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  1. Wow, you're a no lifer who used stealth farm, are we supposed to be impressed or something?
  2. Yeah keep twisting my words further proving my point, as I mentioned in another post this year has been Warframe's worst year imo in terms of updates but sure why don't you call me a white knight while you're at it.
  3. The community this year has been aboslutely pathetic. I feel like people don't even play the damn game they just like to *@##$ for every single thing when a new update drops, not even try it, then cry about content drought and just repeat the same cycle over and over again. It's gottent to a point where I actually feel bad for enjoying the game because everyone is always so negative about everything. Do I think that DE has done a lot of mistakes this year? Yes I certainly do, but complaining this much about every single damn thing is just extremely off putting and in no way the "amazing Warframe community" that I heard so much about before trying this game. I understand that frustrated people are always the noisiest and that they are not the majority of the player base, I understand that they are angry and frustrated because they enjoy the game and they want to see it flourish (most of them at least) but if you genuinely so passionately hate everything DE does maybe you should try something new for your own sanity.
  4. This game just isn't for you mate, accept it and move on.If I understand correctly you spoiled yourself pretty much the best part of the "beggining" of this game which undoubtedly is The Second Dream. For me this was the moment that I completely fell in love with Warframe.I just couldn't grasp the fact that the game had such a big plot twist that basically revitalizes the way you play this game hundreds of hours after you started.
  5. Please make the Kuva Lich system what you showed us at TennoCon. It looked so so much better, I just don't understand why you changed it, it makes no sense...
  6. For me Inaros is such a boring and uninteractive frame that even though he is broken as hell I refuse to use him most of the time. I think he definetely needs a rework,something to make him more than a 8k shield that just doesn't die, he needs a flavour, I think they should focus on the sand soldier aspect and make him able to interact more with them, think like Azir in League of Legends.
  7. They don't deserve any award this year tbh. I've been playing since PoE and this is the worst year in terms of content and updates. Even the updates that we did get added little to the overall game or they were unfinished. I'll probably vote for Path of Exile instead.
  8. Who needs teamplay when you can kill 1000 enemies in 10 seconds and do it much faster than you would with a team? Only time you need a proper team is for Eidolons and even that can be soloable for a lot of people pretty comfortably.
  9. Because I'm still having fun after 2.500 hours, not something you can say for a lot of games.
  10. Where's Railjack? It's almost December...
  11. Who would have thought. Anyway, take the time you need and for the love of god please make the Kuva Liches a hard activity. There is already plenty of content in the game for new players.
  12. Yesssss finally Axi's, thanks a lot guys.
  13. You can actually log in to the game? Wow, congrats.
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