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  1. Yeah I know it's been that way..... I didn't need clarification of that. I'm asking de why is that even a thing. And pleading for it to not be that way.
  2. I'm very confused... I can equip other prime sentinel weapons to him and other sentinels . Except deconstructor prime... it's like its exclusive to him or something. Which makes no sense given the way things operate with the others....
  3. i mean i hate to sound short and sweet. But is there any way you guys can add a grenade class to the loadout?. i mean clicking my r3 button on ps4 isnt getting used for anything at the moment. besides enemies get to throw them at us and defense targets while corner cutting. lol
  4. wow. just posted on the devstream post on this matter. glad it got handled.
  5. Fortuna this, fortuna that, fortuna part ii, meanwhile i still face a "chimera" subheading when i login. I get it though. two different certification procedures. however one month gaps? still scratching my head at that factor in all honesty. A slight delay would be fine .But at one month the spoilers and new content progression rubbed in our faces while being left with a sense of permanently being blown out the water by pc progression is new heights of mind boggling though. Hope this gap dwindles to two weeks after we get this update. Hopefully we can see part ii for ourselves on console two weeks post pc drop. With the majority of the maps bugs eliminated with all optimizations included in the part i drop of course.
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