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  1. You forgot the obvious ability to also unban. Also getting kicked out of a clan shouldn't be called a ban because a ban implies that joining is no longer possible. If an inactive player is removed from the clan, would you want to deny that player access forever? Probably not, but a troll you would want to deny access permanently. If kicks can be cancelled by relogging they are not really kicks but time-outs. So yeah better names would also be nice.

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  2. Nova is definitely a great frame, but not for beginners. She is a frame you want to use when you want to min-max your efficiency. (See speednovas) But if you enjoy her playstyle she might be a viable replacement for Frost to use in defence missions.

    If anything I would actually recommend Oberon, because Oberon's heal will give you the survivability to enjoy higher level content, his first and fourth ability are very fun to use. The fourth being an AoE damage ability that will force a radiation proc on enemies and make them shoot each other. Combine his healing with his second ability and you can also increase the armour of yourself and your teammates while you are healing to further increase survivability.

    Healers in early game are very powerful. In late game, you will notice that you and your squad will deal so much damage and have such amazing mods that enemies can't so much as scratch you. (Until you start doing Sortie tier content)

  3. 16 hours ago, Omega-Shadowblade said:

    Yeah, that’s one of the unfortunate things about Inaros. Most people play with him as the selfish healer (he gains massive life steal on finishers) by focusing on his first ability, and focus only on his fourth being a self armor buff.

    its a good cc option though as itÂ’s self spreading, and every trapped enemy heals nearby allies.

    To heal the team, Inaros requires his enemies to be alive, with teammates rushing everything this becomes impossible to do.

    So what I usually do to help teammates is trap 1 enemy in sand and let someone else eat it.

  4. On 2018-08-25 at 9:05 AM, poorandunlucky said:

    So yesterday I decided to apply Forma to my Warframe…  I don't have an Orokin Reactor, and I figured a few more mod points wouldn't hurt, and I wanted to try Forma (first time I was using it).

    So I get the warning that it's going to reset the item to default; no problem, I remove the mod that was in that slot, and apply the Forma.




    There's no way to undo this, either!

    I don't think players should be allowed to apply Forma to frames that don't have Orokin Reactors or frames that are not of default level, or at least, I think the warning should be clearer about what it's going to do...  Like, there's no reason why changing something to a single mod slot would reset the entire thing, it makes no sense, it's totally counter-intuitive.  No one in their right mind would think changing a single slot's polarity would reset the entire frame considering how long and hard it is to bring it to level.

    It's completely insane...

    I'm very disappointed...

    At least in Call of Duty when you want to apply Prestige, it warns you and asks you to accept 3 or 4 times before resetting your character, you understand that it's a big deal and perhaps an ordeal if you continue, but applying Forma to my frame!?  Never on a frame that's not brand new.

    I'm very disappointed, and if I don't manage to get the same game experience I had before that happened very soon, I'm probably going to uninstall because I think this is completely unfair...  I'm here to play, not to undertake a project or "work on" anything...

    You will get that level back in less than 1 hour if you ask for a taxi to Hydron.

  5. 1 hour ago, WhiteMarker said:

    There is no such thing as a allowed macro.
    They tollerate macros, sure. But if something occures, and you get banned, that's on you.
    Using macros is still risky.

    Are we really going to get into petty semantics? Tolerate is a synonym of Allow. Though, I understand that you associate allowing with encouraging and tolerating with discouraging so in that context it makes sense. But I think that anyone who actually read the proof with half a brain can understand that DE does not encourage macro usage.

    Fact is, the anti-cheat software will auto ban people indiscriminately of what macro is being used and some of these macros are not considered to be cheats according to DE.

    Another fact is, the exact rules which you must abide to are vague at best, which has lead and will lead to people unknowingly breaking the rules and receiving perm bans.

    DE is an amazing company with ethical marketing practices, I sincerely applaud them in so many ways, but to think of them as the ''perfect'' company is foolish. Nobody and nothing is perfect. It is only in DE's best interest if they know what is going on, so they can improve.


  6. 9 hours ago, kapn655321 said:

    This, all day long.

    Nah fam. There are plenty of recorded instances of people getting automatically banned for using allowed macros. Examples of allowed macros are: slide attack macro that does not repeat itself, clicking faster to help with the Dual toxocysts, redirecting keybinds, etc. Those innocent players need to contact support, waiting for someone to unban them.

    DE is not flawless, neither are their systems but that is okay. Nobody and nothing can be flawless, but we should always aim for it.

  7. I tried farming for it but I quit after realizing the odds of getting the relics I need. When the unvaulting happened I expected all relics from the Void to be replaced with the vaulted ones, just like what happened in the bounties with Loki and Ember prime unvaulting. Boy I was wrong, and holy dang, this grind is extremely unfun.

    I play games for fun, so if it isn't fun to play, there is no point playing it.

    Nothing is a waste of time if you enjoyed spending it.

    And that is coming from someone with 1300+ hours.

  8. On 2018-06-28 at 11:05 PM, (PS4)EpICFreeDoMZz said:

    Ima give a majorly unpopular opinion but I don't think it should. I think the daily log in should actually go to people who actually log in. I can understand where people come from about being busy and other reasons but to me a daily log in should come from actually logging in, not just checking your phone. It should come from care and dedication not just convenience. Every day before I had to leave in the morning I'd get up, turn on my ps4, log into warframe and collect my log in. It tool literally 2 minutes then I'd hop off and leave for the day. It did nothing to my schedule and I already had no time to spare in the morning. 

    I think both arguments are fair on both sides but this is my reasoning why I feel it shouldn't be a thing

    Ah yes, I enjoy having my care and dedication rewarded with gallium. ^^

  9. 10 hours ago, Tuoweit said:

    But they are, because suddenly you become a pariah if you want to leave a mission "early".  A player who only wants to go 20 minutes but happens to be matched with in an endless survival with 3 players who want to play an hour is then forced to either abort their mission after 20 minutes (wasting their time) or stick around for another 40+ minutes against their will because nobody else wants to leave (a terrible experience and likely to lead to quitting if it happens a lot).  It's Warframe's casual approach that makes people wanting to leave early not a big deal at the moment. 

    Plus you say 1 hour, but that's pretty arbitrary - if the rewards keep scaling then there are people who are going to want to stay as long as possible, and the pressure on group members to stay and "not lose our time investment" is only going to increase the longer you've already spent in a mission.


    This is why we need solo extraction.

  10. On 2018-06-14 at 5:57 AM, --Q--Voltage said:

    If you have feedback about the trading system, I would post here: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/21-general/

    In my opinion, we should not get any sort of auction house. The current system promotes dedicating time towards paid currency. An auction house would also create huge issues in the economy and could potentially lead to a botting problem. I believe the current way the market works is just a matter of learning trends and working it in your favor. Nothing should change.

    It would be convenient to players who do not actively participate in the trading economy, but it would be inconvenient to DE.

    The botting I agree with but huge issues in the economy? You do realize that an unofficial auction house already exists right? (Warframe.market) and you do realize that prices on warframe.market often dictate trade chat?

    Having an acution house in-game is like moving the site to an in-game interface. It makes no difference.

    The only difference it could possibly make are making trading automated and bottable. Anything else is pure bogus.

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