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  1. LOL! Venka was buffed instead of nerfing?! WHAT A PLOT TWIST!WUTWUTWUTWUT
  2. Was a cool stream! Watched all the thing and Ivara Prime is gorgeous! And the new valkyr rework cof, Itzal line caused a strange feeling but it´s not that bad. Universal blink is cool for mobility, and have that on other archwings make the experience diverse. But I need say. I was waiting some quality life small things. Like buffs or an Rework on Titania, new lich features, new mission types, information or lore about the new blue alien faction that appeared on the trailer of Plains of Duvirin, or maybe...mayyyyyyyyyyyybeeeeeeeeeeeee on a distant future after Empyrean a Pet System 2.0. For me, the game is going to be greatest as hell! Thank you for the hard job DE team!
  3. I´m in love with that thing, but sometimes we are on a mission, doing other things, speaking, or even don´t have the skill for play the hardest songs. This is not a Guitar Hero, but for sure make a automatic song play feature will make the things a lot more fun .
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