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  1. As you can see I'm toroid farming in the pics. Problem is that as you can also see, I've maxed out the wanted level and in each pic I've picked targets to display that they're not getting above the 20's range at all. Clearly one of the last patches has broken the spawn system in relation to level and is posing an issue for farming toroids since the drops have been tied to the enemy levels. Can we PLEASE have the ability to plant the wanted level pylons ourselves or to just not tie the drop rates to the enemy level at all? I just spent the last hour farming only to get two. Why can't we get them as dedicated drops from some of the Raknoids regardless of level?
  2. If I may, why is this just not on perma display on the unused terminal to the left of the navigation?
  3. I'm currently out here trying to fish me up some murkrays on the plains. Problem is that at least since the ghouls are back I don't seem to get ANY fish to spawn at all. It's all just empty waters.
  4. Speaking of friend objectives. Can you please stop including the must do X task with friend in the weeklies? I REALLY do not appreciate being forced to add people I don't actually know to my friends list.
  5. All right, let's go for another addition on this for Eris. Medallion is stuck on a wall ledge you can't stand on in the multi tiered room that best I can describe it is supposed to be infested catwalks over the lower area. These tiles really need names so we can reference them. >.>
  6. So I've encountered two insignia to day that are impossible to get to or pick up. First one had me in the void and was in one of the treasure rooms. Couldn't get to it as the doors that open up to the other side paths that you usually take to exit simply didn't open. The other one I just found was on Grineer galleon at the spawn room. Here's the one for that. Can we pretty please get these moved to places that can be obtained 100% of the time and stop spawning them in spawn rooms? I've known about the spawn room one for a while, but now it's just getting ridiculous.
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