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  1. Woot. Maybe also make it easier to find the "alad labs" doors in the gas city tileset? I am having issues finding how to get them open
  2. Question about the Ephemras. will they be available in the shop one day cause having to farm from Exploiter is a bit tedious. i'd kinda like to get them from ANY assassin or Boss node
  3. i just awaiting the Operator Melee that was spoken of in a few devstreams back
  4. my body is reeady for when this happens on console!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i thinks everyone deserves the drop if it causing this much of a issue
  6. what was the twitch drop? i missed it cause was washing
  7. a Ambulas Noggle? DE u need to spice up your offerings! throw in a Twitch-exclusive sigil like u did with the Trinity Prime drops. and make it more and more ornate the more streams that account watches
  8. When do the Console players get to start their Phyrrus Proiject? it been a couple weeks since the PC event and i think some of the players are getting worried
  9. some people honestly just skim read rules. best o just smile and nod at them
  10. 2 things i wanted from this update: new Helminth skin new mesa helmet THANK YOU FOR BOTH ♥♥♥
  11. hard to believe the last one was 2 years ago...DE needs to make more of these events
  12. yeet! cannot wait for people to spam survival and defense missions with Umbra
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