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  1. I would like to use titania more, but she is so fragile in mid to,high level missions she is not worth it. There have been a few arbitration missions with a boon for her. Cast her debuff abilities, go razorwing only to be one shot. Personally I make my frames quite tanky. I had health and shield mods on with adaptation, but being one shot makes that mod irrelevant. Can she at least have a buff somehow. Even tried her in POE lv 50-60 missions. The helios missiles kill her very quick
  2. @[DE]Megan there is still no fix for eidolon hunts since the update. Lure movement is very slow now, they get stuck mid air needing an archwing to get high enough to get them, voms don't spawn like they used to. Also Unairu wisps are still spawning irregularly on eidolons (especially on hydrolyst they very rarely spawn at all) and almost never spawn when the eidolon comes out of the water.
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