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  1. I was trying out the new event. After waiting for the coolant canister to do its job and fill up a portion, I went to pick it up - but when I did, it just...vanishes (POOF! gone!). I suspect this have something to do with the Melee Phase 1 update.
  2. Haven't played Mag enough to get a grasp of her "vibe" and personality yet, though I do have some ideas running around in my head, just need to catch them.
  3. Until my feathers grow back XD. Perhaps next year's Valentine or another upcoming holiday.
  4. Silhouettes are a powerful asset, but it is best that you draw them yourselves instead of copy-pasting PNGs from the internet, especially ones that are almost unrecognizable in this form. Try it, change the poses, make them stand out.
  5. For maximum visual storytelling efficiency, you can omit the third phase of the actions.
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