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  1. Its not the same situation. Hyldrin should be an exception least her kit would never be above *mediocre*.
  2. Please consider provide a dedicated button to channeling. Having toggle is not bad but - at least for me and a lot of players - unreliable. Making a dedicated and rebindable button would solve the problem without hindering the new gun and blade swap mechanics. Innovative advancement is welcomed but please do it so that its broadening our choices not narrowing them.
  3. Messing with balanced frames is silly. Mesa is one of the most balanced and most playable frame. Dont try to balance for the star chart because it will break everything. A mediocre frame with a broken stick can beat anything startchart. It doesnt matters if you kill everything in 0.1 sec or 0.2 sec at that low levels. The difference will hurt when you try to find real difficulty. It will be a painful and unreasonable nerf there. Please try to play your own game and go past the starter lvls.
  4. Life strike is an essential part of staying alive on mire difficult missions. Right now its undependable. Toggle channel is not working as it should. Please for the all melee setup give back the channel button.
  5. Balefire needs to be a true AOE with real range. Must have much higher status. It raw damage could also get a buff at least the charged damage. The above are for the "real" game. Starchart enemies are quickly getting old even for starters and too much frames suffer the inability of meeting true challange. Her 3rd should get automatic refreshing radiation proc.
  6. is there a way to change back channeling how it worked before this messup? At least make it a players choice. Right now its totally frustrating to use it and its not always working when i want. I would like to have back the realiable life strike instead of useless swapping. Please at least make it player choosable.
  7. Dear DE! You are planning building and implementing an arcade style "beat em up" melee in Warframe which is (or was) a horde shootet. In a game where instead dps we use kps (kills per second) this will hurt badly. It will change so much more than melee. Dont implement this as a nerf - currently it is - because you will loose so much then. Please thread carefully.
  8. The reward tier is great. The problem is with the approach: imstead of work hard to earn it we will wait hard. Thats bad.
  9. The riven system was - in the original intention - was a faikure from the start. In general: bad weapons are bad weapons no matter the icing. Rivens in their current implementation cant brige trash stuff to the top tier. The riven system created a way to actually have more fun because with already good guns you were able to reach higher play harder stuff. If you force your failed at the start theory about rivens you kill another fun part in the game. Strengthening something weak may male it mediocre but WF is full of mediocricity - what we need is stuff that stands out separates stuff from bore. I dont care about trading and riven prices aimply try to enjoy the game and you make that harder with every update and "brilliant idea".
  10. Some of the rewards - mainly umbral forma and the cosmetics are great rewards - wow was my first reaction. Then you start to count. After all debate and feedback your best was to create another wall another timegate? Really truly that was your best shot?
  11. Giving a few sec invulnerabiluty phase after the detonation of her 4th ability would solve the above problem. Pteferably with highly noticeably UI visualisation.
  12. Are you aware that theese changes support only star chart lvl enemies and its a huge nerf to the overalk melee efectiveness? If not try to look past the fancy moves.
  13. Chakram still misses a lot. Should concentrate on this.
  14. Lantern: use Trinity 1 concept Tribute: if the ability stays give meaningful buffs that strengthen her 4th. Thats Titania bread and butter. Make her like Nidus who in ability wise the best frame where all ability synergizes or linked to each other. Stop forcing non razorwing Titania but make her 1-3 to support 4. Tribute buff should be picked up with vacum. Overall more casting speed for her. Her little razorflies should give damage reduction AND constantly rebirth. Best solution would be to make them a standalone recastable ability.
  15. You didnt quite understood.
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