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  1. You play survival, defense etc. There are 2 opposing scenarios. 1. Kill the boss 2. Spawn +10 murmur... by letting the boss loose. Those 2 are factually in the way of oneanother and it's exclusively, and always, on the developers to make sure their design doesn't go there. For all continous maps, players killing the boss quick, cost the other players time and effort, objectively and certified. Factually. And that was the developers' choice, they could have done in any of a billion ways, including some there were actual fun gameplay. I don't know why me doing my objective, should cost the other players, I don't know what they were thinking. There is no reason, that I know of, gameplay should frustrate the players and have them working cross purpose in a co-op game, but maybe you know more than me and can explain the point.
  2. Isn't the kuva lich grind still the same as before? It's bad game design when you look at it, one player might be done farming murmur and interested in a fast kill, while the other is wanting to farm murmur. They are working towards exact opposite goals.
  3. You can reduce the "fail window" slightly, not that it changes anything, but I am saying there shouldn't be a fail window at all - there wasn't one before. The whole point of the rework was improving the feeling of the gameplay mechanically. Would you like to have to hold alt fire down on a gun, for minimum 2 seconds or the shot flops? It's a wonderwful feeling pressing a botton that doesn't respond and plays the wrong animation, quality gameplay and fun had by all. ... which was done in the name of "damage balance", which didn't happen anyway. I am a total noob professionally speaking and in terms of damage calculations, which is why I feel secure in saying I shouldn't walk away with 70-80% of the damage, just because I was using a glaive.
  4. I am firstly talking about the supposed "balance" everyone keeps talking about, that the nerfs were allegedly for. Now obviously, some weapons are better, some builds are better sure. Ideally the factors should be as a close as possible - the relationship betwee kill and damage: Player 2: 12.57 Player 3: has a factor of 15.5 Player 4: 13.78 Not 100% the same but really close and in the exact same range, that's balanced. It's a 16% variation in factor, at it's worse, so 84% balanced, definitely in the right ballpark. Yeah, if one weapon were 16% stronger or the gap between melee and guns were 16%, then mission accomplished. Real close. Then, Orvius: 1.01. 1:15. I am carrying a weapon 15 times stronger than yours and this is not an optimized glaive, not and optimized build and not an optimized playing doing it. Now obviously a weapon should not be notepad edited to unbalanced with 1500% lol... Then after that point, in extension of, I said, since the weapon's stats are just as DEbalanced as before, it was a double shame, no, triple shame, to both ruin the feel of the weapon, waste time on the rework, and, wasting time and goodwill on a nerf, that doesn't do anything anyway. Which I then summed up by calling it "pointless", wasted time that didn't fix anything and just add a frustrating player experience to glaives. /edit. ps. Which connects directly into "average reaction time" I am always talking about, people try to mock never having heard of it. Which is to say input lag vs response time is an objective, set standard you have to abide by to avoid the game feeling sluggish. They love their metrics right? Well great, because it's a universal, mathematical standard. Locked numbers. Going back to notepad numbers, there is no excuse for a weapon to feel unresponsive, slow or sluggish. You can literally script a formula into the game that automates the numbers, if that is too advanced google the numbers, they have been known since the 1850's. Then I will top that off, with saying it demonstrates to me a fundamental lack of understanding the player's desire to "play at their speed" vs the brain's natural output. No one is trying to sabotage the game but saying the brain isn't stimulated when it has to sit around and wait for the game is all but for some magical reason that's just so controversial, avant garde and mindblowing to people. Oh the brain has an actual speed it works at? Revolutionary!!!1 You don't see movies being shot at 9 frames per second do you, why is that? Is it because the brain won't accept it? Locked numbers, set in stone for 200 years and it's just amateur night now.
  5. Right at the top of "random chance invigoration" sits... you guessed it, hydroid and banshee. lol. It's another example of budget solutions, editing some numbers in notepad, just like with gun mods being copy-pasted abilities... that no one asked for and doesn't solve any of the mechanical or conceptual problems of the game - or any of the things the players asked for. We'll just move some numbers around. Literally, the easiest possible work in game development is moving numbers around in notepad. No animations, sound effects etc. Which naturally applies to rivens too, they are not content, they aren't a solution, they aren't anything. It's a notepad edit. 5000 plat for a guy changing some numbers around in notepad, great. Pressed some numbers on the keyboard and called it a day, well it worked before didn't it. Instead of wanting to deal with any of the actual problems, that require you know, like work.
  6. Just to follow up on what I was saying before, with glaives having their animation ruined, without balancing anything, during the nerfs: Taken earlier today, after the "melee balance nerf", a common scenario for Glaives users. If you notice, the guy with the most kills, has 2.5 times as many kills as me, yet I get 5.5 times as much damage as him. Then you notice they aren't doing much of melee kills. This is me getting up to casual, random shenanigans using the Orvius. There are several glaives with a higher output. And I am being lazy. I am not stealing their kills to steal the damage, they had 2.5 times more kills. On top of that, I have actually removed 2 damage mods from the Orvius, replaced with life strike and dispatch overdrive, and, I am not even a good player. I don't try for meta or worry much about optimization. No doubt good players are far worse than me. But so the straight notepad stats balance between the second best player and the Orvius is almost off by a factor of x14. And the 2 other players had it even worse, lol. All it accomplished was adding the frustrating "fail window", so the whole thing was more than just pointless, it didn't fix anything and only made the weapon feel terrible to use mechnically.
  7. I am asking if your point is the developers are always innocent... and this time 'innocent by intent', that even when they make mistakes their intentions are always innocent? If that is your story, I wanted to hear what your story was about the backdoor deconstructor nerf but we could also talk about kuva nukor being granted meta, until the very day it's time to push other 'flavour of the month' items. That wasn't DEliberate to rake up some cash, in your world? It was just totally random with nothing but the best intentions because the developers couldn't possibly ever do anything wrong? /edit ps. From my perspective there players are out here getting angry with eachother over balance, but it's really all DE editing notepad and DEliberately making guns meta - now what possible reason could they have to pick 'certain' weapons but not others, could it be money?
  8. If your story is "innocent by intent", what's your story for the day of backdoor deconstructor nerfs? Wouldn't you agree their intent there was scamming or hiding it deliberately using patch day as a coverup? That was just a random day they picked with nothing but the best intentions?
  9. You can lock them down with khora's ensnare, think also tether works. I've also had some success spamming out atlas 1, where it seems if you get them to melee you they stop the radiation range attack. And I did a trinity build using spellbind since you can cast both that and energy vampire directly on the sister. But as per usual khora takes the pot since she can put up the cage to get rid of trash mobs and then just stunlock the boss. Just show up and press one botton, game over.
  10. I couldn't agree more, I would just add nerfing depending on what it is time to sell. Like the kuva nukor gets to be meta right up until the very, exact day it's time to sell corpus lich weapons. Which is why I don't want to hear word one about balance if we aren't talking about improving neglected, obsolete or broken content first.
  11. I love the optimism. Don't know what it is based on exactly, but I love the optimism.
  12. Glaves were also given a "fail window" on charged attack, that wasn't mentioned. There was no way of performing a failed throw before, even if you wanted to. Now you will end up performing failed attacks during critical moments in fights. Just in terms of smooth gameplay and fun mechanics, it's critically awful. Whatever else is true, the game must perform correct actions and animations by key pressing. Like if you suddenly started doing a roll randomly while trying to jump, I mean that's game breaking. Would you enjoy a shotgun or whatever that missfires or jams up in fights? Saddest part is all the work they put into adding mods to glaives and reworking them, only to ruin them again, with a stealth nerf on top of a damage nerf - and most hilarious of all glaives are still hitting for millions of damage, totally meaningless, totally pointless, just ruining gameplay for no reason. It's just so pointless.
  13. Diversified Denial pretty much sums it up so far: When cast, Hound will become disabled and invincible (similar to when a player uses an Archwing) while three small specters take it's place, who will only melee attack and never use abilities. The hounds use the same attack Ai but their smaller form causes them to miss more, rarely getting hits in before being destroyed. If all three specters are destroyed, the Hound will re-appear with half health. While implied to be damage focused, it's more of a distraction ability, though being destroyed causes your actual hound to lose half of its health. Hmmm... I was more thinking the hound spawns specters, like a warframe does, or like the sisters do. Fighting next to them, in addition to. I feel like the mod should read "instead of self" and "Warning: disables all your abilities" lol. It's another one of those warframe moments where something was sooo close to actually being something, then a few bad decisions just wrecked the whole situation, what a shame. Generally when add abilities, you should not read "disabled" anywhere unless of course it's NPC related. Is like with yareli's k-drive disabling your warframe, that's just not good thinking there. Not a good decision. When you use abilities you do so trying to move up and improve, not disable yourself.
  14. I figure it will be the same as with kuva liches, only better. Since people are faster to farm the items, there will be more of it. So you start out selling whatever you get, then once the prices drop you buy the specific things you wanted.
  15. Yeah I actually said welcome to warframe to one today, it was only because someone else brought it up the "1" means 31, hmm, ok.
  16. I think the complaint was having already subsumed your frames, the penalty was having to sit around grinding it out through pointless activities, such as the abritration copy-paste system or straight up adding the cheapest ability to a frame whatever number of times. Luckily all the new abilities are completely irrelevant for current content and don't add anything in and of themselves, so you can happily skip it. Ignoring the stealth nerf to glaives, on top of the announced glaives nerfs, I am actually kind of happy with the update. So far I have no problem ignoring yareli, vent kids, arbitration and helminth. Obviously abitration duration mods too. Minus the nerfed weapons and the new flavour of the month weapons they notepad into meta now to sell them, you can pretty much just ignore all of it. Come back in a month or two when the math has been done and the prices have dropped and just plat it out. Like I do actually use helminth a lot to override neglected abilities or broken frames but I haven't even checked the helminth menu for the new levels or exp or anything. An armor buff and a status immunity, just as pointless as adding more weapons to the game.
  17. Because there aren't any in the tab, I did have one show up, which failed, then it was gone when I got back to orbiter? Are we supposed to feel privileged whenever one shows up? lol
  18. I am saying regardless of what I am, the point in case is I don't think anyone thinks the newly added granium void grind is fun or quality gameplay, in and of itself. Even worse if the story was lich farming had been reduced. In line of that point, I was trying to say, strictly speaking about getting everyone to enjoy the game, the fail criteria for granium fight is just pointless aggravation, for us terrible players, who might not be the best, would still like to play anyway. On top of all that it seems rather pointless it has to be convulted, kill 7.24 NPCs on an un-even calander month, but only after midnight if the temperature is below 20. Extra time wasting, extra annoyance, what is the gameplay trade-off? Here is why it's fun to have to read a wiki article, word by word and takes notes, just to play a map in a video game:
  19. Glaives charged throw, quick attack version is bugged. Before you could throw at any time after holding "E", and would never fail a charged throw, the quick attack. Now there is a 'fail window' in trying to build up to quick attack but shouldn't it be a quick attack? It is a charge up, before the actual charge up. Resulting in punching holes in the air, more often that doing quick attacks. This wasn't mentioned in the patch notes so I am guessing it is a bug. Needless to say it makes glaives's throw unreliable. Feels sort of like having your gun jam on every 3rd shot.
  20. I am not sure ;p But yes, how much sense does it make you have to play to stage 1 of level 3. Let's forgive me for being a bad player and just talk about how, having to play a capture mission vs coin/loading map for teleporter/granium fight... as fun gameplay, or a reduction in grind. The fact you have to re-play it for specific weapon is more than enough grind.
  21. If I can't beat level 1 how am I ever going to beat level 3? Now they are saying you need to play the level 3 gate but only get 25 kills, not actually beat it?
  22. I took the lowest map from the list on phobos, says level 0-15, I picked the far left coin, which should be easy mode and I have to kill 100 in whatever time. Spamming out ash's 4 along with an OP glaive, which is pretty much room clearing on steel path I got to around 43, which them gave me a checkmark in the first of 3 boxes on screen, loaded me out and told me I failed.
  23. If you deleted the weapon, like I did, you need to farm 100,000 points for simaris. Then you need to grind the coins for the teleporter. Then you have to find the telporter - there is one of the maps the teleport doesn't spawn on. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Granum_Void That's the list of the maps, then of course you'd pick a short mission since it's capture. If you don't get the spawn with a teleporter near by, your best bet is quitting the mission and load it again, it simply takes shorter time, than having to play a mission each time. Once you go inside the fight through the teleporter, there is a fight revolving around the charged explosion on the xoris specifcally. Where you get a build up that increases the AOE by scoring kills with charged explosion. Then there are I think 3 crystals that will add time when detonated by the xorix charged throw and the npcs can drop time extentions icons. For level 1 I think it's 100 kills in 1 minute or something. Before you just need to play a map and go click x on an npc to get lich. So thanks for the reduction in grind but no thanks.
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