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  1. Roky - no idea what the ventkids are saying most of the time and that has me very immersed as a recently awakened boomer space warrior. Loid - 99% of npcs are clowns but Loid trying to play the straight man is somehow funnier. Kela De Thaym - emotionally intense all year round. a gangly string bean that likes summer and rollers, might be me irl. Baro Ki'Teer - this image of Baro flying through space lives rent-free in my head. Nihil - 👀
  2. Chef Banshee at the wet market sampling some fresh Cetus produce. (submitting to edited, slightly touched up and color corrected in photoshop *chef's kiss*)
  3. In Grendel's case, going over the efficiency cap does affect drain/enemy/second in a way that (over)compensates for the loss in duration. I think 2 mod slots dedicated to energy is plenty. Though if OP insists on max energy efficiency, I might suggest replacing Flow with Stretch.
  4. 👀 i can't wait to see all the art! 1. mother 2. orokin 3. void 4. flight 5. corpus
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