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  1. I believe many things you said is right. Personally i adsolutely love Warframe and trying to like DE - but its harder with every month. I also think that the gun/melee rework will be a great turnng point. I hate to be right in such matters - i want to be proved wrong but most likely what will happen is: the nerf will be too much the buff will be not enough. There are a lot of games that offer mainstream content and i can understand why DE works sooooooo hard to be like them giving up its uniqe features and mechanism.
  2. VAUBAN VORTEX TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Vortex stopped sucking enemies. The affected enemies behave strange, tossed around but the ability generally doesnt working as intented. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: its reproducable 100%. Go in-game with a vauban and use vortex EXPECTED RESULT: OBSERVED RESULT: REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% it happens every time you use the ability Please look into it as soon as possible because it is a serious case for Vauban users. Thank you very much.
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