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  1. Really nice rework! However, I think his non iron staff melee attacks need tweaking. He does very very short melee combos before pausing. He also takes long to reach enemies whilst using melees. This allows enemies like heavy Gunners etc to constantly knock it down before it gets close. Change: Wukong doing a longer melee combo or repeating the combo twice before taking that odd pause. Having wukong teleport close to enemies when using melee. This way he won't take so long to attack and wouldn't simply be knocked down a thousand times whilst trying to run close enough to attack an enemy.
  2. I really like some of your synergies such as chaos and mind controlled enemies having a higher attraction to attacking enemies debuffed by her 2. That way her damage will always scale. However, the energy gained should always be a buff. Her energy increasing by 1 second isn't good enough because that's slow considering that her energy can't rise over time while 4 is active (since it's a channeling ability) and when considering how hungry 4 is against high levels. That's why I'd prefer for her to get a flat 50-75 energy gained whenever a chaos affected enemy is killed. It'll be like her getting an energy orb while 4 is active. That way she can gain energy while her channeling ability is active.
  3. Since there is not a cap on the energy drain from Nyx's 4, it is inefficient against high level enemies. How about having nyx's energy replenished by about 75 energy whenever a chaos affected enemy is killed? This would at least make the ability usable while you still have the ability to kill in the high levels. Another idea is changing the assimilate augment. I think Nyx should be able to walk with her 4 by default. Other frames already tank way better anyway. That limited movement feels very clunky and irritating. How about having her assimilate augment allow damage from her 4 to bypass armor and shields on explosion? Being able to damage through enemy defenses would fit the definition of "assimilate", better.
  4. Nyx's 4 really needs tweaking. It is very lackluster since energy is loss too quickly when high level enemies shoot at slow moving or stationary nyx. I think the ability shouldn't take an augment to be able to walk around while 4 is active. Why not have the augment let the output damage adapt to the enemy by allowing it to bypass armor and shields? Assimilate does mean the process of taking in information so it would be nice to see the augment have more correlation with its meaning. Also, the range on the explosion could be much wider. For synergy, how about chaos affected enemies replenishing your energy every time they shoot at one of their allies? OR how about a percentage of total energy being replenished for every chaos affected enemy you or your teammates killed? This would finally allow her 4 to scale like her other abilities do, and it would add a creative new synergy. Nyx's rework is great but she needs to be more efficient at surviving so she can utilize these scaling abilities. At the moment her 4 just drains way too fast against lvl 110+ enemies.
  5. The game mode is very fun but I do not like how the demolysts' nullifying effects, many ability resistances, and one shot ability nearly forces you to play inaros with a strong melee. In endless survivals, defense, etc. status wins and enemies are still vulnerable to all abilities. Therefore, we have flexibility in what weapon types we use and which frames. In disruption the many nullifying effects and cheats of the demolysts just make inaros with a melee weapon the best since scaling crit wins against them and only melees do that. Because of the nullifying effects, inaros is the safest bet for going up to the demolyst with a melee because he doesn't need abilities to keep his tankiness unlike other frames. I don't think endgame should mean you having to use one frame and one weapon type just so you can finally have fun with high level enemies. The demolyst did not need to have so many resistances to frame ability damage mechanics and some debuff mechanics. I'd at least be happy if the game mode didn't spam a ton of nullifiers and have nullifying demolysts that block out other frames. It's to the point where party members (who want a high score) tell you to change to inaros with a good melee or leave. It's like that because the game mode really eliminates other frames/weapon types or gives them a low chance of success.
  6. Yeah any frame that can strip armor immediately becomes an endgame Worthy frame because enemy armor is just ridiculous in endless runs. Rev's 2 makes him endgame Worthy but there's not much reason to have that if he can't kill the high level enemies that he can survive
  7. That does sound good but I wonder if it would work because not even a 100% status chance amprex (beam weapon) strips armor right away. So I wonder if it would be better for the regular way to be used since that would be multiple beams with 100% status chance hitting all enemies on your ground level and a bit below you in a 360° radius rather than continuously aiming it in one direction until those enemies directly in front have their armor stripped. However I do like the damage you mentioned because that would make his 4 able to kill high into lvl 150-200s if his beams can strip armor or shields and then kill with that high damage/s since the enemies wouldn't have their damage reduction anymore
  8. The problem with putting things into a single death ray is that the damage may still only tickle high level enemies with armor. So having the ability remove armor etc is more effective than all flash and no substance. High level enemy armor can for example, reduce damage by 70%. So only 30% of your beam's damage may be felt. That's why damage ults are not very good in endless runs or sortie 3's or against enemies over lvl 180.
  9. Suggestions for Wisp's current kit: 1st ability: Let the motes have high range. In a fast paced bullet jumping through hordes of enemies game like Warframe, it would be too slow for teammates to have to walk close to a reservoir to get a buff. I'd like if wisp can deploy it and have friendlies in a 12-15m radius immediately be able to vacuum (loot vacuum on sentinels) the mote over and attach to them to provide buffs. I'd also like for wisp herself to immediately get the buff as soon as a reservoir is deployed. The buffs should also last long so constant deploying of reservoirs won't make her gameplay clunky to her and the teammates. The Red mote sounds like something that won't be good in the high levels since wisp is squishy. I think the red mote should give a 90% damage reduction along with increased health and fast hp regeneration. OR it can give short term invulnerability and heal your hp back up to full. It can be like nidus' undying once you have that mote attached. Lastly, the shock mote should have high range and a decently long stun time (about 8 seconds or more). This will make the ability feel worthwhile since other frames can instantly stun/trap enemies. 2nd ability: This CC does not seem reliable since it feels too short. I think the distraction should last about 10 seconds to draw 100% of enemy fire away in about a 30m radius (Wisp is very very squishy so this range seems needed for high level content). If wisp decides to teleport, I think a big blinding light should blind nearby enemies at the new location. 3rd ability: The damage on this has to be high for it to be worth using energy on. I wonder if maybe it should take off a percentage of enemy life depending on how much damage your weapon gives. Making it percentage based would allow it to scale infinitely. This would also allow it to kill if more than one surge spark can hit an enemy and have that percentage of HP effect have a stacking effect. Example: If your weapon deals 12k damage, a surge spark will remove 30-40% HP of an enemy it hits. If another surge spark hits the same enemy, then 60% of that enemy's HP is now gone. 4th ability: While moves like this look flashy for trailers, they don't work well in high levels because of how enemy armor etc work in the high levels. That's why it is best to give ultimates secondary uses that scale into the high levels. For example, let it "burn" away their defenses. Let it burn away shields if the enemy has it, burn away armor if the enemy has it. This way it does not become irrelevant in the high levels.
  10. Yeah so with this augment, his 4 should get much more use. I really hope DE can see.
  11. His 2 is great because you can't die as long as you have charges, and his charges are depleted based on the number of times he is hit and what kind of projectile hits it. Because of that, he can tank multiple direct hits from a lvl 9999 enemy. He's also a great tank since you can recast mesmer skin (to refill his charges) whenever and your charges don't deplete quickly once you continue to maneuver. Either way, he's a great tank in the hands of a skilled player whose playstyle includes at least a decent amount of maneuvering. He isn't meant to be a committed bullet sponge. He just really needs damage for levels when his 4 becomes useless.
  12. Because of revenant's 2 mechanic, he is a very good frame for scaling levels but he lacks damage. May his 4th ability get an augment that increases status chance to 100% when the trigger is held? This would allow him to successfully strip armor through corrosive, halve infested health with viral etc. since his 4's damage type adapts to the faction. I think this would be a unique way to give him a way to increase his DPS. The damage from his 4 falls off and is too energy consuming to kill in high levels. This augment would make his 4 a utility to himself and the team since it would indirectly increase everyone's DPS. Before someone says that revenant is a tank and shouldn't get DPS, Nidus was already arguably the best tank (because of undying and how easy it is to get stacks back) in game, had good cc (from 2 and his maggots) and very high DPS with his stomp and maggots. Despite that, nidus recently got an augment that assists his DPS. Therefore I don't think it would be game breaking or bad if Revenant got such an augment. Nidus started out with good damage that went well into the lvl hundreds whenever his stomp was complemented with status weapons like the pox, and despite that he still got an augment that further assists his DPS.
  13. The drone invincibility mechanic still needs to be removed. At Least allow the enemies to still be crowd controlled by your build or weapons.
  14. THAT NYX BUFF!! I wasn't planning on playing this week but I'm hopping on just for this!
  15. No because some weapons are just utterly weak without rivens. Rivens are supposed to make guns more on par with each other, but because of DE's armor scaling... And throwing hordes of them at us... AOE status or AOE crit weapons are mostly used. Therefore, single target weapons should have very very good rivens just to keep up with someone killing 6 enemies in the time your single fire kills 2.
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