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  1. Los Dioses de la Muerte Prowadzi rekrutacje! Zapewniamy; -Rozbudowane i przyjazne dla oka Dojo ze wszystkimi schematami -Opiekunów dusz którzy pomogą ci jeżeli jesteś nowy w tej grze! -Osoby z którymi zawsze można porozmawiać i pograć w gry poza warframe! -Rozbudowanego i żywego Discorda Klanowego -Brak Podatku Klanowego -Jesteśmy klanem Noob-Friendly, Zapewniamy pomoc i przyjmujemy nawet od pierwszej rangi mistrzowskiej Wymagamy: -16+ -Discorda -Mikrofonu Jeżeli jesteś zainteresowany zapraszam do kontaktu w grze /w Harnoldzik_z_puchy lub discord Harnoldzik_Z_Puchy#474
  2. and you cant have any alternative for platinum you can only buy one tennogen skin which is awful
  3. show me your looks, you got a lot of skins i have like 3 to every frame i play often but baruuk has alternatives from baruuk to S#&$tier baruuk
  4. But he could be better! not some you just cant make him look right nor nice
  5. I mean he is so good yet so bad-looking people wont play him just because he is strong he should be good looking too you dont want to look at literal embodiment of a distaster for 2 hrs in a mission
  6. He is so terrible looking if he got a skin his playrate would be higher, basic baruuk skin looks like 7 deadly sins all in one tiny little guy :(
  7. Why dont i get anything for a perfect capute of animal? It can be damaged by other wildlife, burned, shot, and i would literally get the same thing, im not saying nerf it, just buff the perfect captures come on XD
  8. Decorating the enitre room, precisely placing every single f'ed stone just to contribute to them one by one, just make a feature like the polychrome thingy in which it does sum up all the resources needed with just one click! it would be so muuuuuuch better to build things in dojo with that feature. Also would be nice to see things you are building in decorator mode and not just a yellow blob, or blue blob ~BoobenCopter
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