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  1. Please give us a Revenant Deluxe
  2. Thank you for the heads-up 😂 and I haven't been able to test yet if pillar Thralls can die from teammates' fire. I think I was just in a laggy pub match and that's why I could not see them die or take damage from Reave.
  3. His Mesmer skin is really good. With rolling guard you're invincible once you are decent at maneuvering. Status procs nor your guns can kill him even if he takes lethal hits, and his Mesmer charges aren't damage based only projectile based. So they can tank w lvl 9999 enemy just as well as a lvl 150 enemy if you disregard enemy accuracy. He can easily out tank rhino. It's just that Rhino's iron skin is easier to use on most missions since enemies aren't yet strong enough to one shot his iron skin, and so it can last longer than Rev's which is depleted by how many times it is hit.
  4. I tested in the simulacrum and the Thralls made from pillars did take damage from Reave, so maybe in that match there was simply latency or lag. However you're also right about them not making pillars to give those benefits.
  5. This happened to me 2 days ago. Thralls made from pillars don't take weapon damage and don't take damage from reave.
  6. This happened to me 2 days ago. Thralls made from pillars don't take weapon damage and don't take damage from reave.
  7. I was able to reach 23k with revenant. I'm not talking about semi casual runs. I'm talking about actual long endurance runs for when you want to test yourself as far as you can go. However, after a while the demolysts become impractical with many frames and weapons because of their mechanics
  8. Again, I'm talking about the clan event where people were going for the highest possible scores. I'm not talking about simply completing the minimum score for the event. I'll specify which event I mean.
  9. When I say event I mean when clans were competing for the #1 spot. Not simply completing the mission. I mean going extremely far.
  10. I wouldn't want Saryn to get a not well thought out nerf and end up useless like Ember, but something should be done. It's truly broken if a player doesn't even see 70% of the enemies they kill. That's just how destructive Saryn is and I also feel this boredom at times when she's in the match.
  11. His abilities are too centered around him eating. And what happens when he eating damage falls off in the high levels? Him being pretty much useless? Most of us know how many frames get cool looking damage abilities that are very weak in the high levels.
  12. The concept of disruption is fun, but the clan competition event (for the highest scores) showed everyone that it's inaros + a slide crit melee or nothing if you want to go far or test yourself in the new fast enemy scaling mission. Inaros became the best option because the nullifying effects of the demolysts and nullifying conduits do not affect him in any way. Whereas other frames all need their abilities to survive a beating. Slide crit melees became the only option (for going far) because of how raw damage works best against the demolysts. The demolysts should be made more vulnerable to status effects and have their nullifying effects removed or have a much lower range. They should also be vulnerable to more Warframe abilities. At the moment it does not feel worth it to play disruption if you know you won't go far because the one shotting demolysts only favor inaros with a good raw damage melee. Having them so invincible to variety destroys the uniqueness of different frames' and weapons' builds and strategies.
  13. A great feature of revenant is how he scales in multiple ways. When enthralled enemies are killed, the pillars can turn some enemies into allies. However, these enemies are not affected by Reave which is an ability that allows him to kill nearly any non boss enemy no matter the level. I'd like for those enemies (the ones enthralled through pillars) to now be affected by Reave. I can understand why they aren't affected by weapons (because teammates may kill them) but Revenant himself should at least have access to killing them because it's dangerous to just wait for all of those enemies to lose their friendly status before they attack you. This change would also make Revenant's gameplay less clunky in the high levels. It's annoying to press 1 on multiple enemies then swerve into them with Reave before repeating. Synergizing the pillars to create multiple enthralled allies that can be reaved is much smoother, and the synergy concept is beautiful. Or is this a glitch? Enemies enthralled by 1 can be killed with weapons and reave, but enemies enthralled by pillars seem to only die from his 4 (they aren't killed by weapons nor reave). If this is a glitch, I would like for it to be changed because his 4 takes too much energy and time against high level enemies, and this causes you to unintentionally get rid of the pillars you already had down.
  14. Welp Saryn is becoming even more OP. Seems to have some of the best augment ideas in this list. For example, Saryn already kills hundreds of enemies she never sees... So an augment that increases both range and damage off of damage over time kills is even more broken.
  15. Inaros' 4 heals teammates when you cast scarabs on a mob. It performs AOE healing. Just came to say that since I haven't used hildryn enough to know if she's more useful than inaros. From my current experience with her I can say she's more useful in casual content.
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