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  1. Love you guy's DE! I really have loved the art in the game I know it said unreal skins would probably be available in the future is there any confirmation or does anyone know when and if it's for sure we will get them? Love the designs. 🧡As a Nekros user i loved the design of the Cheron helmet and tonfas we got the tonfas but later found out you can only get the helmet for PC. Please make unreal tournament skins and steam helmets for us console players. Who else on console have been dying for these?
  2. Does anyone know for sure if we will get Unreal Tournament skins? Was watin for Nekros Cheron helmet for years and found out it was only for PC please bring Cheron helmet and Unreal skins to console for Christmas. Love you all! ❤🎄❤😊
  3. Love you all thanks for the hard work, been playing for years. Praying for a Simulor skin and Predisite armor. 🙏🤞💖💖💖
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