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  1. It has a different application than Synth set in my view: it should help with a damage output for small mag-long reload guns like Twin Rogga or Akarius, or weapons that benefit from the mag size like Prisma Angstrum (charged shot fires the entire magazine) without sacrificing a secondary slot for QoL mods like P Quickdraw. That being said, with melee being the strongest weapon class (thus, the only redeeming thing for Valkyr these days) and glaives being arguably the most awkward in it, it's hardly anything but a fun mod. Still, it's something that could fit Xoris and its indefinite combo
  2. Combo Fury is a fun mod that could synergize well with some non-meta weapons, but it suffers from two things: Its timer doesn't renew on another glaive kill, needs to completely run out. Secondary weapon requires a reload before it actually doubles the mag size. Yet the mag size instantly goes back to normal once the timer runs out. ...three things. If it instantly doubled the ammo and was renewable at any point, it would have been much better. It just feels too clumsy and awkward otherwise.
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