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  1. Yeah I know you still have issues that's what I said the Patch notes didn't cover my issues with the update and furthermore I don't care if it costs digital extremes money I don't worry about there pockets there a multi-million dollar company I don't ask DE to worry about my bills so I don't worry about theirs it's been 20 days more than enough time for them to a fixed the vaults. To make it worse instead of just fixing the problems with the vault they simply fixed an exploit so people couldn't get more rare mods and the way they went a about fixing the exploit only made the Vault more broken.
  2. Or I could just make the one that's worth having it ignore the rest of them
  3. No for the hotfix they got a few days ago yhat moved the mods to loid
  4. One out of six and the grind makes it not worth it bad enough you need the capture tags and serum but the 10 son tokens are OD
  5. I read the patch notes and it didn't say anything about fixing the vults or improving the drop rates. And I shouldn't have to wait a month for a patch to rank up my necramech after already having to endure a horribly tedious grind. What about my Affinity booster am I going to get reimbursed for that?
  6. The heart of demos has been out since August 25th it is now September 15th. They have barely addressed half of the glitches in the isolation vault. People were glitching the volts to get extra Mechs per run because of drop rates but instead of fixing the Glitchy ass vaults they simply made it so you can't leave Squad without a mission fail even if you've already completed that vault but what if your squad doesn't want to finish all the vaults and you do and you do want to complete all the vaults? Aside from the Necromecas and the helmeth system what is good about this update? I still
  7. 80% of the frames can't handle in necramech literally cannot defeat a necramech no matter what they do to me that's just bad game design every frame should stand a chance
  8. Because it's shooting itself octavia's ability doesn't do damage it reflects the damage back at you and multiplies it
  9. Not really just requires a Revenant or an Activia you can shoot the S#&$ out of it with a Titania the only thing is you have to watch out for the shield the enemy is actually quite poorly designed
  10. I'm pretty sure if it's powered by void energy it can find a way to shoot void energy. Let's just keep in mind these machines were built by the orokin the height of Technology.
  11. Bro I'm 35 years old I got more more maturity on the underside of my $&*^ then you got in your whole body. That's not even a good reason it's just you trying to be condescending. So people can experiment with builds the level of excuse making you like to mske is ridiculous does digital extremes pays you? How are you going to tell me they did it so people can have fun when I just said I'm not having fun playing it am I not people I'm sure there was a couple people on the thread who also said they didn't like the design are they inmature, or are you just a $&*^
  12. That's not a good enough reason the game is called Warframe. Either design better enemies that can handle what we're going to throw at it or put more thought into the powers that you give frams. I'm not even fighting the necramech I'm fighting myself the thing I have to look out for the most is one shotting myself which I can do with damn near any weapon that have in my Arsenal. If it's not fair that I can one shot the enemy how is it fair that the enemy can one shot me if it's not fair that I can deactivate the enemies abilities how is it fair that the enemy you can deactivate mine. Let's all
  13. I know that that's why I said it doesn't even make sense that they were struggling to beat the sentients the necramech are too powerful I haven't seen a sentient in the game that looks like it could take down a necramech. If 5 sentients if I gang up eidolon I'm putting my money on the sentients
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