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  1. IF Beast/Sentinel AI wouldn't take years to hit(not even speaking of a kill) a single mob, AND don't get stuck somewhere, then yes, people might consider damage over utility. But as it is, a fat no.
  2. Yea, not well through feature. They're just slapped existing build onto Deimos and call a day. This is beyonsd lazy in my opinion.
  3. With helminith feature a Volt with roar and shock trooper is enough for damage/support unit.
  4. Yea, i don't get either, his void damage SHOULD act like others, there the only reason is force people to grind amps.
  5. Well, you don't have to get it, it's not like you gonna die or anything. Shortest advice is to buy with plat. But, if you like suffering the RNG - sure, more power to you. This game is famous for poor RNG on some content, just deal with it.
  6. To remove and get it back - YES. To remove because you are "annoyed" by focus booster that appear once a few mintues - BRUH.
  7. I'm up for immortal Predasites, else, they will meet Kubrows Fate - as a mastery fodder.
  8. YES, i was shocked that they buffed max riven slots ez mode and ignored a more vital limit - loadouts. I mean, who the f' needs that many rivens, these people are not even using or selling them. They kinda Litter server space.
  9. You have no idea how many useless mods in the game. It would take years for them to sort this issue out, but they don't need to since we are all back our "main" companions setups after mastering new ones. Since we don't care enough, why should they?
  10. Probably because Liches are end-game feature. You should be doing just fine without them.
  11. It's a VERY different species from kavats and reusing them is kinda cheap. You are not that lazy and actually making new ones... right?!
  12. Yep, i could do softcore leveling at PoE and Orb Vallis while doing bounties. But here, without affinity booster it's just... tooooooooooo slow.
  13. I don't think it is, loot is scored ONLY opon exiting to local hub/extracting. So basicaly there is no real reason to hold people off rapid farming. There is a reason WF running strong anti-cheat, so don't cheat during the mission and extract. I mean fish/gems are just numbers in code, just like resources we get from normal missions. "Loot Server", if it's exist should give ZERO f's on whatever we get, and these animations just a flair.
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