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  1. So I was watching the current nightwave bit again and discovered this.... Pretty sure necks aren't supposed to be that way. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1805261614
  2. Something needs to be done with the specter in that same regards. If we're going to go that rout, the specter should restore energy to us at about the same rate as the leaches drain.
  3. O.O Excuuuuuse?!.... Please for the love of god, someone try and get a shot of this. I've got to see this. XD I knew something had to be wrong when at least half the time at least one is missing.
  4. Good luck with that, but I'm for this to happen. If not replace it, I'd like to see that skin at least in tennogen.
  5. So we got to see the fact that archwing is going modular as well and that's nifty and what not. I do have to question how far this is going to go though and what options we may have as far as coloring, styles, ect will go. As far as the archwing set goes, it looks rather limited to be honest. Some of the parts look too much alike to really be distinctive and the way it comes together I'm not personally a fan of the style on. That's fine however given that different sets can eventually be made with vastly different styles to mix and match just like with amps so far. Coloring has me concerned though. I've ran into a few issues with amps and different sets not exactly matching up in great ways when trying to color them and I suspect we might run into this issue with modular archwing. The next thing I have to question is how far aw we going to go with the modular systems? Can we finally see a proper revamp of the landing crafts as well as the support charge system? I can't say that I find the forced use of any one of the support charges vs the required ship nice. The space sperm has more options for the look of the ship and I like it over all, but functionally I find that the only support charge of use, and I use that statement extremely loosely, is the gun off the Xiphose. Maybe we can get a modular landing craft system and a proper rework of the support charges after empyrean goes live at some point? and speaking of empyrean... I do have to question why the ship isn't modular in base design at this point given the embracing of the modular systems in the game. By all rights, everything from the hull design to the weapons load outs looks like they should have been modular but they're clearly not. maybe after it launches we'll get an option for a real modular one?
  6. This skin really makes me cringe. If the coloration part wasn't painful thanks to the nearly even split vertically, the very shape and everything else to the skin just says this isn't Ivara. If they had said that it was for Gara, I could have seen that in the profile of the skin. The coloring set would still be a bit of a nightmare no matter who it's for, but at least Gara it looks kind of correct in the shapes.
  7. This in particular I have an issue with. I've done every modular item in the game at this point. I'm now having to retread ground for something I really don't need and takes up an inventory slot that I'm just going to trash after I get done. The forma one I have less of an issue with due to the sheer number of weapons I have and that fact that I don't use 75% of them. I can just toss a forma onto a few things I don't use and be done with it.
  8. I have some very extreme concerns in regards to this as well. I built my own clan ages ago for the express purpose of having access to all the crafting related things attached to it and having a functional space all my own. I had since made that space available to my close personal friends and have maintained it as such. That being said, I don't even get to play with my friends on a regular basis thanks to the fact that I work nights. Heck, I'm typing this out at work right now on my break. When I do get to play, it's mostly in rando groups or solo play. In many cases, I explicitly do not want to play in any groups if only because the more people you have the more likely they are to mess it up. See public spy missions and especially sortie public spy here for example. Internally on the ship I'm not seeing a lot that gives me much confidence in capability for solo or even just a two man squad play. Their were no indications of any on board repelling systems for that ram sled bit. Units were just given free roam over the ship with nothing but player response to stop them. Assuming that they keep the need to address hazards in the game from the first push for the game mode, no indications of any kind of fire or other hazard auto response systems present ether. We also saw that porting back to the ship can be blocked by at least some methods. This means that feasibly you could likely have to rely on the fact that the single player on board may have to respond to everything. This ether leaves the ship dead in the water so to speak, or your ship being riddled with problems as you try and fly your flaming wreck around. Again, I have some very serious concerns about the game mode. I want it and I want it to succeed, but a lot of things that exist in the game have to be addressed in regards to this.
  9. Oh... this could have been AMAZING for party play.... Why for the love of god DE, do the motes not effect specters or otherwise added on units like those under mind control. These types of unit have never been viable due to scaling problems with damage, health, and armor. This is one of the few ways to actually have add units actually hold some sort of use as well as properly play nice with other frames abilities. Her 4 on the other hand.... are you trying to blind all of us? This thing seriously needs some work on the energy color and blinding. The damage with it is lack luster to the extreme as well.
  10. Few things to do with the big update here... 1. When can we get Wisp's motes as ether/and noggles and floofs? 2. When can we get the terminal keys for disruption as orbiter decorations as their larger equipped form? 3. The terminal keys themselves look like they'd make some seriously nice new sword & shield sets. Any chance we can get some new sword and board sets based on them?
  11. I'll note this one for everyone. They're not entirely immune. They're effected by nova's cloud and can be slowed significantly. This helps a lot and I suspect that they're only effected by movement slowing effects.
  12. I'd say that the claim about really influencing the drops is a bit of a lie at this point. I'm not seeing spawns of any significant quantity on for any of the units that hold the keys enough to do more than one or two terminals at a time at best. More often than not so far I'm seeing significant down time between terminals waiting on the key bearers to spawn, let alone manage to snag the same keys we've done already so we can start or double up on the next wave. Those need a significant spawn rate increase. The demolists also need some work as well. They're given no sound tracking que to even know where they're coming from, the tracking icon doesn't appear most of the time or when it does appear it doesn't appear far enough for even a decent warning, and the beeping that appears to be associated with the console itself is not necessary as well as being far too loud. I've been in the room with the demolists at this point and didn't even know they were there while all the while the incessant beeping of the console drowns out what audio cues MIGHT be there for them. Give that beeping to the demolists and make it slightly louder so that you can't miss them in the event that the tracking marker doesn't work yet again. As for the game mode itself, I like it a lot barring the noted issues. The frantic pace keeps you busy with plenty of targets while not making it just a waiting game. The console keys could use some bigger icons as well as sight while on the floor, but they're decent enough as is.
  13. Ok, most important question about this update... On Wisp, her alt helm.... are we able to view all of her..... assets?
  14. Will never happen, but a guy can dream.
  15. Warframe plushies are now the new end game...
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