in the 2000's and cost us PC quality, I don't want to see the video game bar go even lower, getting streamlined to mobile games. Exactly like the loss of the CRT monitor which was a far better product in terms of performance, where I am just worried about the standard of video game quality and progression. Just hoping it means we finally get tennogen items on PC too but of course they still have to go back and fix all the items that has fold out animations, like the butterfly wings etc. "based on player feedback", before those items are worth the time. So in closing I guess everyone has work to do lol.
  9. How would any of the players know where it's going, when the developers have no idea? Seems like 80% of the time they have no ideas, until a certain person gets some crazy mental image stuck in their head, without thinking it through, and you get something like fishing, railjack, necramechs. Yareli's k-drive. Then like a kid rushes on to the next thing when the short attention span runs out, never to complete, fix or update the content. After they sugar crash it's just throwing dirt at the wall or copy-pasting 2 more planet-grinds, because the fake metrics said players had spent many hours there... lol. I think the idea, of the idea, to not be rigid, formulaic and stereotypical used to be a good aspiration. Keeping an open mind, explore creatively, great, I love that. But as time went by and those early days of it could go anywhere came and went and it just landed on its own. More grind, more copy-paste, months and years rolling off the calender that next big step never happening.
  10. I only ever hung out with one crew my whole time in video games. Basically they are the most hilarious, badass and intelligent people I met my whole life and I am proud they put up with me. Basically got my 3rd, 4th and 5th education from them. Couldn't imagine being in some wow guild getting into discord dramas over mod privileges and all that bandcamp bs. Someone stole 200 gold from the guild bank !!11 We got a ninja looter over here!!!1 Think I mentally outgrew that scene around 8 years old, like if I don't care about people on a personal level I have no time for them and even less patience.
  11. You get banned from most forums if you say anything remotely critical about the game, so we actually have it relatively good over here. It's totally understandable they have to ignore individual people but moreover it seems like game developers generally don't like to be dictated and think their players are unqualified to have an opinion. There is also a level of scam, con, salesmanship, PR or what you want to call it, that prevents any communication or conversation from being real. Usually if you can't spin the narrative it gets a silence veto, which is standard procedure. There is just a large amount of people who don't understand the concept of professional interaction versus relationship. In their defense I will say the whole twitch and youtube scene turns out to be emotional support groups for people through social interaction, rather than the actual content provided. With no offense to anyone people are talking about a lonliness epidemic being a top health crisis now, so it's not far fetched to want to seek out friendships or anything, it's just a lack of maturity to not understand corporatism. I always recommend people get a pet, even better if animal rescue, instead of trying to seek some kind of misunderstood connection with developers thinking they care about you. It's also if it was your job, what other metric would you go by outside of revenue, if the game is making more money, everything is great right?
  12. The chinese gaming market is the biggest market and they are mostly playing on mobile, so yes, obviously, it was a tencent decision. Also, warframe is actually already on mobile phones through Geforce Now, which also allows you to play Warframe on older PCs, without meeting the requirements.
  13. Outside host migration I really don't care about anything, people can do whatever they want, I mean I don't even have anyone on my ignore list. I guess also if I see someone trying to bully other people, especially new players, I do crash through their living room in the snowplow.
  14. I dont know who that youtuber is, never heard of them. But it's kind of lazy/entitled/immature to start crying about a video game not holding your hand. It's super ironic you can freely aquire knowledge in this age, then you got people too little independency to act on their own. It used to be people would read the 300 pages D&D handbook just to throw some dice around for their mmo needs. It's also like, most video games follow the same formula, there really isn't anything in warframe that should surprise anyone, level progression, crafting, stats modding or whatever. I will also say no matter what, if you are into a game you'd naturally read or study up on it, watch videos and so on, you would automatically seek out knowledge anyone, if you are interested you get curious. And if the youtuber is allegedly a mmo player, we are talking games like final fantasy, anarchy online, SWG, EVE and so on, where there is just no way to not have to google stats, numbers and manuals. Anyone here remember which classes are dexterity based in neverwinter nights (original)? No? Which isn't to say the game should not stop wasting people's time with babushka grinds and what not.
  15. First time I tried the game, I enjoyed the combat, it being action twitch based, manually aiming and animation skipping. I hate the auto tab 2d point and click mmo gameplay. Minus combat and parkour, everything else in the game was strictly about asking myself if I could cope with the bs, not least have to read 9 pages before playing a map. Though I will say it's good that it's all garbled from the beginning so you learn you have to read up early. Ironically if the grind was more casual I might be too but they just waste the players' time so much you get painted into a corner turning me into uncle scrooge - when I actually showed up and just enjoyed the combat in itself. I always wished for the developers to start having faith in their producing fun gameplay instead of using archaic mmo grind formulas to boost fake metrics. To this day we still laugh at them forcing the player to sit through quest cutscenes they aren't allowed to skip or tab out from. When you go that far to force the content on people it shows a total lack of confidence. So if I was going to explain the game to someone, I'd tell them combat is good but crafting, modding etc. everything else is going to make you break down in tears or smash up your PC. It's a question if you enjoy the combat enough to put up with the developers.
  16. This would be a dictionary definition. It leaves exactly zero room for interpretation. But hey, if you would rather save face and walk around town throwing around sexual innuendo, go for it. If your ego insists who am I to get in the way.
  17. "Playing with yourself"? Unfortunate connotations there skipper, I think you were looking for "dual-boxing" or "multi-boxing" as the industry nomenclature. Playing with yourself is a whole other activity entirely.
  18. I love your optimism, however they already said at tennocon they have no plans to touch a single frame or fix anything, and, they don't like doing because the results aren't worth it. Which is to say, no one is denying the problem(s), they just don't care.
  19. Invigoration is exclusive made to enable the developers to not fix broken frames, to repair unused content, without putting in work, yes. That was the entire point of the helminth system from day one, I don't know if you haven't been keeping up or where you've been but now you know.
  20. Sounds like another case of everything is perfect.com/in/a/relationship/with&the=developers. Well guess we should stop posting then, with all the problems being fixed and everything. /edit Update: My invigorations for this week was another 3 frames I don't have, obviously trying to get people to play unused content, obviously. I repeat, obviously.
  21. People been asking for a toggle for all capes that have animations including rocket engines for years. Always hilarious to watch the developers being clueless about the game, no player would ever have done that way, and they were supposed to be the experts.
  22. The best one was the time I waited months get the missing right shoulder pad, only randomly learned it was on purpose. Could easily still have been waiting for it. I think it I even complained about it on the forums, when did they start selling indivdual armor pieces what a scam!!11 A lot of decisions that don't make sense, luckily most cosmetics are clay insect style anyway
  23. Grenade spam was alright but I grew tired of it while leveling them. Then I was almost about to get excited she could spawn turrets until I found out their uptime is 3 seconds, which I first thought was a bug. By the time I finally decided to level them, I had already played both xaku and wukong, atlas, titania, nekros and everyone else I am forgetting, that are allowed to have long duration or constant duration "pets". It's the classic case of why x when you have y. If other spy frames can sprint and fire under stealth, why use ivara. Is precisely why the game needs a baseline to balance everything against, instead of just adding random, pointless shenanigans to frames like a k-drive. Here are the rules for guns, status, stealth or whatever. Casting speed. Reload times. What was the point of protera? Being able to help people reload the archgun ammo for the venus spider fight 2 years ago?
  24. Did you read what I wrote... lol. But yeah no, since invigorations is a developer decision to create a crutch for broken content, they obviously feel it is a big enough problem to put in work. How is that my fault again. Are you telling me you love grendel, banshee, hydroid etc. and you play with nerfed weapons? Your main damage type is magnetic? You spec for impact and puncture? Though hilariously you straight up type "(the devs job) is to get people to play their game". Well then, then it stands to reason, broken frames not played was them not doing their job... by your own logic. Not that it should even have to be said, water is wet, yes, obviously.
  25. Thanks for wanting to hear my opinion but I don't know if it's qualified. I think I am very atypical, so I'd never recommend a company to build their product around my profile. Mass appeal means simplying the product, which isn't all bad when it comes to video games. I always said one of the best things about warframe is how friendly and causual people are becasuse the fail-rate is so low. Simply said my thinking it what is best for the gameplay with a as wide as possible appeal. So for example I am a huge supporter of lore, even though it means less than zero to me personally, knowing how much it means to the community. The concrete mission balance I think is double missing the mark. It's not really casual and it's really not a challenge either. Too much grind for casuals and too little challenge for experienced players. I said before the grind is the challenge if you can mentally cope with it. That's just a terrible thing to be able to say about a video game, when it's supposed to be relaxing and fun. I don't feel embarrased at all to say I mentally broke when they copy-pasted the second planet venus, it's not on me, that's on how terrible the gameplay is. So overall I'd say, I'd never presume to dictate the actual direction of the game, especially with me being a 'huge' minority. I am just saying not having any gameplay concept damages the product, whatever people think the concept should be, I will support if it's best for the game. But it has to have one. For instance with weapons and mission balance. Let's say okay, it's a speed running, animation clipping dps race to cut down on grinding. Then you can go back and correct everything that doesn't fit the formula. Say you had a frame that has long casting times or a locked build up animations, then you know it doesn't work with your formula. Or you on stealth gameplay, metal gear solid, splinter cell, orginal deux ex, thief, hitman - then you are able to do something like give pistols stealth mechanics while larger weapons are used for boss fights. Could also have projectile weapons being high damage and aoe and rapid fire being tied into trash mobs. If you played left4ead you see the clear functionality of each item tied into gameplay mechanics. Throwing knifes could become smoke bombs to escape or whatever, but it has to have a function tied into gameplay. Just random ideas to illustrate the point that when everything is just a notepad edited damage number the game becomes shallow. If people wanted a giant bioware dialogue system in place I'd support that, is just this whole playing with lego and no blueprint doesn't work.
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