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  1. I'm experiencing the same issue. My standing isn't capped at all, plus it doesn't even reward standing, it rewards son tokens. I'm rank 4 if it helps.
  2. I love the theme. I think there's potential here, but needs a few tweaks. Void as a damage type A lot of what I say references the issues with void damage. A lot of the tougher enemies in warframe actively resist void damage. Xaku's damage would be a lot more appealing if it weren't severely at a disadvantage against almost all grineer and all the stronger infested (the ones you'd actually want a damage bonus against). There's also nothing that void damage is actively strong against in terms of damage bonuses. The only thing it's at an advantage against is sentients, due to resetting
  3. I'm sat here with 9 nano applicators and 1 uncommon from the 2nd bounty. It sure doesn't feel like the xaku parts are uncommon.
  4. I feel like I'm getting rares from the bounties far more than i'm getting uncommons. I can't prove this is a bug, so I'm putting it here, but could someone please check the drop tables are working correctly?
  5. Ah, the "i had to put up with a slow system so no one else is allowed a better one" mentality. I'm glad newer players don't have such a massive disincentive to engage with syndicates. I don't really care that mine didn't increase much.
  6. Not sure if intentional or a bug, but using the charge fire on the Athodai with Arcane Pistoleer active causes it to only fire one round before stopping. I would expect it to either fire a full clips worth, or possibly just keep firing until the pistoleer proc ends. To replicate, just equip athodai, get a headshot kill and then use the alt fire.
  7. "Balance doesn't matter in a PVE game!" Yes it does.
  8. I'm a little confused by this, mostly because the xoris isn't egregiously powerful as a stat stick. Any melee with a high riven disposition is stronger. All this is going to do is push people back to using naramon for a similar benefit to what xoris provided. Xoris was the most convenient option, not the most powerful. I used it a lot on khora and atlas, again, for convenience more than for power. All this change does is push me back to using my old stat stick and naramon, which doesn't really solve the problem you're describing. Might be worth thinking this one through again.
  9. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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