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  1. Someone with good heart have gave me a plenty of those. Now i can do my Mech, thanks for that community be so good!
  2. I tried this method too. Still never drops. Gonna buy a full mech.
  3. I'm so mad at this thing that i'm gonna sell all my baroo weapons and buy a Nechromech full. The farm wall is being too much to me.
  4. I think RNGesus don't like me... i pray every day... 3 months or more.. .still counting...
  5. I changed the tittle as well, was a little mistake. But seriously, i'm farming since this post was made and still not drops lol
  6. Was my mistake, i changed the tittle. Necrathene on pure form, that's the one it never drops. I'm still with the same problem. I can't refine that thing if never drops.
  7. Necrathene on pure form doens't drop. I got the refined version blueprint like 2 weeks ago, and the item don't drop for make them.
  8. Valuable resource for various items like Nechromechs and high level Deimos content. Since the release of Deimos, I periodically go to the map and do it for about 30m / 1h. I even dedicate a good part to mining. I never got ONE of them! AND I FARM A LOT. Tested all mineration tools, Fortuna, Cetus and maxed ones. However, this specific feature never dropped anywhere. I tested it in all caves, outside, on missions, steel path mode, pillars, Isolated Vaults on solo/public and nothing. It's one of the worst drop rate items I've seen in the game. Improve your drop plz.
  9. With Warframes actual physics that gonna be a bad idea...
  10. Yeah I agree. Your right, that would sucks. They should rework all enemy spawn before even think on that lol
  11. Excuse me? I found your comment something like confused. And as a member of our proud furry community I'm gonna be pretty happy when Primed Fluffy comes on the future. I agree with your opinion. That was so random that gave me a good laugh.
  12. Why not? The concept was a BROKEN FRAME and they gave us exactly what was promised. A BROKEN FRAME.
  13. Use grenades as frame powers only makes sense on more technical frames. Like Vauban or Protea. the most close to that for sure is Vauban third skill. All the enemies can throw grenades on us, and we have infested bazookas at our arsenal. Why not a simple grenade? XD
  14. Yeah I love Mass Effect system! I hope they make something similar to our companions too on the next update playing with the crew
  15. That made me laugh more than normal ahhahahahah
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